Curse of the Kennedys – Sun and Moon Square in Mutable Signs ?

There is a view shared by many that the Kennedy family is cursed. The Kennedy’s are one of the richest and most famous families in American history but they have suffered so many tragedies that people have looked for patterns and reasons for them.  An entry in Wikepedia lists 19 different tragic events as evidence that some have used for the curse theory. This is a serious challenge that Capricorn Research feels compelled to accept.

There are often astrological themes that run through families like the role of  Pluto in the House of Windsor and regular readers of these pages would expect Pluto to come up in the timing of tragedies so a thorough investigation is required. Rather than list them all chronologically its best to view them in order of significance.

The first one to look at is No 7 on the Wike list – this has already been covered on another page – The assassination of John F Kennedy. Some important details can set the scene though.

John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy was the President of the USA.  JFK had the Sun and Moon in Mutable signs ( Sun Gemini, Moon Virgo ) and they were connected by square aspect.  His Sun was in the 8th house ( of death ) and his Moon in the 11th house ( of politics ).

The watershed moment of his life was in 1960 when he became the youngest ever President with Pluto square his Sun. He was assassinated in November 1963. As JFK had the Sun and Moon in square aspect, Pluto was moving from the square to the Sun to conjunct the Moon from 1960 – 67 so the whole period would be one which emphasised the 8th and 11th house connection.  Uranus was also square Kennedy’s Sun in 1963 so the two planets acting together symbolised his death.

Number 17 on the Wike list but the one that convinced people there must be a family curse was the death of JFK’s son John F Kennedy Junior.

JF Kennedy Jr

John F Kennedy Jr, like his father had the Sun in the early degrees of a Mutable sign, Sagittarius. He also had a Sun / Moon square aspect. This square aspect is part of a Tsquare, including Uranus. With the Sun in difficult aspect to Uranus, sudden, unexpected and disruptive events and accidents are bound to occur. As the Sun is also square to Pluto which is itself conjunct the Ascendant his life could well be at stake. The Sun as the focus of the T Square is in Sagittarius ( distance travel ) in the 3rd house ( journeys ). Sagittarius also has a symbolic connection with flight. This T Square, because it involves the Sun, Moon and Ascendant seems to be pointing to being killed in a serious air crash. J F K Jr would certainly have numerous experiences of death, each one triggered by Pluto’s transits.

Pluto came to exactly conjunct his Ascendant in 1963 when his father died.

When Pluto was conjunct his Moon ( mother ) in 1994, his Mum Jackie died.

Pluto was conjunct his Sun in 1996 when he married Carolyn Bessette.

The final one was when Pluto made its first aspect to its own natal position by square and at the same time square to his Ascendant in 1999 when he and Carolyn died in the air crash.

Nos 8 and 10 on the Wike list both involve JFK’s younger brother Senator Edward ( Ted ) Kennedy.

No 8.  In 1964 Ted was involved in a plane crash in which one of his aides and the pilot were killed. He was pulled from the wreckage and spent weeks in a hospital recovering from a broken back, a punctured lung, broken ribs, and internal bleeding.

No 10.  In 1969, Ted Kennedy accidentally drove his car off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island, which fatally trapped his passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne, inside. Kennedy stated that on the night of the incident he wondered “whether some awful curse did actually hang over all the Kennedys.”

Edward Kennedy

Edward Kennedy also has the Sun and Moon in the early degrees of Mutable signs ( Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo ). They are also in difficult aspect to each other ( opposition ).

The Sun is conjunct Mercury and Mars. These three are in opposition to the Moon and Neptune in the 8th house. This opposition could well apply to both incidents but it neatly describes the Chappaquidick one. Mercury is movement, Mars is driving so Kennedy’s driving ( Sun conjunct Mercury and Mars ) caused the death ( 8th house ) of a female passenger ( Moon ) and created a great scandal ( Neptune ). Kennedy pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident and was given a sentence of two months in jail, suspended. He denied driving under the influence of alcohol and denied any immoral conduct between him and Kopechne. Neptune rules alcohol and to some degree immoral conduct and the negative publicity threatened to derail his political career and certainly ruined his otherwise decent chances of running for President.

The major events in Ted Kennedy’s life were triggered by planetary transits. His Pluto turning point was in 1958 – 9 when it was opposite his Sun. During this transit he married Virginia Bennett, was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar and began his involvement in politics assisting elder brother JFK’s election campaign.

