The Astrology of Brexit – A Classic Piece of Pluto Revisionism

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, so they say. Of course it is, noone would consciously, deliberately go there. But Capricorn Research believes its not so much about intentions as principles.

We were all brought up to have good principles, what would life be without them ? We look down on people who seem willing to bend their own principles to follow their career path. Pragmatism is seen as a dirty word, the methodology of the self serving. Better to die for your principles than taint yourself with any association with the unbelievers.

This is all very well, but it is also the idea that drives ISIS.

There are two groups of people that the majority of us think of as pragmatists, politicians and Capricorns.

While I would never speak up for the former group, I do feel qualified to provide some insight into what drives the latter.

For Capricorns, sticking to principle is a luxury that they can’t afford.

The characters of the Zodiac are based on the conditions in nature in the northern hemisphere when the Sun travels along the ecliptical path. This is a fact that Siderealists haven’t managed to grasp but that is because they are principled people, strongly holding onto an idea that is 2000 years out of date.

So if you want to get a handle on the character of a sign, simply observe what is happening in nature at the time.

Capricorn begins at the winter solstice when the forces of darkness are at their peak, but there is a very slow steady lengthening of days that proceeds through the sign.

The Capricorn individual is given the task of shepherding the tiny candle of life through these darkest days, carefully shielding it from the winds, snows and storms. The steps taken are hesitant, carefully measured and slow but with a great awareness of the hostile powers that can attack from all sides.

There is no point in a Capricorn believing that the forces of the east are the bad ones, and using his or her cloak to shield the light from that direction. The wind changes and storms can just as easily come from the west.

Capricorn knows the direction that it has to go in. At the winter solstice you have no choice, the path is clear, its either forward and upward or death. But principles, ideals and fixed positions are a luxury for those who don’t see where the real enemies lie in wait.

One of the reason Game of Thrones has become the most watched TV series in the world is because it portrays archetypal forces so powerfully.

While everyone else is frolicking in King’s Landing, drinking, shagging and cutting off each other’s heads in true Mars / Jupiter conjunction in Aries style, the Capricorns in the show are the Knights watch, far away in the wintry north, having taken vows of austerity and even celibacy to monitor the real threat to civilisation from the white walkers. They have constructed a massive wall to keep these terrors at bay, but even so constant vigilance and defensive measures are required.

Its not for nothing that Jon Snow, Captain of the Knight’s Watch is a Capricorn and the only member of that sign in a cast heavily sprinkled with Ariens, Libras and Scorpios. For more information on all this see Game of Thrones – Mars Conjunct Jupiter in Aries in the 5th House

My little piece of research into Sun and Moon signs and voting intentions on Brexit brought in only 67 respondents. This is not nearly enough to make any statistical claims, although given the accuracy of political polling in the world at large it seems to be a sample size that is commonly used.

Small as it is, there was one very distinguishing feature. Aries and Capricorn had 8 Sun sign respondents each. The Ariens wanted Out by 7 – 1, the Capricorns wanted In by the same ratio. For more details see Does Your Sign Say Whether You’re In Or Out ?

This probably says a lot about the political inclinations of both signs. Aries is a very singular sign, driven by a strong independent spirit and the desire to stand or fall on its own efforts. Aries are doers, it doesn’t actually matter what they do or which direction they go in as long as they do something quickly, now.

Aries feel free to make mistakes, it doesn’t matter if they get it wrong, because they simply get up, dust themselves down and head off again in a different direction. Life at the Spring Equinox is a very different thing to the Winter Solstice. In Aries the force is strong, it is bursting out in all directions.

In Capricorn, if you make a mistake, the delicate candle of life is snuffed out.

Capricorns are often depicted as selfish. As a rule they aren’t. Their focus may be extremely narrow, but their own wants and needs are few. They are like they are because they are trying to protect their particular candle, whether this is their own immediate family, friends, business and employees or even their country. They are like this even when the candle insists that it does not need their protection and wants to be free to shine on its own.

The strength of my own reaction to Britain voting to come out of the EU has taken me by surprise. I am writing this piece largely in order to help myself come to terms with it.

I have been ashamed by my fellow countrymen’s decision to side themselves with Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and the Daily Mail and the Express. Not since 1979 have I felt so profoundly out of step with the political majority.

But its more than that. I cannot conceive how in these delicate times when we have just come out of the worst recession since the 1930s, how so many people are prepared to jump to make a decision that will plunge us straight back in it, or even far worse. And this despite the warnings from so many ” so called ” experts in the field of economics.

Experts eh ? What do they know ?

Well perhaps the average person could begin answering that by looking at the experts in their own field of work and asking what do they know.

Its possible that these experts are more aware of the inherent dangers in their own field and thats quite possibly why they have jobs that have more status and are better remunerated than the rest of us.

As an astrologer I am able to see that the Capricorn view of the world is not the only viable one. Yesterday I was talking to a Scorpio friend about my concerns for the younger generation and her response was, yes but it will be good for them, it will force them to dig deeper and become more resourceful.

All of this has enabled me to see why, even in the face of very strong astrological evidence of a Brexit indicated by a number of charts and other astrologers, I still came out with a prediction of a narrow win for Remain.

Basically I was clutching at the straws of David Cameron’s upcoming Jupiter transits because I did not want to see that so many people could make such a stupid, risky, unpragmatic decision that would inevitably rebound back on themselves.

Its interesting that of the many astrologers predicting Brexit, quite a few of them live outside the UK. Maybe this has given them an advantage in being more objective over this issue.

As a researcher, it is vitally important to recognise your own bias and subjectivity and to try and construct a methodology that is as immune as possible to being affected by it. This is a difficult task for any of us although I do believe that Capricorn’s own pragmatic nature makes this easier than for some signs.

