First Uranus, Then Jupiter, Then Saturn And Finally Pluto – Is This The China Syndrome ?

Fears about China are nothing new. Ever since the People’s Republic was declared in 1949, the West has viewed the country with suspicion and at times downright hostility.

Now it seems there is even greater ammunition for this.

The coronavirus outbreak was first identified in Wuhan, the capital city of the Hubei province with a population of approximately 11 million.

Wuhan was an amalgamation of 3 cities made by the Kuomintang government in 1927 when it was considered the capital city of China.

From an astrological perspective this was an incident just waiting to happen.



Regular readers will instantly spot that the Sun and Venus and South Node are in Capricorn opposite Pluto.

This basically means that the city will have many dramatic changes thrust upon it and will have to constantly reinvent itself.

This has certainly been the case.

These events often seem to have coincided with Venus.

On July 27th 1931, one of the biggest flood disasters in world history occurred in Wuhan. Almost 800,000 people were left homeless and the city was underwater for 3 months.

At the time Pluto had moved on to 20 Cancer in direct opposition to its natal Venus.

Bizarrely Venus was conjunct it at the time at 21 Cancer. This was part of a horrific T square involving Saturn at 19 Capricorn and Uranus at 19 Aries.

Seven years later, during the 2nd Sino – Japanese War, Wuhan was captured by the Japanese. The Battle of Wuhan began on 15th June 1938.

Pluto had moved on to 28 Cancer but Venus was conjunct it at 26.

The Japanese held the city through the 2nd World War but Wuhan was bombed by the Americans and much of the city was destroyed and 20,000 people were killed or injured on 18th December 1944.

Pluto was now at 9 Leo in square to the Wuhan natal Mars. Venus was opposite Pluto at 8 Aquarius.

In 1954, a series of catastrophic floods occurred in the Wuhan area known as the Yangtze River Floods. This occurred with Uranus opposite the city’s natal Venus.

More major flooding occurred in 2010 and 2011 as Pluto was conjunct the Wuhan South Node and Sun.

And as we all know in December 2019 the coronavirus pandemic began in Wuhan.

Pluto was at 21 Capricorn and Saturn was probably exactly conjunct the Wuhan Venus at 19 Capricorn.

The Saturn / Pluto conjunction that we had all been fearing became exact in the first half of January. The virus was identified on January 8th with an almighty pile up of 5 planets and the South Node in Capricorn. The Sun had joined Saturn and Pluto conjunct the Wuhan Venus.

As well as all that Wuhan’s Progressed Sun is square to the natal Pluto from 2020 – 22.

This suggests that although the tight local lockdown restrictions are being lifted, the drama is not over for the Wuhanians.

The city and its inhabitants will never be the same again.

In a way, exactly the same thing applies to China.



The chart for the Chinese Republic established by the Maoist revolution is a good fit for a Communist society.

The strongest placement in the chart is the Moon rising in Aquarius, the sign most associated with socialism.

The generally airy nature of the chart is backed up with a powerful punch from a Mars / Pluto conjunction in Leo in square to Venus in Scorpio.

The period between 1966 and Mao’s death in 1976 is often referred to as the Cultural Revolution, ” It’s stated goal was to preserve Chinese Communism by purging remnants of capitalist and traditional elements from Chinese society.”

This involved the formation of youth Red Guard groups and a revolutionary fervour swept the nation, much of it intent on destroying vestiges of pre 1949 China.

This period contained the conjunctions of both Uranus and Pluto to the Chinese Sun.

Uranus was square to the Moon / Ascendant when Mao Tse Tung died in 1976 which brought an end to the Cultural Revolution.

Pluto has only made one transit to its natal conjunction with Mars in Leo – the square aspect in 1989 when the Tiananmen Square protests were violently put down by the armed forces.

Uranus was square to the China Moon from the beginning of November 2019 through to mid March this year coinciding with the coronavirus crisis.

In January 2021 both Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct that Moon and the Ascendant. So the impact of the virus will still be being felt then.

But perhaps those things will simply pave the way for the big one.

Between 2025 and 2028, Pluto will be conjunct the Chinese Moon and Ascendant.

So for those astrologers who have such faith in Aquarius that they are prepared to declare Pluto’s entry into the sign as the dawning of the New Age, I advise them to have a good hard look at China.

The meltdown in Beijing could consign the whole Age of Aquarius thing to daft hippy syndrome.



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