Does Your Sign Say Whether You’re In Or Out ?

Capricorns are notoriously slow to do anything. This is probably infuriating to everyone else, but it doesn’t bother them very much. As a general rule, they live long enough to see their efforts come to fruition, so that’s ok.

Personally I’m not bothered that it took me 35 years of research into astrology before I actually came up with something that stands as statistical proof The journey itself was fascinating and I learnt a lot on the way.

But some times taking so long to get on with things definitely works against you, as Ive found with this piece of research into voting intentions for the EU referendum.

For some strange reason, despite the fact that it has been debated pretty much constantly for the last 6 months, I didn’t come up with idea of looking at the Sun and Moon signs of In or Out voters until 4 days before the vote.

So as a consequence the sample size is much smaller than I would wish it to be. In the 48 hours that this poll was open, I have managed to get 67 responses.

These responses were not picked by me, I just announced that I was doing a poll on Twitter and sat back and waited for them to come in.

67 is way to small a sample to come up with any conclusions that would have any statistical validity. You need a sample of at least 100 to give any chance of that.

But despite this I am keen to publish the results because I believe that they do contain some astrological pointers that would still be there in a much bigger sample.

Pointers of exactly what, I’m not quite sure. It may be that we pick up on certain Sun and Moon signs that are more prepared to announce their personal voting preferences on Twitter, rather than those that would prefer to keep them to themselves.

Anyway the results of the 67 voters are 38 for Remain and 29 for Brexit.

I’m fairly sure that the audience for this is not representative of the public at large, so this result should not be given more than a second thought.
However the spread of signs is interesting.

I decided to drop the Ascendant idea, because some contributors were not aware of their birth times and also adjustments for the different lengths of time that certain signs are rising would make the whole thing too ponderous, particularly as a quick glance at the rising signs offered showed no discernible pattern anyway.

The results are as follows

In the Remain Camp Sun signs

Aries 1
Taurus 3
Gemini 3
Cancer 3
Leo 3
Virgo 3
Libra 3
Scorpio 6
Sagittarius 2
Capricorn 7
Aquarius 3
Pisces 1

Moon signs

Aries 0
Taurus 1
Gemini 2
Cancer 0
Leo 3
Virgo 5
Libra 5
Scorpio 3
Sagittarius 5
Capricorn 4
Aquarius 6
Pisces 4

For the Brexiteers

Sun signs

Aries 7
Taurus 0
Gemini 1
Cancer 3
Leo 1
Virgo 3
Libra 3
Scorpio 1
Sagittarius 1
Capricorn 1
Aquarius 4
Pisces 4

Moon signs

Aries 4
Taurus 0
Gemini 0
Cancer 5
Leo 3
Virgo 1
Libra 3
Scorpio 4
Sagittarius 4
Capricorn 3
Aquarius 2
Pisces 0

I wanted to publish these results before people actually went to the polls to say thank you to all who offered their opinions and their signs. Consequently I have not had time to arrange them in a format that might be easier to compare them, but I think even with such a small sample, certain things really stand out.

Two signs that we all know are very different are Aries and Capricorn and they couldn’t be more so in their voting intentions.

Altogether there were 8 respondents with the Sun in each sign.

7 Ariens want independence from the EU with only 1 for staying in
7 Capricorns want to stick it out and only 1 wants to go leave.

The Arien Brexit emphasis is even more remarkable when you consider that of 4 people in the survey who had Aries Moons, none of them want to stay in the EU.

Another interesting feature is that 5 of the sample had the Moon in Cancer. All 5 of them intend to vote leave.

Another pointer is of 7 Sun Scorpios in our collection, 6 of them are for Remain.

Noone with the Sun or Moon in Taurus wants to leave which may make sense when it comes to astrological stereotypes but we only got 4 responses from Taureens anyway.

Having the Moon in Mutable signs seems to make people more likely to want to stay in than get out at a score of 16 – 5.

The Moon in Air signs seems to have a similar shaping with 13 – 5 in favour of Remain.

The Sun in Earth signs also seems to lean towards staying in at a score of 13 – 4.

The Moon in Cardinal signs seems to encourage more people to want out ( 15 – 9 ).

So although its a small sample it does seem to fit with astrological theory. Aries wanting independence and to go it alone, Capricorns wanting the status quo. The Moon in Cancer liking to retreat to within its own borders, while the Moon in Air and Mutable signs looking at more cooperative ventures.

So what does it mean in terms of people’s voting intentions on Thursday ?

This is what the magicians want but God only knows what the muggles will come up with. I’ve spent the best part of a lifetime trying to second guess them which has been both fascinating and mostly hugely entertaining.

I just think we’d learn so much more if all the pollsters asked for people’s dates of birth.



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