For the plane crash in 1964, both Uranus and Saturn were transiting the opposition, Uranus was conjunct Kennedy’s Moon and Saturn his Sun.

At Chappaquidick, Neptune made its first aspect to the opposition in square to Kennedy’s Mars and Mercury in 1999. The person who suffered most from the incident however, was his passenger Mary Jo Kopechne.

Mary Jo Kopechne

Mary Jo Kopechne also had a difficult Sun / Moon aspect, this time a square. She had a very close Sun / Pluto conjunction as part of a group that also included Mars and Mercury. The Sun, Mars and Pluto were at the apex of a Tsquare including the Ascendant and its opposition to Jupiter and Saturn.

Jupiter and Saturn are in very close conjunction in the 7th house of relationships, which could indicate that there was a relationship of some sort between Kopechne and Kennedy. Jupiter in the 7th suggests a relationship with an important person conjunct Saturn ( bringing suffering ) , with Uranus also in the 7th ( and an accident ). That the opposition focuses onto the apex planets suggests that the tension created by the relationship causes Kopechne’s ( Sun ) death ( Pluto ) as the result of driving ( Mars ).

Saturn returned to its natal position at the time of the accident in 1969 and was moving through the T Square again reinforcing all of the indications in Kopechne’s birth chart.

No. 9 on the Wike list involves JFK’s other brother Robert who was assassinated by Sirhan Bishara Sirhan in Los Angeles immediately following his victory in the California Democratic presidential primary in 1968.

Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy was a Sun Scorpio with Moon Capricorn, neither in Mutable signs but he did have an aspect between the Sun and Moon, a close sextile. Kennedy’s Sun was conjunct Saturn the planet of restriction but also square Neptune. In political terms this would suggest a fall from office or something undermining his standing.

Kennedy has the Moon with Jupiter and Venus in Capricorn at the Midheaven suggesting a high profile career, someone who would get to the very top. This group is opposite Pluto however, which suggests that a sudden unexpected event would upset his career and high standing.

Pluto would not reach Robert Kennedy’s Sun by transit until 1994, but Neptune got there first. In 1968 – 9, Neptune was square its own position and conjunct his Sun. In many ways Neptune neatly describes the deluded killer, Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian Christian from Jordan who objected to Kennedy’s support for Israel in the Six Day War. Sirhan expected and wished to be executed for his crime, a kind of sacrifice for his country. Many people believe this was the first incidence of Middle East inspired terrorism in the US. Neptune would naturally rule the suicide bombers of today.

The previous 5 incidents are the most famous Kennedy tragedies, the others will be taken in chronological order.

No 1  Rosemary Kennedy

Rosemary Kennedy was often believed to have been mentally challenged. Some sources have claimed she was suffering from mental illness, such as depression and schizophrenia. From her teenage years she suffered increasingly violent and severe mood swings.

There is no birth time available for Rosemary so this chart is set for noon.

Rosemary Kennedy

Rosemary Kennedy had the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Sagittarius, both Mutable signs. She also had the Sun in square aspect to the Moon.

Out of the 5 members of the cursed Kennedy family so far, 3 of them ( JFK, Edward and Rosemary ) have had both Sun and Moon in Mutable signs and also have had the Sun and Moon in difficult aspect to each other ( two squares and one opposition ). Of the other two, JFK Jr has the Sun in a Mutable sign with the Sun and Moon in square aspect. Robert has no Mutables but does have the Sun and Moon in sextile aspect.  So out of 10 possible Sun / Moon placings we have 7 in Mutables, the expectation would be 3.33.

At this stage a little explanation is necessary. The signs of the Zodiac are divided in two ways, by element in Fire, Earth, Air and Water and by quadruplicities.  Each element has one Cardinal sign, one Fixed sign and one Mutable sign. The simplest way to understand the quadruplicities is that all four seasons in the year has one sign of each. The first sign of each season would be the Cardinal sign, Aries at the beginning of Spring, Cancer at the beginning of summer, Libra at the beginning of Autumn and Capricorn at the beginning of Winter. These are followed by the Fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius which occur at the peak in the middle of each season. After the Fixed signs come the Mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. The Mutable signs come at the end as the season is beginning to change into the next one.