However in the case of Brexit, it hasn’t and I now have to hold my hands up to admit that I have done something that goes against the grain of most of the articles published on this site.

I have ignored the sheer devastating power of Pluto.

Much of Capricorn Research’s reputation in the field of Mundane Astrology rests on the fact that I was one of the very few people, astrological or otherwise to predict David Cameron’s outright electoral in May 2015.

This prediction was made based on an extensive study of British political elections over the past 50 years and can be found here David Cameron’s Jupiter Return. If you don’t want to wade through the article, the relevant quote is

” The most sensible reading of all this is that David Cameron will gain an outright majority at the next election and the coalition will be over, and as a political force so will Nick Clegg. ”

This prediction is purely and simply based on one fact, that on the very day of the election, May 7th 2015, Pluto was at 15 degrees 27 Capricorn in exact square aspect ( to the minute ) to Cameron’s Libra Sun.

David Cameron


The only problem is in my assumption that Cameron’s own fate and that of our country, is simply covered by that one event.

Pluto, more than any other planet in astrology is said to be tied up with events that are truly karmic, fated and unavoidable. There is often a suddenness and unexpected element to them, literally as if they were occurring propelled from and by a different but parallel existence.

Pluto’s actions are atomic, they sweep away previous conditions with an authority and finality that is extremely scary and emphatic. The purpose is to prepare for a completely new start, but at the time when we look around all that can be seen is devastation and ruin.

There are many readers of this blog that would no doubt feel that a Tory majority government was in itself an accurate description of such a post nuclear scenario. However, as it turns out Pluto had something else in mind that was far more scary than the simple prospect of Cameron in No 10.

As every student of astrology knows, planets have both direct and retrograde movements due to their appearance in space relative to the Earth’s own movement. For most of the slower moving planets this means that the same transit will invariably occur three times over a particular period, forwards, backwards and then forwards again.

Because of Pluto’s peculiar orbit and distance from us this can sometimes become a fivefold phenomenon that colours a period of roughly two years.

Through many years of observing Pluto transits, I can confirm that they have specific points of impact when they move over the exact degree, but they also often bring up relevant issues as the planet changes direction.

Anyone who is interested in this can see a wonderful example in the study of Uruguayan footballer Luis Suarez’ eating habits

Usually the first Pluto / Sun transit is the most powerful, not least because it is so unexpected. But this has not been the case for Cameron, it seems that the real shock came later on.

In May 2015, Pluto started to move backwards away from the square to Cameron’s Sun and he experienced an enjoyable and successful summer, not least because he had a Jupiter Return.

However around the 20th of September, Pluto came to a halt at 12.59 Capricorn, turned round and saw the PM in its sights once again.

On the 20th September 2015, Lord Ashcroft’s revelations of Cameron’s pig’s head incident  came up.

We all had a good laugh, but it was never thought that this would have much of an impact on his career and we let it drop.

However Pluto was beginning to inch forward.

By January 1st 2016, Pluto was at 15 degrees of Capricorn, again square to the Prime Minister’s Sun.

My own view on orbs for Pluto’s transits is to allow up to 1.5 degrees. During January and February 2016, Pluto was square to Cameron’s Sun. During this time his negotiations with the EU were ongoing and they resulted in the announcement of the referendum on February 20th.

Pluto moved on ahead of Cameron’s Sun but turned back in the 3rd week in April. I cannot be sure of this but this is perhaps when things started to turn against him and the Remain team.

On Thursday June 24th, Pluto was at 16.34 Capricorn, back again square to the PM’s Sun. The rest as they say is history.

Pluto will now stay within orbs of his Sun until the end of 2016.

Cameron has resigned, although the current line is that he will take the party through until the conference in September when a new leader will presumably be ratified.

He may well do this, although around August 10th sees Pluto exactly square his Sun, so there could be developments here.

At the end of September, Pluto turns direct at 14.56 Capricorn, so we should definitely have a new PM by then.

So the upshot of all of this is that Pluto square Cameron’s Sun gave him an outright majority in May 2015, but it had its own agenda for doing this.

Pluto’s objective with its first approach was to give David Cameron a much greater position of power over the Conservative party together with a misplaced sense of confidence that he could tackle the divisions in his ranks over Europe once and for all.

Without the confidence of May 2015 behind him, Cameron would certainly not have risked a referendum on the EU.

Pluto’s real objective over its transit was to force the UK out of the EU.

I can see that now, up until the actual result I had believed that Remain would take it because Cameron has Jupiter conjunct his Sun coming up in November this year and at certain points next year.

But if my researches have taught me one thing, it is that the power of Pluto’s transits, relative to those of Jupiter are pretty much the opposite of their relative sizes.

So Jupiter conjunct Cameron’s Libra Sun could well simply mean a nice holiday or a bit of time at home with wife Sam, or more probably a number of lucrative consultancies probably related to the EU.

I am also prepared to hold up my hands and admit, that my own personal blind spots have stopped me from seeing what was in fact in front of my nose.

But hopefully we all learn from our mistakes.

Capricorns are very good at making resolutions, after all the New Year falls just as we’re getting started. We are constantly making them, but they are not the same as the one’s other people make to change their behaviour, ie giving up smoking or losing weight etc.

Capricorns resolve to carry on going in the same direction, whatever the wintry forces that oppose us, and to renew this resolve constantly.

So my promise is to continue to not hold any principles at all and to try and weed out any that I may unconsciously be harbouring, even if they are pragmatic ones. And certainly not to let them get in the way of providing a detached astrological view of politics.

Whether its the road to heaven or hell, I probably won’t know until I get there.



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