January 6th 2021 – The Afternoon Of The Long Knives

Prediction in any science tends to follow similar lines. Experts will look for patterns that they have seen before and try to gauge what will happen based on the previous experience.

This could be trying to work out what the weather will be or how many people will have caught Omicron by the end of the week.

Astrology works in much the same way. Once we discount the many punters who claim to have some kind of psychic hotline, it’s still mainly about looking at the way similar placements have worked in the past and trying to apply that to present conditions.

No-one expects predictions in any subject to be water tight because you cannot have exactly the same conditions, its a matter of adjusting to accommodate the variables and go from there.

The last two Spring / Summers in Eastern Australia have been considerably wetter than average. This is due to a weather event called La Nina, which is the result of a global circulation which produces cooler than normal weather in South America, stronger trade winds across the Pacific, warmer than normal in Indonesia and wetter for Australia.

As a Brit experiencing my first two summers down under I felt that it was very kind of my new country to break me in gently and soften the prospect of facing 40 degree plus temperatures.

But this phenomena had been clearly predicted by weather forecasters, because it had occurred many times over the last century and seems to fit around a pattern of roughly 12 years, Australia’s wettest year on record being 1974.

Intriguingly this pattern seems to roughly coincide with Jupiter being in Pisces. Maybe this is a thing, maybe not.

The problem with prediction based on experience with astrology is that with the ten planets all having different cycles, you can never have the same conditions as before, not even close to them.

So you have to extrapolate certain placements or combinations that do reoccur and see what you can do with that.

Even then, the planetary transits that appear to have the biggest impact on earthly events are the slow movers and these combinations do not reoccur over a small timeframe.

So it’s difficult to see how something will manifest now if it hasn’t occurred for 250 years because the world has changed so much in that time.

This is a problem facing people who are trying to predict what will come of the United States Pluto Return, because so few countries or institutions lasted long enough to experience that phenomenon.

I was recently reading an article where an astrologer was trying to put together a description of a transit combination that comes up this year by looking at what happened the last time it occurred which was 324 BC.

This is a tough call. My feeling is that things have changed so much in the last century as to make these kind of symbolic links unreliable.

Having said that there do seem to be some interesting connections that can be made with the last time Uranus was in Taurus.

Many pop astrologers have mentioned this placing in connection with themselves and their followers getting rich because Uranus rules astrology and Taurus rules money so….

Certainly there has been a massive boom in cryptocurrencies since the start of this 7 year sojourn.

My feeling is that there’s more to this than the financial side of it, particularly as a result of the 2021 square between Uranus and Saturn in Aquarius.

Uranus is the most rebellious planet in Taurus, the most conservative sign. Saturn is the most conservative planet in Aquarius, the most rebellious sign.

It’s interesting that the most significant social and political rebellion of this last year has been initiated by a strange coalition of right wing groups, antivaxxers, conservative religious factions, anti abortionists and so called wellness aficionados.

These people are sponsored whether overtly or not by the likes of Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, Jair Bolsonaro, Boris Johnson, Scott Morrison and many billionaires, particularly those who have made their fortunes from the fossil fuel industry.

And yet they are convinced of their status as true revolutionaries and call the rest of us sheep.

This movement is interesting from an astrological perspective and we can ask whether anything like it has occurred before.

The last time we had Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus was in 1522.

There are interesting parallels.

In 1519, Hernan Cortes first landed in Mexico. The following year another group of Spaniards arrived, unwittingly bringing with them a secret weapon – smallpox.

As the natives had no idea about remedies for the disease, within a couple of years smallpox had killed 25% of the Aztec population and decimated the army, making Cortes’ conquest in 1521 a formality.

No doubt 1522 saw Spanish sponsored Aztec protest groups taking to the streets demanding that their countrymen refuse to wear masks and claiming ” it’s just like the flu “.

Although the square aspect between them didn’t occur, the last time Uranus was in Taurus, Saturn was at the end of Aquarius. This was in 1934.

The period 1934 to 1942 saw the rise of fascism in Europe.

Adolf Hitler was unstoppable while Uranus was in Taurus.

By common consent his inevitable downfall began on June 22nd 1941 when he launched Operation Barbarossa to attack Soviet Russia over extending himself by opening a war on two fronts.

Uranus was at 28 degrees of Taurus and joined by a conjunction with, yes you guessed it, Saturn.

Interestingly the National Socialist German Workers Party was created in 1920. It was always going to be antisemitic and an anti Marxist right wing party. At the time Hitler objected to the word Socialist but the committee coopted it in order to have a wider appeal to workers.

This chart is very interesting.

The Sun is in Pisces but conjunct Uranus and opposite Saturn.

This opposition is part of a Kite formation including Mars in Scorpio and Pluto.

There is also a Fixed Grand Cross including a Taurus Moon and Aquarian Venus.

By the time Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933 any pretence towards socialism had ended, a fact that is reflected in the chart for Nazi Germany.

The Piscean element had been well and truly dropped.

Capricorn Research has long held the view that Aquarius is the most overrated sign in the Zodiac. This is a view that has been backed top by research into the charts of politicians.

The one thing that they do tend to have in common is a strong tendency to have fixed political views. Granted there are many Uranians that are true radicals, but there are equally as many Saturnian Aquarians.

Some examples that spring to mind are Ronald Reagan, Nicolae Ceausescu and Dick Cheney.

The Nazi chart is dominated by the Sun conjunct Saturn in Aquarius together with very nasty tight T Square between Venus in Capricorn opposite Pluto with an apex Uranus in Aries.

But the true date of the beginning of German fascism was probably in 1934 when Hitler declared himself Fuhrer after The Night Of The Long Knives, when he arranged the execution of many of his political opponents and even his own followers who were felt not to be sufficiently extreme in their views.

Uranus had just moved into Taurus and the Saturn in Aquarius theme was reinforced by a conjunction with the Moon in the 8th house which works quite well as astrological code for murdering your opponents for ideological reasons.

Particularly when you see that the chart also contains a lethal exact ( by one minute ) rising conjunction between Mercury and Pluto.

Fast forward 86.5 years and there are a lot of similarities.

We have the Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, but on top of that is the Mercury / Pluto conjunction with Pluto exactly opposite the Long Knives conjunction.

The Moon is also square Mercury and Pluto and for good measure Mars is thrown in at the end of Aries, turning the Mercury / Pluto into a T square apex placing.

As we reach the 1st anniversary of the attack on Capitol Hill, we’ve had the Republican Party and half of the US media trying to downplay it as a tourist rally that got a bit out of control.

But anyone looking at the above chart could see a clear description of a coup and an attempt to overthrow democracy led by reactionary forces.

Why did it fail whereas the Night Of The Long Knives succeeded ?

The 12th house Sun and 8th house Moon in the 1934 chart indicated the secrecy of the attack and indeed the victims were caught unawares, most of them still asleep

Perhaps the Grand Trine in the 1934 chart between the Moon, Mars and Jupiter in Air signs indicated the easy victory.

Or maybe it was simply down to the sponsor’s transits.

Adolf Hitler was just hitting the ground running with Uranus conjunct his Sun.

Donald Trump was on the way down with Neptune squaring both his Sun and Moon.

Posted January 4th 2022