Donald Trump – Back In The Clubhouse Soon ?

Predicting specific events is a tricky business. This is why most astrologers refrain from doing it.

There are some who make claims retrospectively that their vague indications prophesied an event that actually occurred, but Capricorn Research can see through those ” predictions “.

I do have some sympathy however. All planetary transits have a range of possible outcomes, and if an astrologer suggests that something within that range will occur, they would understandably feel vindicated if it did.

But it’s still not a specific prediction.

I am very keen on gambling with astrology. It pays well but that is not the main reason why I do it. It is all about making a very particular factual prediction and putting cash down. I am backing my own judgement.

I am happy to gamble on anything from surfing to politics, but my favourite sport is golf. Here there are fewer variables because it is one player competing against a field of 100 – 150 others over a period of 3 – 4 days. It is one man or woman’s transits against everyone else’s.

I have devised a fairly sophisticated system that gives weights to all different kinds of transits, but it’s complicated because there are always a number of different ones occurring at any one time.

The simplest favourable transit is Jupiter conjunct the golfer’s Sun.

Since the end of January, Jupiter has been moving back and forth between 17 and 24 Sagittarius.

On Thursday of this week, the Moon joined in over the same degree area.

I have found 5 golfers with their Sun in this range all playing in the Shriners Hospital Tournament : Brian Stuard, Brian Gay, Nate Lashley, Sam Ryder and Brandt Snedeker all at odds ranging from 40 / 1 to 250 / 1.

They are all serious outsiders as apart from Snedeker they have only won 7 PGA tournaments between them in careers lasting over 10 years.

I have backed most of them each way at various stages throughout the year. Only Lashley has won a tournament in 2019 but on Thursday all 5 of them had probably their best rounds of the year scoring between 4 and 6 under par.

At the time of writing this Brian Stuard is leading the field on – 12.

I understand that most readers have come to this article hoping to find out whether Donald Trump will get impeached or win the 2020 US Presidential election and are probably wondering what all this has to do with that.

Trump is famously into golf. He is often criticised for spending far too much of his Presidency out on the course. Capricorn Research disagrees, he doesn’t spend nearly enough time playing the game. I’m sure the world would run much more smoothly if he did.

He also has an extremely powerful combination of planets hitting the area between 17 and 24 Sagittarius.



Trump has the Moon at 21 Sagittarius opposite the Sun at 23 Gemini, he also has Uranus at 18 Gemini conjunct the Sun and Jupiter at 17 Libra trine his Sun and sextile his Moon.

Two years ago I wrote the article Will Donald Trump Be Impeached ?

To quote from this article – ” a glance at his transits for the remainder of his time in office suggests that he will continue where he is. In fact 2019 shows Jupiter conjunct his Moon and opposite his Sun so if anything he is going to become more bombastic and overbearing than ever during that year. ”

There is no doubt that Trump has excelled himself in that regard this year. This was particularly the case on Thursday when he shared the same transit as all those 5 golfers and his response to the attempts to bring a case for impeachment against him was a classic Moon conjunct Jupiter on his own Sagittarius Moon ” fuck you all “.

Not only did he not back down or evade the issue of him trading Presidential favours to the Ukraine in return for that country looking into the affairs of his Democratic opponent Joe Biden’s son, Trump actually restated his case for doing so and said that China should join in as well.

This is Donald Trump surfing some kind of invincibility wave. He is so convinced of his own rightness that he truly believes that anyone who disagrees with him is trying to bring down the country and should be tried for treason.

Right at the moment, he is untouchable.

The problem for Trump, however is not the transits of this moment.

Neptune is on the way.

Between April 2021 and Feb 2023, Neptune will be T Squaring both Trump’s Sun and Moon. This will be one of the most undermining transits of his whole life.

He would be doing very well to stay in office through this period. In fact it would be a minor miracle if he manages to stay out of prison.

We may well get an early sniff of Neptune’s influence as it will be square to his Moon between May and August 2020.

And although Trump has immensely powerful positive transits at the moment, these could actually be his own undoing.

With that much Sagittarius opposite a 10th house Gemini Sun / Uranus and Mars Rising in Leo, Trump is ultimately his own worst enemy. He is a motormouth who believes that he has a divine right to rule and is not afraid to say so all the time.