Cardinal signs are concerned with starting and generating something, Fixed signs are concerned with preserving and maintaining it, Mutable signs are concerned with the dissolving and breaking up of fixed conditions to prepare for change into something else. People with a strong emphasis in Mutable signs are primarily interested in change, they are flexible and their lives are considerably more fluid than those people dominated by Fixed signs. Adaptability is much more important than consistency.

It’s interesting that the Kennedy family have always been Democrats and have a strong liberal tradition. In political terms, liberalism is connected to Mutable signs, conservatism to Fixed signs. Both JFK and Edward have their Moons in Virgo, the sign of the worker and the underdog so they have a natural empathy ( Moon ) for the have nots in society and a strong desire to help and support others less well off than themselves ( Virgo ). Conspiracy theorists would say that JFK was assassinated because of his Mutable Sun and Moon as the conventional powers of the status quo felt threatened by his liberal political agenda.

Its also interesting to look at the aspects of the Sun and Moon. Four of the five examples have the Sun and Moon in difficult aspect ( three squares and one opposition ). The total area of a chart covered by these aspects is less than 60 degrees so we would expect less than one out every six people.

The Sun rules our essence, our individuality and own personal direction in life. The Moon rules our reactions to other people and the environment but also the reactions of other people to us. If someone has the Sun and the Moon in the same sign it means that they find a basic level of support from other people. Its as if the conditions that they find themselves in are naturally supportive to their own drives and goals. When the Sun and Moon are in difficult aspect, we find ourselves at odds with our environment – its as if we are pulling in opposite directions to most people and the natural support is not there. Oppositions and square aspects generate tension and usually force people to make greater efforts to promote their own vision. Its often the case that people with this aspect are used to this phenomena and will instinctively work harder to try and overcome the difficulties.

As a rule successful people are more likely to have challenging aspects than easy ones as they will respond to them by pushing themselves further. Both JFK and Edward probably experienced this situation throughout their political lives and it drove them to work harder to meet the challenges. Challenging aspects between such important points as the Sun and Moon require an outlet for their energies however. If these aspects can be channelled into activity they can be tremendously productive. If there is no obvious outlet for this energy, it can become internalised and cause a fair amount of harm.

This brings us to Rosemary’s chart. The Moon as well as ruling other people’s reactions, also covers our own emotions and feelings. The Sun and Moon in close square aspect mean that one’s feelings are working in a very different direction to one’s inner drives. So sudden changes in mood that have an unsettling effect would be indicated by this aspect. The other point about Mutable signs is because they are always looking to change and adapt they often have little consistent sense of themselves and there is also a sense of having little control over external events. None of us have that much control ultimately but someone with the Sun / Moon square in Mutable Signs will have far less control than someone with preponderance of Fixed signs.

Rosemary’s mood swings were both serious and violent and this can be seen by the T Square in her chart from the opposition between Saturn and Uranus which focuses onto the apex Mars in Scorpio in conjunction with the Ascendant. An apex Mars can often result in aggressive and even violent tendencies and Scorpio usually adds a level of  intensity to whatever is going on.

In 1941, when Rosemary was 23, doctors told her father that a new neurosurgical procedure, a lobotomy, would help calm her mood swings and sometimes violent outbursts. At the time, relatively few lobotomies had been performed but her father decided that Rosemary should have the operation. Unfortunately the operation caused more problems than it solved and it further impaired her cognitive abilities. As a result, Rosemary was declared to be mentally handicapped and remained institutionalized until her death in 2005.

With any T Square the most difficult transit would be when one of the slower moving planets involved moved to the point opposite the apex planet thus creating an aspect called a Grand Cross.  In 1941, Saturn was opposite Rosemary’s Mars. This was an extremely appropriate image as Saturn rules limitation and restriction and would certainly suppress the Mars outbursts but would inevitably bring more serious problems with it.

Pluto was conjunct Rosemary’s Moon and square her Sun in 2005 when she died.

No 2 in the list is Joseph P Kennedy Jr. who died during the war when his plane exploded over East Suffolk, England, as part of Project Anvil. Joe was JFK’s elder brother and from a very young age Joe was groomed by his father and predicted to be the nation’s first Roman Catholic-Irish President of the United States.

Joseph P Kennedy Jr

Joseph P Jr had a stellium of 6 planets in the 10th house of career and high social standing, exactly the kid of thing you would expect of someone who was to be President. With the Sun in Leo as part of this group it would feel as if this fate would be his by divine right. The Sun is exactly conjunct Neptune, however which would mean that such high status would be a dream and unlikely to happen in reality.

