J K Rowling – World Famous Astrologer

Harry Potter and the Mutable Grand Cross

Antonine de Saint Exupery – The Flying Prince

Jane Austen – Pride and Sensibility

Ingeborg Bachmann – A Philosopher to the End

Brendan Behan – Radical Playwright

Rene Benjamin – Accidental Novelist

Judy Blume – The Woman who Invented Adolescence

Candace Bushnell – Sex Sells

On the Road with the Beat Generation

Carolyn Campbell – Adopting a Cause

Bruce Chatwin – Pluto’s Traveller

Sherlock Holmes and the Strange Case of the Pluto Transits

Joseph Conrad – Apocalypse When ?

Henry Miller – A Kick in the Tropics 

Bill Cooper – Alien Intelligence ?

The Life of a True Aquarian

Natália de Oliveira Correia – The Politics of Matriscimo

Wilbert Awdry – Doubting Thomas ?

Anne Desclos and the Secret ” Story of O “


The Turning Point in Your Life ?

Astrology and Celebrity – all in the timing




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