Neptune – The Pog In The Machine

As a boy I believed that if you sailed across the equator you would be forced to walk the plank.

I assume this belief was an amalgam of sailor’s rituals and pirate stories, but I knew that the deity requiring such a sacrifice, the sea god Neptune, had to be respected.

I have an apex Neptune in my 9th house, this strange planet has always played a big role in my life and its probably responsible for a number of childhood illusions. One that I remember is that I believed I was a footballing genius, despite the fact that any evidence had yet to materialise.

At least I wasn’t alone in that.

Paul Pogba is famous chiefly for leaving Man Utd twice on free transfers with his time at Old Trafford standing out more for his haircuts than his actual performance.

His image is very Moon in Sagittarius in the 1st house trine Venus in Aries.

His footballing prowess in Manchester has been much more Mars in Cancer opposite Neptune.

But his time at Juventus and his performances for France persuaded United to pay a world record fee to sign him.

Why is this ? Again it comes down to Neptune.

As you would expect for the most successful team in the UK, the Man Utd chart has some considerable power through the Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon and Mars In Aries.

But there is also something nebulous about them. The Theatre of Dreams idea comes from the T Square apex Venus in Pisces.

With such a pattern, United can be inspired by the romance of the likes of George Best and Cristiano Ronaldo, but they can be deluded as well.

Particularly if Neptune comes into play.

Pogba arrived in Manchester as the world’s most expensive transfer in summer of 2016, just as Neptune arrived on his Ascendant.

During his 6 years there Neptune transited through the United T Square and was conjunct Pogba’s Mercury, square to his Moon and he finally left for nothing when it was conjunct his Sun.

For most United fans he was pretty much invisible the whole time. When he left after running down his contract he made a video to say how insulted he was when United offered him a mere £ 500 k per week to stay there.

As a lifelong Liverpool fan, I could only bring myself to laugh at all this, particularly given the appalling lack of due diligence in spending so much money on a player about to take his own walk along Neptune’s plank.

And since Anfield generally has a much better record of astrology timing with transfers.

After looking at Pogba’s United experience, I googled the worst transfers in history and No 1 was Fernando Torres’ move to Chelsea.

This is a timed chart so Torres has an extremely tight T Square involving an apex Aries Sun, a Cancer Ascendant and Neptune.

Along with a Scorpio stellium Torres is clearly the kind of player who ( like Piscean Pogba ) has to feel right in order to express his natural talents.

During his time at Liverpool, Torres was widely regarded as the best striker in the world and he was the fastest to reach 50 goals in the club’s history.

This time ( 2007 – 10 ) saw the explosive Pluto going through his T Square and Uranus conjunct his Sun.

He left for Chelsea for £ 50 million ( a British transfer record at the time ). His 3 seasons at Stamford Bridge were abysmal yielding a mere 20 goals.

With a Pisces Sun a T Square involving Neptune, Chelsea could also be seen as a club that lives for much of the time in a dream world.

Its interesting that this T Square falls right on Torres’ own.

But when you are going to sign a player for megabucks the least you could do was check how his Mars fits with your club chart.

At 26 Scorpio 52, Fernando Torres Mars is exactly ( 6 minutes of arc ) square to then Chelsea Saturn.

His Venus is closely conjunct the club’s South Node. So there is a karmic quality to this disaster.

Next on the list of worst transfers is Barcelona’s Antoine Griezmann

This is another timed chart and again the Pisces theme comes up.

Griezmann while at Atletico Madrid had a phenomenal scoring rate, comparable with Torres at Liverpool ( 94 in 180 matches ).

Barca signed him for a Spanish record 120m Euros in 2019. He flopped badly at the Camp Nou, scoring 22 times in 74 matches.

With a chart as extraordinary as Barcelona’s, it shouldn’t be that hard to look for players that fit the model.

Yet Griezmann’s Mars at 23.18 Gemini is exactly opposite the Barcelona Saturn and conjunct the club Neptune.

For the last few years, transit Neptune has been square to Barca’s Mars / Mercury / Saturn / Venus, explaining the poor performances and financial disasters that have hit the club during this time.

Neptune has also been square to Griezmann’s Mars arranging for his signing to be symbolic of the general mess.

The moral of this story ? If the club you own has a strong Neptune / Pisces theme, don’t break the transfer record to buy a player with one, particularly if there are challenging Neptune transits around.

And me ? I have crossed the equator several times but never by boat.

With a T square apex Neptune in the 9th, you can never be too careful.

Posted on June 19th 2022