Saturn Comes On Mark’s Face ?

There was a time when MySpace was just as popular as Facebook. Comedian Shappi Khorsandi joined them both.

“ But I keep muddling them up, so I keep asking people to come on MyFace. Still, eighty thousand friends! “

Social Media is a Neptune in Aquarius phenomenon. 

Why is this ?

No doubt it began with a genuinely idealistic desire to bring humanity together in friendship as suggested by this placement, but like most things Neptunian these aims have proved to be largely illusory with some unwelcome side effects.

The first primitive SM sites were launched as Neptune moved into the sign and it plays a significant part in the charts of the most successful sites.

The biggest players have conjunctions. 

Both YouTube and Twitter have a close Venus / Neptune conjunction.

Linked In has the Sun square Neptune, MySpace the Sun opposite it but the market leader has the conjunction.

In the absence of a timed chart, noon works pretty well.

The Moon in Cancer in the 3rd house opposite Mercury in the 9th offering family members the chance to stay in touch even when abroad. 

This opposition forms a T Square with Mars in Taurus so this idea will make a great deal of money for someone.

Mark Zuckerberg has an extraordinary chart.

The Sun in Taurus opposite Moon in Scorpio is the most common placing of the lights in the charts of serial killers – Dial OM for Murder.

But Zuckerberg’s combo is strictly focused on using global communication to make vast sums of money via those stellium in the 2 / 3 and 8 / 9 houses.

Although he was still a teenager when Facebook was launched, Jupiter was in the most auspicious position conjunct Zuckerberg’s Ascendant and making trines and sextiles to those Taurus / Scorpio planets.

With a chart so focused around oppositions that all fall within 25 degrees, his is likely to be a prominent life full of challenges and achievements but also one that will have very condensed periods of transit activity.

Anyone with the Sun and Moon in aspect together will experience transits as doubly powerful because they hit both parts of the self at roughly the same time.

When you throw in all the other personal planets as well as Saturn and Pluto – well you get the idea.

Mark Zuckerberg has only had one of the slow moving planets transit this natal pattern and that was Neptune from 2004 – 09, the early years of Facebook.

However the next 3.5 years sees a 3 pronged heavy duty assault from Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.

And the very tight synastry that Zuckerberg has with the Facebook chart means that they will hit his creation as well.

Uranus has already started this process approaching a conjunction with the FB Sun and square to Zuckerberg’s Venus.

And its brought a serious opponent into the ring.

FB whistleblower Frances Haugen has a chart with similar qualities to Zuckerberg’s.

Both have the Sun in Venus ruled signs but both also have some powerful planets in Scorpio, not least Mars.

Haugen’s Venus is exactly opposite Zuckerberg’s Sun and her Saturn is opposite the FB Sun. 

There has always been a strong anti Zuckerberg lobby which is what you’d expect for someone with such an intense Sun / Moon opposition. 

But this time, the criticism is going to really hurt.

Zuckerberg has a very close Mercury / Pluto opposition from the 8th to the 2nd house.

The outage of this week following on from Haugen’s televised revelations caused Zuckerberg’s fortune to drop by an estimated $6 billion.

This was quaintly linked to Mercury being retrograde by all the people who know very little about how astrology really works.

It was linked to Mercury but had nothing to do with the winged planet going backwards.

This week Pluto came to a halt and has turned to to go forward again. 

It stationed exactly on the Facebook Mercury. 

Over the next 3 years it will hit Zuckerberg’s Mercury, unleashing the full power of that  natal opposition between the two planets, being square to both of them.

As it does this Pluto will unload onto the FB T-square.

By the time this is over a 6 billion dollar loss will seem very small beer indeed.

On top of all this Saturn will be conjunct the Facebook Sun and forming T Square with Zuckerberg’s Taurus / Scorpio placements through 2022.

Saturn will come on Mark Zuckerberg’s face in 2022.

The ringed planet was traditionally seen as the last planet in the solar system and as such has  a kind of “ none shall pass “ vibe.

So for a Taurus / Scorpio with a face like an alien, this seems so very fair game.

Posted on Oct 9th 2021