Mercury and Venus are in conjunction in the 10th in Cancer opposite a 4th house Moon which shows the enormous family input into Joe’s future career – it may also be that this was perceived as a considerable pressure for him. As the Sun and Neptune are part of the 10th house stellium it is possible to see the Sun as being in wide opposition to the Moon, despite an orb of 12 degrees.

Pluto is very closely conjunct the Midheaven and is also the apex of a Tsquare from the opposition between his Ascendant and Jupiter. Basically this Tsquare shows that his sudden death ( apex Pluto ) while abroad ( Jupiter ) would be the thing that stopped him fulfilling his dream career ( Midheaven and Sun conjunct Neptune in the 10th ).

Pluto came to conjunct the Sun in 1940 when Joe was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. It was under the influence of this transit that he left Harvard Law School before his final year to volunteer as a navy flier.

Joe died in 1944 when Neptune made its only major aspect of his life, a conjunction to his Ascendant. Uranus was also conjunct his 9th house Mars at the time symbolising a plane crash whilst at war.

No 3 on the list was Kathleen Kennedy Cavendish, Marchioness of Hartington who died in a plane crash in France in 1948. No birth time is available so another noon chart…

Kathleen Kennedy

Kathleen was a Sun and Moon Pisces, so again we have both in a Mutable sign, they are also in conjunction. If we allow Joseph P’s 12 degree orb, all 7 players so far have the Sun and Moon in aspect. This is extraordinary in itself but it means that any transits tend to be more dramatic and intense because when one is affected the other is too at more or less the same time.

As Kathleen’s Sun and Moon are conjunct Uranus, she would have been quite an unconventional and rebellious soul. As this conjunction is opposite Saturn, this would create a fair amount of opposition and trouble for her. As Uranus is the planet of accidents and Saturn of misfortune generally, its fair to say her death in a plane crash is suggested in the chart. If we had a time of birth and knew which house positions were involved it may be clearer.

Pluto did not travel far enough to make any major aspects during her Kathleen’s short life. In the absence of Pluto transits we have to look at other slow moving planets, particularly those that aspect her Sun and Moon at birth.

During her time in England, both before and particularly during the war, Kathleen gradually but increasingly grew more independent from her family and the Catholic Church. The rebellious Uranus was square the Sun from 1941 – 3.

Despite fierce opposition from her devout Catholic mother, she married William Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington, an Anglican and the eldest son and heir apparent of the 10th Duke of Devonshire, in 1944. Kathleen and her new husband spent less than five weeks together before William, known to family and friends as “Billy”, shipped out to fight in Germany. Four months after their marriage, and just weeks after her brother, Joe Jr. was killed, Billy was killed by a sniper during a battle near the German Front. Uranus was square Kathleen’s Moon in 1944 not only pointing to her marriage against her family’s wishes but also to losing her husband.

After the war Kathleen became romantically involved with Peter Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, 8th Earl Fitzwilliam. Kathleen was deeply concerned that a second marriage, once again to a non-Catholic and a divorcee would irreparably damage her relationship with her parents and possibly her siblings as well. As such, the principal reason for the couple’s ill-fated trip to London that weekend was a last-ditch attempt to get Mr. Kennedy’s blessing for their proposed marriage plans. Despite widespread forecasts of severe weather Kathleen and Fitzwilliam were insistent that the trip continue as planned. Their plane crashed in May 1948 and they were killed instantly.

Saturn returned to its natal position in 1948 in opposition to Kathleen’s Sun, carrying out the threat that it posed in her chart.

No 4 on the list was George Skakel, not actually a Kennedy but he was included because he was the father of Ethel Skakel who was the wife of Robert Kennedy. George and his wife Ann died when their private plane exploded in 1955. No birth details are available for Ann and for George only the noon chart.

George Skakel

George Skakel does not have a Mutable Sun or Moon but then he’s not a Kennedy. He does have a Sun / Moon square, and his Sun is the apex of a T square involving Uranus ( the planet of accidents ). This combination has been seen before in the chart of JFK Jr, another who died suddenly in a plane crash. Jupiter ( travel ) is also part of the T Square.

