Gone With The Wind – Apex Sun in Sagittarius

There are many important dates in the history of cinema, but December 15th 1939 has got to be one of the biggest. Whilst the rest of the world engaged in the horrors of the 2nd World War, America was seeking escape through looking back to one of their own.

Gone With The Wind was an epic historical romance film set against the backdrop of the American Civil War and Reconstruction era, the story is told from the perspective of white Southerners.

The film set records with 10 Oscars and was immensely popular, becoming the highest-earning film made up to that point, and retained the record for over a quarter of a century, when adjusted for inflation, it is still the most successful film in box-office history.

Despite its historical revisionism and glorification of slavery, Gone with the Wind has been credited for triggering changes to the way African Americans are depicted on film.

The chart of the day of the film’s release has a lot to say about its story and position in cinema history.

Gone with the Wind Dec 15th

There is one sign that’s associated with the wind and that’s Sagittarius. Much of the sign’s character is taken from image of the strong sweeping winds that clear all the fallen leaves at the end of Autumn preparing the ground for the snows of winter.

But there are different ways of reading this chart. In a sense it could be seen as symbolic of the American Civil War itself.

It is possible to see slavery as having a Piscean flavour. Pisces is the last sign and is often linked with the those who are isolated, powerless and downtrodden in society.

The chart for Gone With The Wind has a T Square that depicts the situation clearly. Mars, the planet that rules war is in Pisces and represents the Confederacy forces defending their right to keep the slavery traditions in order to sustain the cotton production of the southern states.

Mars is opposite Neptune in Virgo, a symbol which can be seen as representing the slaves themselves as Virgo is the sign of workers, Neptune is the planet of release and freedom.

Mars is weakly conjunct Jupiter, because although we are talking 12 degrees, both planets involvement in the T square, brings them together. We could see Jupiter as the slave owners.

There is something about Pisces that is looking to move away from all the other signs so Mars / Jupiter in Pisces represents the confederates with their agenda to secede from the Union. Neptune represents the slaves. The opposition and the inevitable tension between these two groups, projects onto the Sun in Sagittarius.

The Sun particularly as a T square apex must represent the power in the land, so should be seen as the Union forces. Sagittarius is a sign most strongly associated with freedom, and so the Sun in Sagittarius stands for the forces wanting to abolish slavery.

The Sun has all the power so there is no doubt that the Union would be victorious.

Jupiter is also at the very end of Pisces, suggesting that the days of the slave owners are coming to an end.

One other aspect that’s very significant is the Moon in Aquarius in exact square to Uranus in Taurus. Again we have a conflict between the forces of liberation and freedom in Aquarius and the forces of conservatism in Taurus. The fact that it is Uranus in the sign also shows the inevitable results, because Uranus is the planet of revolution and change.

So the chart for Gone With The Wind works for the historical drama of the Civil War.

Of course the chart also works beautifully for the film itself. The theme is essentially about relationships particularly love – hate ones, about fantasy and about loss set against the background of the war.

The Mars / Neptune opposition covers all this. Although we don’t have a birth time, the noon chart works particularly well as it often does in these cases. This places the Mars / Neptune across the 1st to 7th houses so focusing specifically on relationships.

The exact Moon / Uranus square also shows that there will be no consistency or stability around emotional matters. Change, disruption and separation are the order of the day.

The film centres around the life of Scarlett O’ Hara, the daughter of a plantation owner who is accustomed to getting her own way as she surrounds herself with young men, flirting mercilessly and is not above stealing the beaux of other girls.

Scarlett is played by Vivien Leigh, and although Leigh had an exceptional acting career, this is the one role that she is most known for. As a consequence, her chart displays much of the character of Scarlett.

Vivien Leigh

Fittingly she has the Sun in Scorpio, suggesting a powerful and intensely sexual character.

She has a Grand Trine between Venus in Libra, the Moon and Saturn, showing how easily men fall for her charms.

She has two very important themes that run in the film’s release chart. Scarlett / Leigh has the Moon conjunct Uranus and Mars conjunct Neptune. The fact that these are conjunctions rather than the square and opposition in the film’s chart means that Scarlett will personify these themes of sexual fantasy and illusion and combined with emotional disruption and separation.

Scarlett  learns that one of her many beaux, Ashley Wilkes, will soon be engaged to his cousin, Melanie Hamilton.  Scarlett tells Ashley she loves him, but he knows he would not be happily married to her.

Ashley is played by Leslie Howard.


Leslie Howard

Their synastry is both very powerful and interesting. Scarlett’s Sun is conjunct Ashley’s Moon, the classic astrological relationship contact.

However Ashley also has the Moon conjunct Uranus and Mars conjunct Neptune.

Further to that Ashley’s Moon / Uranus is square to Scarlett’s so there is no chance of things working out between them.

Seeking revenge for being jilted by Ashley, Scarlett accepts a marriage proposal from Melanie’s brother, Charles Hamilton. They marry two weeks later.

However Charles Hamilton is played by Rand Brooks who has a difficult Saturn opposition Uranus t square Mars in Scorpio and he dies from measles two months after the war begins.

Scarlett is bound by tradition to wear black and avoid conversation with young men but she finds these restraints difficult.

She encounters Rhett Butler who falls in love with her at first sight at a dance. The men must bid for a dance with a lady, and everyone is shocked when Rhett bids “one hundred fifty dollars-in gold” for a dance with Scarlett.

Butler is famously played by Clark Gable.

Clark Gable

Again the power of the synastry is evident. While Scarlett’s Sun is conjunct Ashley’s Moon, Rhett’s Sun in Aquarius is conjunct Scarlett’s Moon.

Because Scarlett has the Sun and Moon in square, Ashley and Rhett naturally have their Suns in square aspect.

