Is Joe Biden A Trojan Centaur ?

The Presidential election has split the astrology world right down the middle.

Half of the astrologers are patting themselves on the back for getting the result correct and the other half are desperately trying to cling onto fantasies of what effect the US Pluto Return and the upcoming lunar eclipse will have on their own prediction of a second mango term.

Capricorn Research has already moved on to the 2024 scenario.

I have said many times, I am a researcher first and an astrologer second. I use astrology because I have proved it to work, time and time again, many times in situations where the odds are heavily stacked against it doing so.

As such I frequently find myself asking the question whether other astrologers have much of a grasp of statistics and the laws of chance.

If someone made a prediction for Joe Biden in the couple of months before the election, that is no great achievement because he has been the clear favourite in the opinion polls and with the bookies on odds of about 1.5 / 1 throughout that time.

Donald Trump has been hovering around the 2.5 / 1 mark.

So if you were Nigel Farage you would have been banking on taking home $ 25,000 for your $ 10,000 stake.

If our Nigel actually had a brain to engage before his mouth and placed his ill gotten gains on Biden he would have had picked up $ 15,000 rather than nothing.

Because of these odds the bookies would have an assessment that Biden’s chances of winning were about 75 %.

If they had picked it after Biden had taken a lead in the Democrat primaries back in the spring ( like Capricorn Research did ), the odds were more or less reversed, so the bookies would have given Sleepy Joe a 25 % of waking up in November as the winner.

So if an astrologer picks this result in September or October, how much actual applause do they deserve ?

But astrology is like everything else in modern life.

The recognition you get is not so much for what you say but for how loud you say it on video and for how few clothes you wear whilst saying it.

I recognise that this would be a very limited marketing strategy for a 65 year old triple Capricorn so am content to largely earn my corn by relieving the bookies of Farage’s generous donations.

But ok, so predicting a Biden win in the last few weeks wasn’t so much of an astrological coup, but credit to those who did because the man’s birthchart is not in the least bit Presidential, particularly compared to that of his opponent.

A 12th house Scorpio stellium and a lead in the opinion polls was very similar to what Hillary Clinton brought to the table 4 years ago.

I remember in the run up to November 2016 arguing with an ” astrologer ” who was convinced that Hillary would win because the election was occurring in her Sun sign, Scorpio.

I pointed out that the US Presidential election always occurs in the 1st week of November and that perhaps she should mention this trick to the Democrats because then they could guarantee the White House forever simply by picking a Scorpio every time.

I do like to think that instead of cursing and blocking me, she headed off to the nearest bookmaker and put her mortgage on Biden for 2020.

At least then she would have won enough money that she wouldn’t have to pretend to be an astrologer for a living.

Or maybe she did call the Democrats and that’s why they picked him.

We will probably never know.

One thing is for sure, with a 12th house Scorpio you can never be sure what you are going to get. The true agenda will be a hidden one.

With Hillary I always thought that the square aspects between her Mercury and Venus to that horrific Mars / Saturn / Pluto conjunction in Leo in the 9th house of foreign powers would be likely to lead to a 3rd World War.

So having Donald Trump, ( who always says exactly what’s going on in his head at any given moment ) in charge instead of the secretive Clinton might have saved us an even worse fate than coronavirus in 2020.

Perhaps the Universe felt it was safer to entrust the red button to a narcissist who would spend his whole term tweeting, watching telly and golfing to a Scorpio with a Mars / Saturn / Pluto who’d already had her marital humiliation played out in public.

We will probably never know.

But if 12th house Scorpio Suns have a hidden agenda, what can we expect from President Sleepy Joe ?

Maybe the Inauguration chart might give us a clue.

No doubt the above astrologer who predicted Hillary to win in 2016 would be pleased to see the Sun in Aquarius conjunct the Midheaven as a great testimony for a Democrat President.

It would, if it wasn’t for the fact that Inauguration is always at the same time on the same day, which guarantees the Sun’s placing there every time.

The Sun being conjunct Jupiter in the 10th would have to be a good thing, but the closer one with Saturn is disconcerting.

Maybe this combination simply points to the situation that Joe Biden finds himself in – an opportunity to push a noble ( Jupiter ) more equal ( Aquarius ) agenda, but also having to face powerful obstacles and responsibilities ( Saturn )

Maybe it’s something more sinister.

Which might also fit in with what’s going on in the US chart at the moment.

The US chart is going through its Pluto Return. This has been the cause of a lot of fear and loathing, some astrologers have forecast a new civil war and when you consider the levels of antagonism between the beaten Trump hordes and the rest of the people, there’s a real possibility of something like that.