In 1955 Uranus was conjunct Skakel’s Sun, a once in a lifetime occurrence. Neptune was also in the Tsquare at the time in square to his Sun.

Nos 5 and 6 on the Wike list are for the tragic births of two children of JFK. Arabella Kennedy was stillborn in 1956 and  Patrick died two days after his birth in 1963 only a few months before his father’s assassination.  The most appropriate chart to look at here would be that of their mother, Jackie Bouvier Kennedy who later became Jackie Onassis.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Jackie was not born a Kennedy, she married into the family so she did not have the Sun or Moon in a Mutable sign. She did, however have the Sun / Moon square aspect which seems to be almost compulsory for anyone involved with the family.  Jackie has a T Square from Venus in the 8th in opposition to Saturn focusing onto an apex Mars in the 10th house. So her husband ( Venus ) who also happens to be President ( Mars in the 10th ) is killed ( Venus in the 8th opposite Saturn )

Venus and Mars rule relationships. Jackie’s Venus is in Gemini, the same sign as JFK’s Sun, her Mars is conjunct JFK’s Moon so the attraction is obvious. His Sun is in the 8th so he dies, her Venus is there so its her husband. Pluto arrived at the apex of Jackie’s T square, conjunct her Mars in November 1963. Astrology is very simple even if not always very sympathetic.

The Moon rules family and particularly motherhood and childbirth. Jackie’s Moon is square to Pluto in the 8th house. Uranus was conjunct Jackie’s Moon and square her Sun from 1955 – 56 when she gave birth to Arabella. Patrick’s birth and short life was probably also tied up with Pluto transiting Jackie’s Mars but Saturn was square her Ascendant just to make it an even more miserable year.

Arabella, had she lived would have had the Sun and Moon in Mutable signs. The Sun would have been conjunct Pluto and square Saturn. Patrick also had the Sun in difficult aspect to Saturn ( an opposition ) as part of a T Square to Neptune.

No 11 on the list is Joseph P Kennedy II who was the driver of a car which crashed and injured his passenger, Pam Kelley.

Joseph P Kennedy II

Joseph has the Moon and Ascendant conjunct in Mutable Sagittarius. The Sun and Moon are also in aspect ( by sextile ). He may be a relatively minor player on this list of family tragedy but that didn’t stop Pluto being conjunct his Sun at the time of the crash in 1973.

No 12.  1973 was not a great year for the younger Kennedys as Joseph cousin Ted Jr had his right leg amputated because of bone cancer at the age of 12 that year.

Ted Kennedy Jr

Ted Jr only had his Ascendant in Mutables and no Sun / Moon aspect. His Moon, however was part of a difficult T Square. The Moon in Aries shows a tremendously strong need to be in constantly on the go. Mars and Mercury rule movement. Unfortunately for Ted Jr the Moon is in opposition to a Mercury / Mars conjunction. On its own this could be handled reasonably well but unfortunately it focuses onto a T Square apex Saturn which would be a serious impediment.

Ted Jr’s Sun and Joseph P II’s Sun were conjunct at the beginning of Libra. That meant that Ted would also have his watershed moment in 1973 when his leg was amputated.

No 13 is Michael Skakel, again not strictly a Kennedy but the brother of Ethel and is included because in 1975 he murdered his neighbour, Martha Moxley. Skakel was convicted in 2002 and sentenced to 20 years in prison. No time is available for Skakel so a noon chart is used.

Michael Skakel

The Sun and Moon are both in Mutable Virgo. The Moon is conjunct Pluto and the Sun is at the apex of a T Square from a Mars / Jupiter opposition.

Neptune was square Skakel’s Moon in 1975 when the murder was committed but no one was charged.

Mark Fuhrman’s 1998 book Murder in Greenwich named Michael Skakel as the murderer and pointed out numerous mistakes the police had made in investigating the case. In June 1998, a rarely invoked one-man grand jury was convened. In 2000, Michael Skakel, now a 40-year-old divorced father of one, was indicted for Moxley’s murder.

Pluto was square Skakel’s Moon in 1998 – 2000 and was square his Midheaven in 2002 when he was sentenced.

No 14  David Kennedy, son of Robert, died of a cocaine and Demerol overdose in 1984. This is another noon chart.

David Kennedy

David Kennedy had the Sun in Gemini, another Mutable sign. He also had a Sun / Moon aspect ( a sextile ). Like so many of the Kennedys his Moon had difficult aspects.

