Neptune Says Its Bedtime For Vanky

All of the planets have a symbolic range. It doesn’t matter whether we are discussing the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter or even Saturn, it all depends on what level the person being affected is functioning on.

So many of the articles on this site have demonstrated the sheer power, both destructive and redemptive of Pluto transits. Some of the examples on here have sunk to the depths of depravity and some have risen phoenix like to the peak of their own life path.

Neptune is a symbol that’s harder to pin down. It can rule spiritual revelation, a divine experience, a compassion for all beings as evidenced by the Dalai Lama who has the Moon conjunct and the Sun exactly sextile to Neptune in Virgo.

At the other end of the Neptune spectrum it can cover a totally hallucinatory and delusional view of life induced by drugs, religious indoctrination, conspiracy theories and viral infection.

This is a combination that sees only want it wants to see and dismisses everything else as fake news, but its also a very effective method of coming to understand the chart of the man himself.

The history of astrology has seen many techniques come and go. They might be looked on disdainfully now by some astrologers but they were very much the fashion at the time.

Arabic parts, which basically consists of adding the degree positions of one planet to another and taking away the number you first thought of, was ( and amongst some hipster astrologers still is ) a popular method.

But it is too easy to knock these things particularly if you have a Capricorn stellium.

I have spent many hours observing the chart of the Mango Mussolini and am confident that I have now made a breakthrough – one which owes quite a lot to the above method.

I noticed that if you add together all the degree and minute positions of the house cusps in his chart together with the same for the position of the Sun and Pluto and then add one for luck, you get the figure 666.

This, like all Neptune inspired visions, is so blindingly obvious once you see it that everything becomes clear.

It also has the advantage of completely refuting the Whole Sign Houses System, because if you add all of the house cusps together that just comes to nothing, nada, zero, zilch.

And furthermore that is the case for every chart you look at.

So there we have it. If only everyone in the US had access to this simple information they wouldn’t have elected Trump in the first place or even given WSH the time of day.

Meanwhile back on planet Earth, we can see that the main role that Neptune plays in Donald Trump’s natal chart is in the 2nd house in square to Mercury.

Which is basically lying about stuff to make infinite amounts of money.

Other than that he has no understanding of the planet at all and consequently when the transit Neptune came square to his 4th house Moon and brought Covid ( Neptune ) as a massive threat to the safety of his country ( 4th house ), Trump could only see it as a risk to his own reelection.

Which is a fair point because Neptune was also applying to square his 10th house ( career ) Sun as well.

So he tried to fight it by denying it’s existence and then trying to exterminate it with bleach. Some of his acolytes tried to pray it away.

The problem with all these methods are that they are all ruled by Neptune as well, so would likely only make it stronger.

Neptune as an enemy is extremely difficult to deal with because all of its operations are covert. It is an energy that seeps into your foundations unseen and erodes everything until it all starts to dissolve under your feet.

And it has left the poor fool completely disoriented and unsure even which conspiracy theory to use next.

His latest one seems to be that the Cyberhack wasn’t a thing ( because Putin might still offer him a refuge ) but on the other hand it could have got into those voting machines …..

So Trump has been completely Neptuned out and the real joy is the planet hasnt even got started yet.

At the beginning of March it was at 18 Pisces and Trump was still odds on favourite for reelection. By the end of June it was at 21 ( square to his Moon ) and his chances were already in tatters.

At that point Neptune started going backwards, content that the seeds of inevitable defeat in November had already been sown.

There must be some part of Donald Trump’s psyche that now recognises that he has only another month left in the White House but he’s no doubt planning to return in 2024.

But Neptune has only just got started.

It is now back to 18 Pisces, the same place as it was in March and is starting to pick up speed.

It doesn’t actually reach the point square to his Moon until March 2021, but it will be afflicting both his lights for a whole year from then, only emerging in 2023.

So Donald Trump’s troubles are only just beginning.

And it’s not just his career that’s on the slide.

If you have two natal planets in opposition, a transiting planet trine to one would be sextile the other and vice versa.

So in Trump’s case Uranus and Jupiter performing these roles in 2016 would take him to the pinnacle of his own career ( 10th house Sun ) while at the same time giving a large helping hand to most of his immediate family ( 4th house Moon ).

The downside of this natal configuration is that when Neptune squares one, it also squares the other.

So not only does his career go down the pan, he also takes his nearest and dearest with him.

Particularly with this kind of synastry.

Ivanka has Venus at 23 Sagittarius closely conjunct Neptune, which sits right on the lap of her father’s 4th house Moon.

Said Venus is in the noon chart 11th house, which suggests Vanky intends to use her assets to gain a high profile political career of her own.

Needless to say, Neptune’s conjunction to Venus shows that this ambition is utterly deluded.

When will that illusion be shattered ?

When Neptune makes its one ( and probably only ) transit of her life to this Venus. Which is over the next two years.

So it may take them a while to realise it, but this particular father and daughter combo will not be making a comeback.

But what about my great new method of degree and minute addition ?

Well we don’t have a birth time for Vanky but if you take the noon chart and add all the house cusp degrees and minutes to that of her Venus and Neptune and add 3 for luck that also comes to 666.

Which seems as good as any of the other methods out there.

So Neptune says its goodnight from me as well as from Vanky and Tweety.

Posted December 21 2020