Jupiter and Royal Families

Astrology like life itself is all about the interplay of opposing principles. We have day and night, heat and cold, summer and winter, masculine and feminine, positive and negative polarities as ruled by the Sun and Moon. Mars and Venus cover the love life and the principles of assertion and movement outwards and attraction and drawing experience towards the self. But the third great polar opposition is between Jupiter and Saturn, the principles of expansion and contraction.

Jupiter as the largest planet is the great benefic, it enhances and enlarges anything that it touches, it bestows great gifts because that is its nature, it does not require anything in return. Saturn is the great malefic, it holds back and restrains everything, it proscribes strict limits to behaviour and generally makes life difficult. Anything you get from Saturn has to be earnt the hard way. Saturn would be more inclined to take away what you have.

This like all of the theoretical assertions of astrology is all very well, but does it actually work and how to test it anyway ?

Capricorn Research has come up with a method of testing the relative strengths of Jupiter and Saturn in their relationship to the Sun in a chart, the Jupiter / Saturn index.

This index gives a figure for the Sun conjunct Jupiter as a percentage of the expected figure in any collection of charts. It also gives the same figure for the Sun conjunct Saturn. If we take the Saturn figure away from the Jupiter figure we have the resulting index figure for that group of people.

Capricorn Research has over 25,000 charts in a database that is broken down into 72 different groups. The group with by far the highest plus score on the Jupiter / Saturn index is that of the 229 members of Royal Families.

The group with by far the lowest figure is the collection of charts of people who were Adopted.

This is such an extraordinary validation of the astrological theory, that Jupiter gives and Saturn takes away, even with the circumstances of ones birth.

But the Jupiter strength in Royal Families does not just end with the Sun’s conjunction to the planet.

Jupiter is conjunct the Sun more than twice the expected number of times, but it’s also conjunct the Moon 149% of expected and Mercury and Venus at 147%.

Jupiter is opposite the Moon at 149% of the average score and sextile it at 167%.

Jupiter has a similarly strong association with the Ascendant with the conjunction occurring at 177%, with the opposition and the sextile at 147%.

Jupiter is in the 12th house 168% of the expected figure exactly the same score as the Sun. It is important to point out here that Capricorn Research’s findings ask a great many questions about the traditional view of the 12th house. The research seems to suggest it should be thought of as being similar to the 1st house.

Other aspects that occur frequently are the Moon’s conjunction with Venus at a staggering 220% and Venus’ conjunction with the Ascendant at 157%.

Interestingly the highest scoring sign placing is the Sun in Cancer at 152%. This would be expected as Cancer is to do with inheritance, family and tradition.

Venus in its own sign Taurus also scores 152%.

The Ascendant is how we appear to others so one might expect Leo rising to appear frequently. Even adjusting for the different lengths of Ascending signs, Leo is by far the most common with 149%.

But perhaps the most intriguing thing about this research is that these figures are not duplicated in the charts of actual rulers.

The Jupiter / Saturn index figure for the group of 118 rulers is actually zero. Strangely this is exactly the same as the Moon and Mercury and Ascendant versions.

In fact both Venus and Mars’ conjunctions with Saturn occur far more frequently than with Jupiter.

So what could be the reason for such a discrepancy between the charts of rulers and royal families ?

The important thing about Jupiter is that it gives great wealth and benefits but does not require any effort to be made. Saturn conveys heavy responsibilities. It seems that the act of ruling makes demands in terms of duty and responsibility that offsets the material advantages given, whereas being a member of a royal family does not.

There has been research done to indicate that Jupiter occurs more frequently in auspicious positions in the first born in families. In a way this research does back that up, because of the first born royals who did not or have not yet become rulers themselves, Jupiter occurs with even more frequency.

Jupiter’s conjunction with the Sun in this group occurs at 216%, with Venus at 200%, the Moon at 135% and Mercury at 167%.

Venus is conjunct the Ascendant at 200%.

Jupiter is in the 1st house 182% of the expected number of times.

The Sun is also in Cancer 164% of expected.

It’s always difficult to know how to respond to people with very strong Jupiters. We might be jealous of their fabulous wealth and opportunities. It might be nice to have a life as a minor royal, with servants to do everything for you.

On the other hand at least everything you get with Saturn has been acquired by your own efforts and there is some dignity and self respect in that. At least you’re not surrounded by sycophants who always want something from you. But that’s probably because you haven’t got anything.



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2 thoughts on “Jupiter and Royal Families

  1. Hi, I just discovered this site. Thanks for doing this amazing research! There really should be a lot more of this research effort going on in the community.

    I expect to have more questions as I binge read your site over the next few weeks, but just wanted to start with this:

    >”Research’s findings ask a great many questions about the traditional view of the 12th house. The research seems to suggest it should be thought of as being similar to the 1st house.”

    Have you already considered the whole sign house position of the planets? i.e. planets in the 12th in a quadrant house system would be in the whole sign 1st a lot of the time.

    • Thanks David. This is an interesting point. Others have suggested it as well. When I have time I will run through the whole database again using a WSH format and see what the results are.

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