The big turning point in David’s life was the assassination of his father Robert in 1968 when he was 12 years old. Pluto was square his Sun in 1968.

David became a recreational drug user and was diagnosed twice with bacterial endocarditis, an inflammation of the heart often associated with the use of intravenous drugs. He experienced drug overdoses in 1976 and 1978 and for the next six years had much help with addiction counselling and managed periods when he was free of drugs but also periods of relapse. 

The Moon is in Aries in the 8th house of death opposite Neptune, the planet that rules drugs and addiction in general. This opposition focuses by T Square onto the apex conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus. Pluto made its only transit to this T square conjunct Neptune, opposite the Moon and square Jupiter / Uranus from 1980 – 84 when he died.

No 15  is William Kennedy Smith, a nephew of JFK. In 1991, Smith was tried on a charge of rape. A woman alleged that Smith raped her; Smith testified that they had consensual sex. Although three women were willing to testify that Smith had sexually assaulted them in incidents in the 1980s that were not reported to the police, their testimony was excluded. Smith was acquitted of all charges.

William Kennedy Smith

It’s hard to believe but the Sun and Moon are again both in Mutables.  The Sun and Moon are also in opposition. Even more significantly, the Sun is conjunct Pluto as part of a stellium in the 8th house.

Mars, the planet that rules the sex drive is in Gemini a sign that is always on the lookout for variety and its opposite to Jupiter. Mars / Jupiter opposition usually points to large appetites. In this case, the opposition focuses onto a Tsquare apex Mercury in the 8th house. As the Sun is conjunct Mercury, the Sun becomes involved in the T Square as well. The 8th house does also have strong associations with sex so the symbolism is in place.

Saturn is closely conjunct Smith’s Ascendant so trouble is on the cards at some point or other. In 1990 – 91, Uranus the other planet in Smith’s 8th house transited to conjunct his Ascendant / Saturn conjunction.

No 16 on the list is Michael LeMoyne Kennedy another son of Robert. 1997 was the traumatic year for him as news broke that he was having an affair with the family’s former babysitter. Allegations were reported that the affair had begun three years before, when the babysitter was 14 years old and under the legal age of consent. Kennedy was placed under investigation for statutory rape although he was not charged with anything. On December 31st 1997, Michael Kennedy died in a skiing accident in Aspen, Colorado. No birth time available so this is another noon chart.

Michael LeMoyne Kennedy

So what would we expect here ?  Well what do you know, another Sun and Moon in Mutable signs, the Sun and Moon in square aspect and Sun opposite Pluto !

There is also a close T Square with a Venus / Uranus opposition focusing onto an apex Jupiter / Neptune. So unconventional ( Uranus )  love affairs ( Venus ) would get him into difficulty ( opposition ) but Jupiter / Neptune would enable him to escape any consequences.

The Moon is in Gemini and both have connections with youth and as its in opposition with Saturn this would bring trouble.  It is worth noting that Saturn was conjunct Michael’s Sun in 1994 the period that the allegations focused on.

Although we don’t have house positions, Michael’s sudden death was obviously indicated by the Sun / Pluto opposition. Pluto made its only transit to the Sun, a square, at the end of 1997. As always the shock of Pluto’s transits had a powerful effect and many people seriously began to believe the family were indeed cursed.

No 18  is Kara  Kennedy, daughter of Ted who died of a heart attack while exercising in 2011. Kara had already suffered from lung cancer in 2002, but recovered after the removal of part of her right lung. No birth time so this is another noon chart.

Kara Kennedy

It’s gone way beyond incredible and beginning to get boring now. Kara Kennedy had the Sun and Moon in Mutable Pisces. The Sun was in opposition to Pluto and if she was born before noon the Sun and Moon would have been in conjunction with the Moon also opposite Pluto.

Saturn was square her Sun and Moon in 2002 when her cancer was discovered and its fairly likely that Pluto was square her Moon as well.

Ted Kennedy died in 2009 and this must have hit her hard as Uranus was conjunct and Saturn was opposite her Moon that year.

There are no obvious transits for 2011, but if we knew Kara’s birth time its likely there would be something major to her Ascendant. If Capricorn Research went in for the occasionally brilliant but mostly unscientific study of rectification a birth time of 3.15 am would put her natal Sun / Moon opposite an 8th house Pluto and place Pluto on her Ascendant for her sudden and untimely death. After everything else in this article, you wouldn’t want to bet against it !

