Zsa Zsa Gabor – Uranian Divorce

Learning astrology is just like learning any other subject. You start with the building blocks of individual placements and there are hundreds of books and online materials that will tell you what each one means.

Over time you develop the skill of putting these together in a way that makes sense to the client, but there reaches a point with all good astrologers where they are confident enough in the basics that they can sit back and let the chart itself tell them what is important.

I can still remember my first correspondence course when a chart I had to delineate contained Venus in Sagittarius in the 1st house opposite Uranus in Gemini in the 7th.

This was the chart of a lady who had been through a divorce ( this still being a relatively unusual occurrence back in the mid 1970s ).

Said lady found that her marriage was too restrictive and was happy to leave her husband.

I was instantly fascinated by Uranus’ role here, but in typical Capricorn style, I wanted to find out whether this applied other people who had this placing.

I was sure that Uranus would be in the 7th house of the woman whose name ( even in those early days ) was synonymous with divorce.

And I was instantly very disappointed that not only did it not occur in the 7th house of Zsa Zsa Gabor’s chart, but she had nothing else there either.

But 45 years later when I was looking into the charts of extremely short marriages, I was drawn to it yet again.

And it instantly hit me.

For Gabor, marriage was not a 7th house phenomenon. The sheer number and length of them meant that it has to be a 5th house thing. For her marriage was an affair.

So having a Sun / Mars / Uranus conjunction in Aquarius in the 5th opposite her Moon in Leo in the 11th gives a pretty fair picture of her love life.

The other notable thing is the T square.

Zsa Zsa had a Mercury / Venus conjunction in Capricorn in the 4th house opposite Saturn and Neptune which focuses onto an apex Jupiter in Aries in the 8th.

This is indicative of someone who set about attracting ( Venus ) wealthy husbands ( in Capricorn ) with large houses ( in the 4th house ).

Venus / Neptune is a combination that conjures images of Hollywood screen goddesses. The opposition between these two often indicates problems that come from this type of allure.

Marilyn Monroe had the Moon in the 7th house in opposition to a rising Neptune.

As Zsa Zsa has Venus opposite both Saturn and Neptune, the dream is likely to to fall fairly quickly.

So how does this Venus opposite Saturn / Neptune work out for Gabor ?

The planet at the apex of the T Square will always show how the tension created by the opposition will impact.

With an apex Jupiter, this is always likely to work out in the native’s favour.

With Jupiter in the 8th house we are talking about great benefits coming from other people’s money ( specifically from the finances of a marriage as the 8th house is the 2nd from the 7th ).

Zsa Zsa Gabor’s most famous quote was ” I am a marvellous housekeeper: Every time I leave a man I keep his house.”

So what about the men she left ?

Her 1st husband, Burhan Belge also had a Venus / Saturn and Neptune combination.

We don’t have a birthtime but the noon chart often works, so Venus conjunct Saturn in the 7th opposite Neptune would be very fitting.

It’s also interesting that they got married on a Saturn / Neptune opposition.

I have said many times that the most important thing that anyone can do in their life is get an astrologer to elect the time and date of their wedding. This is simply because this chart becomes the birth chart of their life together.

Since it’s fairly obvious that the Sun / Moon and Venus / Mars combinations are critical to any relationship, no astrologer in their right mind would pick a date with an opposition between the former and an exact square between the latter.

But in all things, the astrologer has to consider the requirements of the client.

Perhaps Zsa Zsa Gabor was already thinking of her 1st marriage as a stepping stone and a means of acquiring wealth rather than the beginning of a lifelong commitment.

Because the wedding Jupiter was transiting her natal 2nd house of money in exact square to her Sun and Moon.

The marriage lasted until 1941, when both Uranus and Jupiter were exactly conjunct the wedding chart Sun.

Now firmly on the ladder having become Miss Hungary in 1936 and escaped the Nazi occupied country to the US in 1941, Zsa Zsa Gabor set her sights considerably higher.

The founder of the Hilton hotel group had a very successful Sun in Capricorn trine Moon in Taurus combination, but he also had a Venus / Jupiter conjunction in opposition to Neptune so he was obviously drawn to the type of experience only someone like Gabor could provide.

