Beware The Angel Of Death

An interesting question is whether the world would be a better place if the authorities, financial institutions and large companies had access to astrological profiling.

I guess one part of that question would be what level of astrology we are talking about and who would be doing the assessment.

There was a huge outcry about a year ago because one company had started to adjust their premiums for car insurance based on a supposed accident proneness of their clients Sun signs.

No doubt one’s own response to such a trend would depend on our signs, as a careful Capricorn I would look for a big reduction, but my lovely Arien wife would not be so keen.

She would be entirely justified as well because my study of 321 Accident Victims shows that the Sun in Aries comes out at the expected average levels.

In fact the most common Sun sign to be involved in accidents is Cancer.

Maybe this is because they like to stay at home and get nervy on the travels.

Or perhaps it’s because they tend to move sideways, crablike, on 3 lane motorways.

Needless to say the truth is a lot more complicated. And it has very little to do with signs at all.

Mars in the 1st house is massively more likely to be accident prone, and a conjunction with Jupiter, Saturn or Pluto should see a big rise in your premiums.

For more info on this see Are Ariens Accident Prone ?

Insurance companies are not stupid and they are always interested in the bottom line, so if any readers have any of the above placements, maybe check your premiums to see if they have gone up at all.

If so don’t worry. I will just get in touch with them and claim some kind of fee for providing this information.

This is the problem though. Even with detailed astrological information there is always the moral maze.

Should any establishment have access to this data ?

We would claim that it is our birthchart, but the companies could say that we do not own the positions of the planets at a particular time. That information is freely available to anyone via an ephemeris.

So perhaps restrictions should apply. But where would we draw the line ?

How about if hospitals used astrology in order to weed out any future Jimmy Saviles ?

And if they were allowed to do that, would the astrologer involved have passed on Beverly Allitt ?



Allitt was a nurse in a children’s hospital.

The compassionate Moon in Pisces in the 5th house of children might suggest she was an ideal candidate.

The Sun is unafflicted in Libra, it is in the 12th house of hospitals, so obviously nursing was her calling. So what possible harm could be done ?

Well Beverly Allitt was convicted of murdering four children in her care, attempting to murder another three  and causing grievous bodily harm to six others.

The media called her ” The Angel Of Death “.

This is the problem with serial killers. The vast majority of them refuse to be born under ” bad signs “.

As I have consistently shown in the other articles under Murder Most Horrid the signs that the lights are in are more likely to show the chosen method of murder and their targets.

Just like the chart of Dale Abbott in A Very Piscean Murder   whose Pisces Moon showed a predilection for poison, Beverly Allitt’s weapon of choice was injecting large doses of insulin into her victims.

And as Abbott’s Moon in conjunction with his 7th house ruler ( Saturn ) indicated that his victim would be his own wife, Allitt’s 5th house Moon meant hers would be children.

The thing that turned Abbott into a murderer was the Moon’s opposition to Pluto.

The Angel Of Death had the same aspect.

Another factor might be considered is that while a 12th house Sun would indicate that Allitt would want to work in a hospital, the Sun’s conjunction with the South Node would suggest that it would not be a good idea.

Even the fact that Aliitt’s Moon and Pluto were involved with Jupiter should not be thought of as a saving aspect.

Despite some people suggesting the contrary, Jupiter does not really do morality. It simply expands the subject under discussion. So a murderer with strong Jupiter aspects becomes a serial killer.

One point about this chart is that the aspects that did the damage were not close ones, the orbs are fairly wide.

The Moon also has a wide opposition to Mars.

All of Allitt’s crimes occurred during a 2 month spell in 1991.

Her progressed Mars was exactly conjunct Jupiter at the time which is probably why she went on a spree.

There are two other, albeit wide, aspects that seem to have caused her to commit these dreadful crimes.

She has Mercury rising in Scorpio opposite Saturn in the 6th house of health.

And the Sun is ( just about ) conjunct Uranus.

Saturn was exactly square Mercury and Uranus the same to the Sun when she murdered all those children.

One of the themes of these articles is to explore the relationship between the charts of murderers and their victims. The birthdates of the children in this case are not available.

However of the 4 that were killed, two of them were only a few weeks old. They were both probably born in January 1991 which would be likely to give them the Sun in Capricorn conjunct at least one of Saturn, Uranus or Neptune.

Another was born the previous January so she would have had the same aspect.

It’s quite possible that they were murdered as these aspects tightened.

The 4th child was 15 years old so could have been experiencing a Saturn half return at the time.

All of these articles bring up the question of fate.

Were these children doomed to die from birth or could it have been prevented ?

If we lived in a world where astrologers were working in the HR departments of hospitals would they have been saved ?

I’m not sure.

While I would be happy to have any astrologer in charge of my car insurance premiums, I don’t think I’d trust more than a small handful of them to pick the Angel of Death’s chart out of an astro lineup.

So beware the Moon in Pisces. She might well be an angel but she could also be administering Pluto.


Posted on Sep 2nd 2020



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