One trap that it’s easy to fall into as an astrologer is to treat any kind of transit as existing on its own. This is never the reality, because human beings are ongoing situations and the energies that are impacting on them now will be tied up with the ones that are to come.

There is a continual development, even with the dramatic changes that come with Pluto transits. They might seem to be coming from left field and be totally unexpected and chaotic, but if you examine the life of that person closely you will always find the seeds of this change.

So Donald Trump might have been surfing the Moon and Jupiter conjunct his own Sagittarius Moon on Thursday but even this would be tied up with the coming Neptune transit.

Maybe something that he said on Thursday or Friday will eventually be used against him either in an impeachment case or as some kind of prosecution after losing the 2020 election.

Another possibility is that Trump’s words will succeed in discrediting Joe Biden but that might not serve him very well because although Barrack Obama’s ex VP is the Democratic frontrunner, its debatable whether he is the contender most likely to beat Trump in just over a year’s time.

A quick look through the history of the Presidency shows that the man to make it to the White House always has major transits either around the time of the election or at the time of inauguration. For an in depth assessment of the last 70 years see Electing the President – Profection or Perfection

And a quick look at Biden’s chart doesn’t show any immediately jumping out at you.


Joe Biden.jpeg

During the 2016 campaign, I came across an ” astrologer ” who was convinced Hillary Clinton would win because the election was occurring in her Sun sign.

As the election is always held during mid Scorpio, I suggested that she try to get a job with Democrat Central Office so she could advise them to pick one every time.

She blocked me, but who knows, maybe she did get that job because Joe Biden’s astrological credentials for the top job don’t seem to be any more sophisticated than that.

With a 12th house Scorpio Sun, Moon low down and elevated Neptune, Biden’s chart looks as unpresidential as well… Hilary Clinton’s.

Transit wise Clinton’s peak came when she was appointed Secretary of State by Obama in 2009. She had Pluto sextile her Sun and Uranus conjunct her Moon then.

Interestingly Biden became Vice President at the same time with Pluto trine his Moon and Uranus trine his Sun.

The lack of anything significant occurring 2020 / 21 would suggest that 2009 was Biden’s high water mark as well as Clinton’s.

It also seems plausible that the Trump campaign engaged some kind of assistance from abroad ( Russia ? ) in digging up dirt on Clinton during the 2016 campaign. Its therefore only natural that Biden another 12th house Scorpio Sun might have secrets that could be brought into light in the same way this time round.

There are some people who say that America should never elect a woman President. Capricorn Research believes they should never elect one without an available birthtime.



If Elizabeth Warren was born at noon, then an exact Sun / Uranus conjunction in Cancer in the 10th house would be a fitting description of the first woman President.

There are no real standout transits. If she was born very early on that day, soon after midnight Uranus would be conjunct her Moon during the first year of office.

Given that Uranus is so closely conjunct her Sun that could well be a pointer.

Warren’s Progressions are interesting though. Her Sun would be square to her Mercury / Mars conjunction.

This is the problem with no birth times. Capricorn Research has to struggle with this handicap all the time with the golf. The only accurate time I have is for Tiger Woods and without it I would not have been able to correctly back him to make that astonishing comeback win at the Masters this year with Jupiter conjunct his Moon.

Most of the punters would say that it’s a straight fight between Biden and Warren for the Democrat nomination.

This may well be how it turns out, but if it does they might be missing their best chance of picking a candidate to actually beat Trump.



At the moment things are not looking too good for Bernie Sanders. He has just been released from hospital following a heart attack, you would think there might be less inclination to push for the top job, especially with his polling numbers declining steadily and the expectation that many people will use his age ( 78 ) and health against him.

Sanders is currently experiencing Neptune being opposite his Sun and Saturn being square to his Moon, so its hardly surprising that he would be struggling.

However with a 10th house Virgo Sun his chart looks much more Presidential than Biden’s and unless she was born around noon, Warren’s too.

Sanders current Neptune transit will be over by mid January, Saturn will also be out of harms way by the end of that month and these will be replaced by something much more powerful indeed.

Sanders has a close Venus / Mars opposition at 22 – 24 Libra / Aries. Pluto was square to these two during the Spring of this year, but this time was also plagued by Saturn and Neptune.

It comes back strongly at the end of November and will be influencing things for the next 2 years.

Even more significantly, just as the election is being held in November 2020, Bernie Sanders has Jupiter T Squaring his Venus and Mars.