Throw in the conjunctions with Uranus and this astrological match up perfectly demonstrates the tension and the complexities of the relationships between the three of them.

Rhett has a very powerful aspect of sexual tension with a T Square based on an opposition between Uranus and Pluto focusing onto an apex Mars in the 8th house.

Later when the war is raging at its height, Melanie gives birth to a boy and Scarlett begs Rhett to take them both to her family home.. Rhett steals a small wagon, and they follow the retreating army out of Atlanta but on the way he has a change of heart and abandons Scarlett to enlist in the army.

After the war, the South faces hardship and financial ruin. Frank Kennedy, who is betrothed to Scarlett’s sister, Suellen, is one of the few who has money and runs a store in Atlanta.  Scarlett is nothing if not a Sun Scorpio and is quite capable of manipulating others to get her own ends so she hatches a plot and tells Frank that Suellen will not marry him. Frank succumbs to Scarlett’s feminine charms and he marries her two weeks later knowing he has done “something romantic and exciting for the first time in his life.”

Frank is played by Nye Carroll who unfortunately has a very difficult and  close T Square based on an opposition from the Moon in Cancer to Saturn which focuses onto the Sun in Libra. This would certainly show someone who suffers as a result of his relationships.

One evening coming home, Scarlett is accosted by two men who try to rob her. Attempting to avenge his wife, Frank is shot dead. Scarlett is a widow again.

Scarlett’s Sun in Scorpio on the 7th house cusp square to a Moon / Uranus conjunction obviously has that effect on people.

But then all the men she picks seem to have difficult Saturn aspects. And talking of which just like before with her husband barely dead, Rhett comes round again.

He asks her to marry him saying, “I always intended having you, one way or another.” She says she doesn’t love him and doesn’t want to be married again. However, he kisses her passionately, and in the heat of the moment she agrees to marry him.

This is the way things go when you have an apex 8th house Mars and your Sun is conjunct the Moon of your intended.

It doesn’t lead to happy ever after, however. Shortly after they move into their new home, they argue. Scarlett wonders why Rhett married her. Then “with real hate in her eyes”, she tells Rhett she will have a baby, which she does not want.

Shortly after Bonnie is born, Scarlett meets up with Ashley and believes he still loves her and is jealous of Rhett, which excites her. She returns home and tells Rhett she does not want more children. From then on, they sleep separately.

Scarlett meets Ashley alone  but they are spotted by his sister India, a rumor of an affair spreads, and Rhett and Melanie hear it but Melanie refuses to accept any criticism of her sister in-law.

Melanie is played by Olivia de Havilland.

Olivia de Havilland

Melanie has 5 planets including the Sun and Moon in Cancer so would be loyal to her family members in spite of the obvious evidence.

With all that Cancer she would be desperate to have children, but unfortunately her Sun is conjunct Pluto and Moon conjunct Saturn.

When the doctor examines her during her first pregnancy, he believes Melanie’s hip bone seems to be too narrow to safely allow her to give birth.  The delivery is very difficult but both mother and baby survive.

As a true Cancerian, Melanie becomes a social pillar of Atlanta, known for her charity and kindness.

Melanie becomes pregnant again, although the doctor had specifically warned her against it. She weakens considerably after a miscarriage and then dies ( Sun in Cancer conjunct Pluto, Moon in same sign conjunct Saturn ).

Rhett, more drunk than Scarlett has ever seen him, asks Scarlett to drink with him. Not wanting him to know she is fearful of him, she throws back a drink and gets up from her chair to go back to her bedroom. He stops her and pins her shoulders to the wall. She tells him he is jealous of Ashley, and he tells her they could have been happy together saying, “for I loved you and I know you.” He then takes her in his arms and carries her up the stairs to her bedroom where passion envelops them.

Next morning Rhett leaves town and Scarlett finds herself missing him, but she is still unsure if Rhett loves her, having said it while drunk. She learns she is pregnant with her fourth child.

When Rhett returns he sarcastically asks if the father is Ashley. She calls Rhett a cad and tells him no woman would want his baby. He says, “Cheer up, maybe you’ll have a miscarriage.” She lunges at him, but he dodges, and she tumbles backwards down the stairs. She is seriously ill for the first time in her life, having lost her child and broken her ribs. Rhett is remorseful, believing he has killed her.

Scarlett and Rhett’s daughter Bonnie is spirited and willful, she has her father wrapped around her finger and giving into her every demand.

This is only natural as the actress that plays Bonnie, Cammie Conlon has 4 planets in Cancer and her Venus is exactly conjunct Rhett’s Moon ( within a few minutes of orb ).

Unfortunately Rhett buys Bonnie a horse and she breaks her neck in a fall, killing her. He only has himself to blame, who would be a horse for a 4 year old with an exact Mercury / Pluto conjunction ?

In the dark days and months following Bonnie’s death, Rhett is often drunk and disheveled, while Scarlett, though deeply grieved also, seems to hold up under the strain.

Scarlett seems to grow stronger through all the tragedies that she’s had to face, which is typical of a Scorpio. The tougher things are the deeper they dig in order to find something in themselves that can cope with it and rise above it.

She dreams of love that has eluded her for so long.

“I can’t let him go. I can’t. There must be some way to bring him back.”

Crestfallen, she stops and then resourcefully and determinedly finds her true direction in the final lines of the film. She was never the type to admit defeat – so she refuses to acknowledge defeat in Rhett’s rejection of her. ” I’ll go home, and I’ll think of some way to get him back! After all, tomorrow is another day!”

Its no wonder Gone with the Wind was so popular given the power of the tragic themes that run through it. It also has a message of hope for us all, that whatever your chart says, however difficult the transits, ” tomorrow is another day “.



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