This chart is not so obviously difficult but the Sun in Aries, Moon in Aquarius square to Saturn and Neptune and a Mars / Jupiter conjunction in Gemini does not convey the impression of longevity.

And when Uranus came to conjunct the wedding Mars / Jupiter in 1947, they divorced.

Next cab of the rank was actor George Sanders

Sanders did not have a Venus / Neptune issue but he certainly had a Sun and Mars one. His exact conjunction between the Sun in Cancer and Neptune opposite Uranus would have made him a perfect partner in Zsa Zsa’s house keeping ambitions.

Also that Venus opposite the South Node falling right on Gabor’s Sun / Moon opposition would certainly indicate lessons to be learned in relationships and a willing teacher to apply them.

Any chart with the Sun, Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries would be indicative of a very passionate honeymoon, but we are not thinking long term here.

And with all these opposite Neptune, it’s only a matter of time.

Jupiter creating a T Square to this natal opposition in 1954 brought it to an end.

Following Sanders was Herbert Hutner

A double Sagittarius with the Sun opposite Pluto is unlikely to find himself tied down for long.

And a wedding chart with a T Square Moon opposite Mars focusing onto an exact apex Sun / Neptune conjunction was unlikely keep him in check either.

And when Jupiter was opposite Hutner’s Sun they divorced

Next up was Joshua Cosden

Cosden had Mars conjunct both Saturn and Neptune and Venus conjunct Pluto opposite the Moon so we can instantly see that his relationship experience is not likely to be of the lasting type.

This wedding chart has to be the worst so far with a close Sun / Saturn conjunction opposite Uranus and Pluto.

The marriage lasted 18 months, a record up to that point.

Such a short time didn’t even leave a chance for new transits, just enough for Pluto to tighten its stranglehold on the Sun / Saturn conjunction.

Husband number 6 was Jack Ryan

Ryan had the Sun / Venus conjunction but it is at the apex of a T Square including the Moon, Jupiter and Neptune

While this chart is nowhere near as difficult as the Cosden wedding, it still has a close Sun / Uranus square and the Moon is square to Venus.

Saturn opposing the wedding chart Sun put paid to this one after 18 months.

Zsa Zsa’s next husband, Michael O’Hara I was unable to find a natal chart for, but the wedding chart says enough.

This is another chart with the Sun at the apex of a T Square. This one involves a admittedly wide opposition between Jupiter and Neptune but the Sun’s position pulls them together.

Added to this is the fact that the Moon is besieged between Mars and Pluto.

This marriage lasted until Uranus squared the Sun in 1983.

Perhaps the most bizarre of all Zsa Zsa Gabor’s marriages was the one to number 8, Felipe De Alba.

De Alba had a Moon Uranus conjunction at the apex of a Mutable T Square including Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Sagittarius.

He also had a second T Square with a Sun / Saturn opposition focused on Mars in Aquarius.

What could possibly go wrong ?

The Sun and Moon in Aries opposite a Saturn / Pluto conjunction and Venus opposition Uranus meant they were married for the record breaking time of one whole day.

Their marriage was annulled as it was discovered that Zsa Zsa wasn’t officially divorced from Michael O’Hara at that point.

Gabor’s 9th and final marriage was to Frederic Prinz Van Anhalt

The Sun in Gemini opposite the Moon in Sagittarius with a T Square apex Neptune as well as a Venus / Pluto conjunction didn’t look very promising either.

The Moon was again in Sagittarius conjunct Uranus at their wedding but at least it was trine the Sun and Zsa Zsa decided to stick this one out for the last 30 years of her life.

After all when you are pushing 70 how many actual houses do you really need ?

Saturn conjoined the Moon of this chart and Neptune was just about to square it when ZsaZsa Gabor died in 2016.

So what is the moral of this story ?

If you don’t get your wedding chart astrologically elected, you are at the mercy of the gods to cast your nuptials for their own entertainment.

People want different things. Its pretty clear from Zsa Zsa Gabor’s chart that what she really wanted from her many marriages was passion and excitement and lots of houses.

Most want a pure love that lasts, along with stability, security, money and children. Some want a roller coaster ride.

If you do get your wedding chart elected you stand a decent chance of getting all of the above.

Posted on 27th March 2021