My own feeling ( or perhaps hope ) is that it won’t come to that. This is based on looking at previous Pluto transits to the US chart and seeing where we are currently in the cycle.

For more information about this see Pluto Return – Anarchy In The USA ?

The US chart has Mercury as the ruler of the 10th house, placed in Cancer in the 8th house opposite Pluto in the 2nd.

This would work very well to symbolise a nation that keeps killing off its leaders.

Regular readers of these articles will be aware of the Jupiter / Saturn curse.

Since ancient times Jupiter has always been seen to symbolise the King and Saturn a fall or death.

This was basically how the Three Wise Men ( astrologers ) were able to trace the birth of the King of the Jews back in 7 BC. They would also have known he would be killed.

For more information on this see Is This The Birthchart OF Jesus Christ ?

A Jupiter / Saturn conjunction occurs every 20 years, which means that every 5th Presidential Inauguration will fall on one.

Out of the 9 inaugurations that have occurred during a Jupiter / Saturn conjunction since Abraham Lincoln in 1841, 7 of those Presidents did not complete their term of office and 4 ( Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy ) of them were assassinated.

Even the 8th ( Reagan ) lived through an assassination attempt and employed an astrologer to help him avoid the curse.

The 9th ( George W Bush ) maybe had his own version in 9 / 11.

Because the conjunction occurs every 20 years, it has fallen in Earth signs or the earlier degrees of Air signs.

However there is only one other time that Jupiter and Saturn have fallen conjunct the Sun and the Midheaven

John F Kennedy was also a Democrat with Irish roots coming to the office with a reforming agenda that was announced as a real wind of change.

But let’s be straight here, the thing that this Sun / Jupiter / Saturn / Midheaven conjunction refers to is JFK’s assassination less than 3 years later.

November 22nd 1963 has become such a powerful date in US history that people still remember where they were when they heard the news, nearly 60 years later.

For an astrological take on this see The Assassination of JFK – Conspiracy Or Fate

Arguably there has only been one other date to compare it with – April 15th 1865, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

To understand the extraordinary connection between these two momentous and tragic events together with a more detailed explanation of the Jupiter / Saturn curse see Coincidence – The Greatest Conspiracy Theory Of All

Lincoln was first inaugurated in a year ( 1861 ) with a Jupiter / Saturn conjunction but he was actually killed only a matter of weeks after his second one.

In those days, Presidents were sworn in during the first week of March rather than January.

Presumably the outgoing losers in those days were even more reluctant to concede than the current one.

Lincoln’s 1865 chart has a worrying Moon, Mars, Uranus conjunction in the 12th house in square to the Sun at the Midheaven.

Where have we seen that before ?

Well scroll back up to Biden’s 2021 Inauguration chart and you can see exactly the same combination, with even tighter aspects.

What does Biden’s natal chart have to say about this assassination possibility ? To save readers having to scroll back, here it is again

All of a sudden that whole 8th thing seems to play a much bigger part than we first thought.

The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in the 8th sign.

The two planets that rule that sign, Mars and Pluto are in square aspect with the latter in the 8th house

His ruling planet ( Jupiter ) is in the 8th house.


This Jupiter in Cancer would certainly explain why death and tragedy has played such a major role in Joe Biden’s family

Uranus is exactly opposite Biden’s Ascendant hence it is a 7th house feature rather than a 6th house one.

Within a few weeks of becoming elected to the Senate for the first time in 1972, his wife Neilia and his baby daughter died in a car accident.

The tragic linking of high office and personal tragedy came with Joe’s Progressed Mars conjunct his Ascendant ( arriving on the political scene ) and at the same time opposing his Uranus ( car accident ) in the 7th house ( involving his wife ).

And Saturn was conjunct his Scorpio stellium in 2015 when his son Beau died of brain cancer while he was Vice President.

Perhaps there is one more act to go

His transits for the election were nothing special, but maybe thats not the point.

The most difficult aspect in his chart is the Moon in Taurus in the 5th square to Pluto in the 8th. This would certainly account symbolically for the death of two of his children and also maybe for the problems that he encountered with his other son, Hunter.

Whenever a personal planet is in aspect to Pluto, the energy of that aspect is very powerfully triggered when it makes a transiting aspect to it.

And Pluto will be forming the opposite square to Biden’s Moon between 2023 and 25.

Inevitably this transit would mean that Joe Biden would not win the 2024 Presidential election. But given everything else above it seems to be saying that he would not even be around to contest it.