Whats more his Progressed Sun is trine Pluto for the next two years.

Could we see a phoenix like rise from his hospital bed ?

It seems hardly thinkable that America would go from one extreme to the other but then they did go from Obama to Trump in the first place.

And who knows, the events of this past week could prove to be a turning point, because Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have mirror transits.

Trump currently is all Jupiter but by the election Neptune will be impacting.

Sanders has been hospitalised with Neptune but next November will be all Jupiter.

Could this be where we as astrologers have to take a step back and consider how these two opposite pairings of transits could be related.

While its true that Trump could still be impeached by Neptune, maybe his Jupiter transit might have raised some people’s doubts about Biden as an opponent.

And while Neptune has given Sanders a heart attack, maybe the stents that have been put in place will give him a new lease of life to pursue his campaign more vigorously and take advantage of any questions being raised about Biden.

There is one other factor that might come into play. This is the famous Jupiter / Saturn Curse, which has meant that every President elected in a year ending in a zero has died in office.

Well not quite everyone. Sadly it missed Reagan and George W Bush. Reagan was shot at of course and Bush did end up with his head on a spike on Game of Thrones.

But it is still a thing and if you are interested read Coincidence – The Greatest Conspiracy Theory Of All.

So maybe we could have Sanders being elected and not quite making it to term. Or Trump being reelected and assassinated. Who knows ?

Capricorn Research has always thought that it’s important to have a good Vice Presidential candidate on board. Not simply because of the above possibility but because with two names on the ticket you can access more astrology.

Two sets of transits can be more powerful than one. And that can work in two different ways.

As a rule the idea is to pick a running mate with a different kind of appeal / birthchart to yourself so you can broaden the appeal of the ticket.

During the 2016 campaign its quite likely that Donald Trump would have been advised to pick someone who had a level of political experience that Trump obviously lacked but also some kind of brain as well ( for the same reason ).

But no-one could have imagined that he would pick someone even more stupid than him.



Pence has the Sun in Gemini, conjunct Trump’s and his Mercury is exactly conjunct the President’s Sun. So basically Pence would just repeat everything Trump would say.

He also would be having much the same transits.

In 2016 Donald Trump had some of the most auspicious transits to his Sun and Moon that Capricorn Research has ever seen. Thats why I backed him at 40 / 1 in June 2015 before he was seen as anything other than a loud mouth nuisance in the Democratic Party.

Pence also had Uranus and Jupiter making favourable transits to his Sun and Mercury in 2016, so for Trump, picking a Yes man idiot as VP didn’t hurt him, it simply reinforced his own astrology.

This time however, things are a bit different.

Mike Pence has had Jupiter opposing his Sun during the recent impeachment enquiry stuff and the Moon was also aggravating this on Thursday.

Pence however has his Sun 6 degrees earlier than Trump’s and so Neptune is squaring it already.

Given Donald Trump’s propensity to blame everyone else for his own disasters and sacking them, don’t be surprised if he tries to draw a line under the Ukraine / impeachment thing by blaming it all on Pence and sacrificing his No 2.

If Bernie Sanders is serious about trying to win he should get Tulsi Gabbard or Kamala Harris as a running mate.

Not because it’s important to have a woman on the ticket but because of the astrology.

Gabbard has incredibly powerful transits for 2020, so much so that I was initially tempted to bet on her. She also has very good synastry with Sanders.

And Harris because she has incredibly powerful transits between 2021 and 23 and with her Venus / Uranus / Pluto conjunction right on Sanders Sun she would be perfectly placed to take over if the Senator from Vermont does meet an unfortunate end in office.

So there we have it. There are a few ifs around, like if Elizabeth Warren was born at such and such a time but as I said at the beginning – predicting specific events is a tricky business.

But what would happen to golfer Brian Stuard, one or two of you might ask. He finished 4th which was by far the biggest purse he’d had for ages. Also at each way of a 66 / 1, Capricorn Research considered it a fair weekend’s work, especially as I’d also backed the winner Kevin Na at 70 / 1.

Stuard will have his own Neptune transits in the early 2020s, so who knows. Maybe he will commit some dreadful golfing scandal and end up in jail with Donald Trump. Perhaps they can share some tips.

If this does happen only readers of this column will know that the seeds were sown this Thursday.




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