The last one, No 19 is that of Mary Richardson Kennedy who hanged herself in May 2012. Mary was not a Kennedy by birth but married Robert Jr in 1994. Robert Jr filed for divorce in 2010 and this was assumed by many people to be the major cause of Mary’s suicide.

Mary Richardson Kennedy

Staggeringly Mary had neither Sun or Moon in a Mutable sign, nor any aspect between them. Of course, like Jackie she wasn’t a Kennedy herself but married into the family. These two, along with George Skakel are the exceptions that presumably prove the rule.

Mary did have a Moon / Pluto aspect ( sextile ) however and if we had a birth time the 8th house may be involved somewhere. Mary did have a Moon / Neptune conjunction and certainly suffered with alcohol issues. The Moon and Neptune together can create an idealism ( Neptune ) around family relationships ( Moon ) but like many Neptunian affairs can be based on something that has no long term stability and can dissolve away easily.

In 1994 when Mary and Robert married, she was living the dream as the expansive Jupiter was conjunct her Moon. In 2010 when it all turned into a nightmare, the depressive Saturn was conjunct her Sun.

Inevitably she committed suicide with Pluto square her Sun in 2012.

What on earth are we to make of all this ? The Mutable thing is extremely powerful. If we discount the examples above who were not actually born into the Kennedy family we are left with 14 – Rosemary, Joseph P, Kathleen, JFK, Edward, Robert, Joseph P Jr, Ted Jr, David, William, Michael, JFK Jr, Kara and Mary. 9 of them have the Sun in Mutable signs and 8 have the Moon. The expectation would be less than 5 each.

The Sun or Moon occurs in Pisces 7 times when the expected average would be 2.

6 of them, Kathleen, JFK, Edward, Michael, JFK Jr and Kara all have the Sun in the first decanate ( first 10 degrees ) of  Mutable signs. The average figure would be less than 2. Apart from Robert’s assassination, the stories of these 6 are probably the most intense and dramatically tragic of all 19. Out of these 6, 4 have the Sun in the first decanate of Pisces. Given that the first 10 degrees of Pisces accounts for one thirty-sixth of the Zodiac, out of 14 family members we would expect a score of  0.39. So we have the Sun in the first decanate of Pisces occurring 10 times more frequently than expected.

The other point that came up is the incredible frequency of Sun / Moon aspects. In this case we can involve everyone as it seems to affect family members by marriage as well. For this we should include Carolyn Kennedy, JFK Jr’s wife who died with him in the crash and Mary Jo Kopechne who died in the Chappaquidick incident. This gives us 19 characters in total, 15 of them have the Sun and Moon in aspect either by conjunction, opposition, square or sextile. The average expectation would be 6.

The difficult Sun / Moon square occurs 8 times in the charts of JFK and wife Jackie, Rosemary, JFK Jr and his wife Carolyn, Michael, Mary Jo Kopechne and George Skakel. This aspect should only occur twice.

As ever, Pluto has a massive role to play in tragedy. The younger members of the Kennedy family could be said to have suffered most from the family curse. William, Michael, JFK Jr and Kara all had very difficult Sun / Pluto contacts in their birth charts.

There were 19 tragedies listed under the Kennedy curse in Wikepedia. Every one of them was triggered by difficult transits of the slower moving planets. Pluto was there for 10 of them an absolutely staggering performance for such a tiny planet so far away. This would astonish anyone unless they were regular followers of Capricorn Research.

So was the Kennedy family cursed ? The Moon rules family and inheritance issues and the Sun rules ourselves. So when we consider that 15 out of 19 had Sun / Moon aspects we have to accept this was some kind of collective family fate. The fact that 4 times as many as expected had the particularly difficult Sun / Moon square confirms it. Where did this curse come from ? For this we could look at one last chart, that of the father of JFK and head of the family, Joseph Kennedy Sr.

Joseph Kennedy Sr

Joseph Kennedy Sr had the Sun in conjunction with the Moon in Mutable Virgo. His Sun was also square to Pluto. He ticked all the boxes.He had nine children, but sadly outlived 4 of them. He died of old age in his early 80s but guess when his watershed Pluto moment was.

Pluto was conjunct Joseph Sr’s Sun on that fateful day 50 years ago, November 22nd 1963.



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