Australian Bull In A China Shop ?

” Everything on earth is subject to change. Prosperity is followed by decline: this is the eternal law on earth. Evil can indeed be held in check but not permanently abolished. It always returns. This conviction might induce melancholy, but it should not; it ought only to keep us from falling into illusion when good fortune comes to us. If we continue mindful of the danger, we remain persevering and make no mistakes. As long as a man’s inner nature remains stronger and richer than anything offered by external fortune, as long as he remains inwardly superior to fate, fortune will not desert him. “

This is a quote from my favourite book, the I Ching, the ancient Chinese Book Of Changes.

This oracle has underpinned the Chinese view of life for millennia, that of the equal forces of day and night, yin and yang, summer and winter and the recognition that life is impermanent, a constant flow between the two.

It is so essentially different from the philosophy that drives the American dream, to keep on climbing higher and higher, to keep on travelling westwards.

The problem with that approach is that eventually you will fall onto the Pacific.

So Donald Trump, whose own favourable transits had him posing as Il Duce right up until Neptune saw him turn into Il Douche.

When the ground underneath your feet turns to quicksand, you don’t run around squealing ” fake sand ” and demanding a recount.

You should have been spending the last 4 years preparing for such inevitability by mixing concrete.

The ancient rulers of China understood and used the I Ching, so that when they were on top, they were already making plans for their inevitable downturn.

So even though Chairman Mao denounced all this, the current leader of the country, Xi Jinping, understood only too well.

President Xi has the Sun at 23 Gemini, a mere one degree after Trump’s own.

He also faces Neptune square to his Sun over the next few years.

About 30 years ago China introduced a two term limit on its Presidents.

Xi became President in 2013 as Jupiter conjoined his Sun and would have been due to step down in 2023, during his own version of the Neptune square transit.

But unlike Il Douchebag, Xi acted like a proper dictator and abolished the term limits, so as things look at the moment he can carry on pretty much as long as he likes.

Maybe the difference between Xi and Trump is that he has the Sun in trine to both Neptune and Saturn and understands the potential pitfalls and is able to use the energy of these two for his own benefit.

Maybe this is the real skill that a modern overlord has as Vladimir Putin has his Sun conjunct Saturn and Neptune. See Vladimir Putin – Libran Impaler

There was a time when you knew where you stood with dictators. The original Il Duce, Benito Mussolini had the Sun in Leo, Scorpio Rising and a Moon, Mars, Saturn, Pluto conjunction – see Benito Mussolini – A True Dictator

These days it’s leaders of democratic countries that wannabe emperors that have those kind of charts.

Speaking of which

We don’t actually have a time for Aussie Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, but my view is that if politicos won’t offer their birth times, that entitles me to make one up for them.

I started my astrology researches at University in the 1970s. A flatmate of mine had the Sun in Taurus opposite Neptune in the 2nd house. He was the local dealer and looked set for a promising career in the business.

It has since led me to feel that others with this combination are usually looking to sell some kind of Neptunian dream or other.

But with that Neptune conjunct a Scorpio Moon in the 9th house, Morrison is flogging something much more dangerous than marijuana or even heroin. Its happy clappy religion that drives him.

And with this opposition in a T-square to an apex Jupiter in Leo, it is fuelling a vast ego.

Morrison’s Sun is exactly square to Xi’s Pluto so there could be tensions there, which may develop over the coming weeks.

With Jupiter currently moving ahead of Saturn in the sign, we may see a number of Aquarians big noting themselves only to regret it later.

This may well apply to countries too.

Australia is about to receive Jupiter over its Sun and rising degree through the 2nd week of January.

But this optimism is very short lived. Saturn comes along couple of weeks later.

The Aussie Solar Return for this year is even more disconcerting.

In a natal chart the 7th house rules marriage and relationships. In a mundane chart, it has more to do with enemies.

The ruler of the chart is the Sun and it is placed conjunct Saturn in the 7th, which suggests that Australia is under the cosh.

The opposition between the Ascendant and Sun / Saturn / Jupiter focuses by T Square onto an apex Mars / Uranus conjunction in Taurus in the 9th house.

The whole thing seems to indicate being dominated economically ( Mars / Uranus in Taurus ) by a foreign power ( in the 9th ).

And its not that difficult to see which one.

China has the Moon and Ascendant right on the Aussie Sun and Rising degree.

It also has an aggressive Mars / Pluto conjunction in its own 7th house in square to Venus in Scorpio in the 9th, which you would imagine points to a fairly ruthless way of dealing with its enemies.

Its own solar return for the year has an aggressive Mars in Aries in extremely tight square with Saturn and also Pluto in the 9th house.

This is not looking good at all.

The most important thing in world affairs is to understand your opponent, then you can adjust your stance accordingly.

So in this spirit I asked the I Ching, ” What should Scott Morrison do in respect to China “

I got the hexagram 23 – Splitting Apart – line 2

” The power of the inferior people is growing. The danger draws close to one’s person; already there are clear indications, and rest is disturbed. Moreover, in this dangerous situation one is as yet without help or friendly advances from above or below. Extreme caution is necessary in this isolation. One must adjust to the time and promptly avoid the danger. Stubborn perseverance in maintaining one’s standpoint would lead to downfall. “

What are the chances of Taurean Bull Sun opposite Scorpio Moon with an apex Jupiter in Leo, Morrison taking this advice ?


Posted December 30th 2020