A Family Xmas Game Of Ludo Gone Wrong

An obsession with board games as a youngster taught me the importance of understanding the odds. Some of my early memories are of winning consistently at Ludo because I could work these things out.

This was probably because my opponents in those days were my younger sisters, who didn’t see the game in the same calculating Capricorn way.

But I have the same feeling these days when I read some other astrologers observations on the causes of events.

I often find myself asking ” Do you actually know the chances of what you are referring to happening by chance alone ? “

Any significance that astrology has is in relation to the laws of chance.

The fact that someone has the Sun in Aries and displays assertive behaviour is significant only because 11/12ths of the population don’t have it.

All astrologers appreciate this, but how far does that actually go in their findings ?

Because most go by feel rather than by mathematics, they will see a chart of a convicted murderer for example and may look for a connection between Mars and Pluto.

I have read people make this kind of link because Pluto is in Scorpio. Which would certainly cause problems for the police because its a placing that is shared by every single person on the planet born between 1984 and 1994.

Most serious astrologers would laugh at such a misapprehension, but it is only an logical extension of the kind of thing they do every day

The problem is that they would take any link between the two planets. This would not only include the major aspects of conjunctions, oppositions and squares but also trines, sextiles, quincunxes, semi squares, quintiles, sesquiquadrates, and biquintiles.

If we give ourselves the standard orb for a major aspect of 8 degrees, this means that the conjunction takes 16, the opposition 16, and the squares 32. So if we find one of these between Mars and Pluto we know it’s significant because its 64 degrees out of 360, so we have something that is almost 6 times greater than chance.

The trines would take 32 degrees, the sextiles even with a 4 degree orb would take 16, inconjunctions with a 2 degree orb would take 8.

If we allow a 2 degree orb for quintiles, septiles, semisquares, sesquiquadrates and biquintiles as well, we have reduced the chances of our link having a meaning from 1 in 6 for the conjunction, opposition and squares to little over 1 in 2.

If these astrologers don’t see anything that fits their description of a Mars / Pluto connection, they will check Mars / Saturn instead and confidently assert that they have found the link to the murder.

By picking one of these minor aspects between Mars and Saturn or Pluto they could equally have picked any of the others thereby reducing their observations to be simply what would come up by chance alone.

But they don’t see that. They think they have something significant when they actually don’t. All that has happened is they have given themselves enough options that they could statistically see murder in anyone’s birth chart.

This doesn’t even begin to include the many astrologers who work confidently with midpoints, harmonics, asteroids, Arabian parts and all manner of astro things both real and imagined.

I can confidently say that any link to any of these things as being a cause of anything at all is utterly delusional. Simply because of the laws of chance.

If asked what is the most difficult aspect pattern in astrology, many who understood these things might posit a Fixed Grand Cross.

But how many would know what are the chances of one appearing in a chart ?

To calculate this accurately would be quite difficult, but looking through my research database of 20,000 + charts of people mostly born in the 20th century, I would say the chances are about 1 in 50.

There are about 60 different Grand Cross combinations of planets, so if we are looking for a Sun, Moon, Mars with Saturn or Pluto in Fixed signs then the chances are about 1 in 1500

I have mentioned in previous articles under Murder Most Horrid that the particular combination of Sun Taurus / Moon Scorpio is the most common.

This would take us to odds of roughly 5000 / 1

Now the thing with Pluto is if its involved in the Grand Cross it can’t transit another point of it until the subject is in their 40s at least and most murderers would make a start on their chosen vocation before that.

So that really leaves us with a Sun Taurus / Moon Scorpio / Mars / Saturn Fixed Grand Cross and the odds against that are about 10,000 / 1

What about house positions ?

If the main victim and reason for the killing was the murderer’s sibling then we might look for Saturn to be in or ruling the 3rd house then we are probably looking at about 40,000 / 1.

Ludovic Audouit had an incestuous relationship with his sister Maryse, they were discovered having sex by their dad. He went into the army, infatuated and obsessed with the desire to marry her. While he was in the Army, Maryse married and had a son. Ludovic was convinced that the child was his and required the boy to call him Papa.

Maryse divorced and moved back to the family farm with her son. During Christmas vacation, Ludovic heard a voice telling him to kill, he took an iron bar and proceeded to kill his whole family, one after the other.

So what kind of chart would we expect for Ludo ?

Yes you guessed it.

Audouit has the Grand Cross with the Sun in Taurus opposite Moon in Scorpio square to Mars opposite Saturn in the 3rd house.

Both major events were indicated by transits. Ludo and Maryse were discovered having sex as Uranus was opposing his Sun and conjunct his Moon in 1979.

The murders took place in December 1989 when Pluto reached the same point.

This was the only time in his life when Pluto was transiting the Grand Cross.

If the chances of having chart like this is only 40,000 / 1, how come there aren’t many more people murdering their relatives ?

No doubt anyone with the kind of chart Ludo has would experience mental health issues and aggressive, maybe even violent outbursts, but in order for such a chart to produce the appalling and tragic results indicated above, the other family members would have to have charts that indicated being a victim of such.

Maryse Audouit had the Sun and Moon in Cancer so clearly family issues were going to play an extremely powerful role in her life.

The Sun is opposite Saturn showing the kind of difficult experience that would be. Saturn being in the 5th indicating that her own child could be part of that experience.

But the feature that indicated she would be a murder victim was the close Mars / Pluto conjunction.

Both Mars and Pluto rule her 3rd house of siblings and Mars rules her 8th of death.

Mars and Pluto are square to Venus in Gemini, a combination that points to the incestuous relationship with her brother.

The transits fenced her in as her brother’s victim as they mirrored Ludo’s own.

In 1979 when they were discovered Pluto was square to Maryse’s Sun.

In 1989 when she was murdered Uranus was square to her Moon.

Next up was Ludo’s mother Nicole

Nicole Audouit has an extremely difficult chart with two squares.

The most significant one is the Sun in the 5th house of children opposite Saturn focusing onto an apex Pluto.

The second has Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus focusing on an apex Mars.

Nicole’s transits for Xmas 1989 brought these two formations together in a gruesome way as Pluto the apex of one entered the other in conjunction with her Mercury and square to her Mars.

Then there was Ludo’s father Marc

Marc Audouit’s Sun is square to Pluto. On its own this is not a death sentence, but its interesting that Pluto is in the 5th house of children.

But the transits do put him in the wrong place at the wrong time.

At Xmas 1989, Pluto was still within orbs of being square to his Moon, but more particularly Saturn, Uranus and Neptune were all square to his Sun creating a T Square with his natal Pluto.

The 4th victim was Maryse’s son Jerome, who was 2 years old at the time.

Jerome has a tight T Square involving his Ascendant opposite Saturn ( his 8th house ruler ) focusing onto an apex Mercury.

In such a short life, there is little time for the usual suspects, Uranus and Pluto to get moving sufficiently to create new transiting aspects to any natal planets.

However Saturn was square Jerome’s Sun when he was killed.

So given that all of Ludovic Audouit’s family victims had clear indications of their fate, we get a stronger picture of how this horrendous tragic event could happen.

It’s fair to suggest that something like this could only happen with all of these charts being together at a particular time and place.

So if we could perhaps assess the chances of it at 40,000 / 1 to the power of 5 which I believe is about 102400000000000000000000 / 1.

So even if your brother was born on 8th May 1963 it is still extremely unlikely indeed that you will be drawn into an incestuous relationship and bludgeoned to death by him.

Mind you I feel the chances of my own siblings ganging together one Xmas and throwing me out of the window after me constantly drubbing them at Ludo must have been a little bit higher.

Posted on Sep 15th 2020


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