In the face of all this evidence it would be understandable if Sleepy Joe came out and said ” yes we managed to rig all those elections, but just to try and throw people off the scent, we let the GOP keep the Senate and make big inroads into our House majority. We admit it, President Trump can stick around for another 2 or 3 – cough, sorry 4 more years “

The only problem with that is another 2 or 3 more years of Trump along with the US Pluto Return and there might not be a country left to hold the 2024 election.

There might well be a simpler answer than another Presidential assassination.

After all Joe Biden is about to celebrate his 78th birthday and he could start to feel his age and retire.

Of course with all of this we should look at the chart of the person who would take over if he did.

Although they are obviously very different characters there are a few parallels between Kamala Harris’ chart and that of Donald Trump.

They both have a close Sun / Moon opposition from Air to Fire signs, Harris with the Sun in Libra / Moon in Aries and Trump with Gemini / Sagittarius.

They both have Mars in Leo acting as an Easy Opposition point to their lights.

One difference however is that Trump’s Sun is in the 10th making him more of a business person, Harris Moon is in the 11th making her more of a natural politician.

In 2016 Trump had his Progressed Sun conjunct his Ascendant. This is by some distance the most important secondary progression that anyone can experience, yet for some reason this simple fact was missed by the vast majority of astrologers at the time.

Kamala Harris currently has her Progressed Sun exactly opposite her Ascendant and conjunct her 7th house cusp.

If you think about it, this may well mean that November 2020 is significant for her as 2016 was for Trump.

And since it is happening on her 7th house cusp rather than her Ascendant, Harris gets to piggy back into the White House on the shoulders of her partner, Joe Biden.

Despite a whole army of computer nerdy hipster astrologers trying their best to make the subject as complex as absolutely possible, astrology is really very simple.

All you have to do is put aside your own preconceptions and watch what is happening with particular reference to things that have actually happened before.

One other thing that Harris has in common with Trump is because they both have a close Sun / Moon opposition, any transit to one is also aspecting the other so they will experience them twice as powerfully as anyone else.

Saturn is currently squaring Harris’ Sun and Moon. Over the next few weeks Jupiter will join the two, just as the electoral college boots any remaining doubts about her Vice Presidency firmly into touch.

These two planets transiting her lights are important because they are preparing the path for Pluto which hits the same point in 2022 – 23.

This will be a massive turning point in her life.

Pluto will be doing this from the 8th house.

Also falling in 2023 is Kamala’s 2nd Saturn Return.

Given all this, some readers might be thinking, maybe she will keel over instead of Biden.

But astrology seldom works like that.

Some astrologers do try and predict death from people’s birth charts. I have been trying to find an astrological signature of death for over 40 years, and have simply drawn a blank

My feeling about the reason for this is that a birth chart is about this life and transits are indicators of passages of change within it, enabling us to respond to their energies and adopt new strategies for the next stage.

So there is no reason why someones death should be indicated in a chart, particularly if its a natural one due to age.

But what I have noticed is that someone’s death is very clearly indicated in the chart of a marriage partner because that person will have to carry on with their life making a major adjustment to cope with their loss.

So with Pluto in the 8th house squaring the Sun and Moon it is quite likely that Kamala Harris will experience the death of a partner, and the repercussions for the rest of her life will be massive. This is particularly the case as her Sun is in Libra.

It will be the major turning point of her life without question.

Saturn will be returning to its natal position and conjunct her Midheaven.

Again some readers might think this would mean she would get the sack. But this would be a misreading of the planet.

Many astrologers felt that Donald Trump would lose in 2016 because he had Saturn conjunct his 4th house Moon and opposite his 10th house Sun.

Not at all, this simply meant a much greater level of responsibility in his career and also moving into a smaller house.

And Saturn conjunct the Midheaven didn’t stop Elizabeth Windsor holding down the top job in UKPLC for 100,000 years.

Saturn in this position simply means a much bigger responsibility being placed on the shoulders of the person.

It’s also important to note that while Saturn is returning to its natal place in Harris’ chart it will also be square to Joe Biden’s Sun.

So it does look like Kamala Harris will be America’s first female President and this will happen sometime in the next 3 years.

It also looks like this could happen not because of Joe Biden’s retirement but due to something altogether much more sinister.

Given that Biden’s chart does not look Presidential and Harris chart really does, maybe Joe is unwittingly acting as a Trojan horse for his VP.

Or given his Sagittarius Ascendant ( ruling the appearance ) a Trojan Centaur.

Scorpio is a sign of death and rebirth. With a 12th house stellium in the sign maybe Joe Biden is about to perform the ultimate sacrifice in order to usher in a new era in US politics.

I am trying to find a bookmaker who will give me odds on it.

If I can’t, maybe I will have to resort to putting astrology videos on TikTok showing my best bits, my triple Capricorn knees.

Posted November 14 2020