Pluto Return – Anarchy In The USA ?

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. This simple observation applies in all subjects.

You might be aware of the cleansing properties of bleach but it would take the most stupid person to advocate swallowing it in order to protect you from disease.

There are lots of people in the world of astrology with very little actual knowledge of the subject, but just like the above kitchen cleaner junkie, this does not stop them mouthing their ignorance at every opportunity.

What these “ astrologers “ do seem to know is when Mercury is retrograde. And the “ fact “ that this causes all the bad things.

So when their country is ablaze with race riots on top of a rampant pandemic with a President who is doing his utmost to inflame both, they are somewhat dismayed to find that Mercury is not retrograde.

But never mind that, Venus is retrograde so that must be the cause of it.

Presumably on the basis that Venus is all about being nice to people and at the moment people aren’t.

But Venus will be retrograde approximately every 18 months and will spend about 40 days in reverse motion. So it’s a relatively frequent occurrence.

And this attribution of the current problems in the USA has caused a great deal of trouble because to reduce the experience of centuries of institutional racism and the understandable outrage over the murder of George Floyd to Venus going backwards is ignorant, both of this experience but also of astrology itself.

Others with more knowledge have suggested this particular explosion of outrage might be connected to the lunar eclipse.


This makes a lot more sense particularly since the Sun / Moon opposition focuses by T Square onto an exact apex Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

As I have already pointed out, this eclipse has made Donald Trump even more aggressive and delusional than normal and has dragged him into a row with Twitter.

Given that the eclipse apex Mars falls exactly on the Venus / Mars conjunction of Jeffrey Epstein, it’s quite possible that connections between the President and the dead pedophile will be made.

The eclipse is also a major step on the way to Trump’s defeat in November. For more information on this see – The Eclipse Of Donald Trump

But also it is worth considering what an eclipse does.

It often acts as a lightning conductor for issues that are operating just beneath the surface. These issues are generally indicated by other slower moving transits, but an eclipse can force them out into the open.

Neptune in Pisces does have symbolic connections with slavery, injustice and racism.

The last time it was in its own sign was in the middle of the 19th century and the final act was the start of the Civil War in 1861 with Neptune at 29.56 Pisces.

So it is possible that Neptune’s current sojourn in Pisces has an undercurrent of making people more aware of the discrimination and systemic racism in American culture.

It’s also possible that Neptune’s role in the eclipses of 2020 will bring about change in these areas, not least by removing a President that is so tied to this culture.

But there is also something else that a number of people have referred to while watching the riots on their TV.

The Pluto Return.

This is something that occurs every 250 years or so, as Pluto returns to its natal position. And the USA at the age of 244 is about to experience its 1st one.

So people are wondering what is going to happen and suggesting that since Pluto rules revolution, the US might be just about to experience one.

One thing in astrology that is almost as commonly known but not nearly as overhyped as Mercury Retrograde is the Saturn Return.

The people with little knowledge say that like Mercury Retrograde, the Saturn Return is unquestionably a bad thing.

But this is not the case at all. A Saturn Return is what we all go through aged 29 – 30 or 59 – 60 and it is simply a narrowing of focus that comes with age.

Some people find it easier to adjust to than others,

Someone with Mars in Gemini in the 10th house opposite Saturn in the 4th might find it really difficult and experience considerable frustration to their ambitions and sense of freedom in their career.

Another person with a natal Saturn in Capricorn in a Grand Trine with say the Moon in Taurus and Venus in Virgo might be totally happy with the settling down aspect of the Return or maybe not even feel it at all.

So what to expect from the US Pluto Return ?

Some astrologers don’t even use Pluto and refer to it dismissively as a dwarf planet. Maybe they’re not old enough to have had it make a major transit to one of their lights.

As far as I can gather their reasons for this ignorance are twofold.

One is that Pluto wasn’t used by their Hellenistic heroes over 2,000 years ago, so therefore it shouldn’t be now.

This idea seems to miss the fact that these ancient astrologers were among the most intelligent people of their age and if they had known about the existence of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto they would certainly have used them.

Current hipster traditional astrologers ignoring these three planets would be the same as their heroes refusing to use anything that wasn’t written on cave walls circa 2500 BC.

The other reason posited by today’s wannabe ancients is that you can only be influenced by things that are visible to the naked eye, so Saturn is as far as they go.

The absurd notion that you are only affected by things that you can see in the sky above you flies in the face of the whole idea of astrology.

It also does not fit with their own ridiculous Whole House System which frequently places planets ( including the Sun ) that are visible in the sky at the time beneath the horizon.

I have just recently witnessed one of their most nerdy adherents construct a chart for Alaska that places the Midheaven ( the point in the sky which is always directly above us ) beneath the horizon.

Regular readers have long been used to me ridiculing WSH in these articles. I make no apology for this since Neptune transiting my own Mars a year ago led me to be thrown off Twitter.

There is now no-one left to oppose WSH and its accompanying gospel of Profections under the leadership of someone who looks uncannily like Lord Voldemort.

The result now is that the vast majority of charts posted on astrotwitter no longer have an Ascendant or house cusps even for horary questions.

Someone has to hold out against the dark side.

I am not blowing my own trumpet when I say that I am the world’s leading expert on the transits of Pluto. I have spent a lifetime researching them and written over 500 articles primarily about them – see The Astrology Of Celebrity 

The reason for such a strong focus on one area of astrology is that Pluto transits are invariably powerful life turning points. They are almost always connected to events in a persons life that could be described as dramatically transformational.

My approach to astrology is pragmatic and empirical. If I want to know what is likely to happen, I base it on looking at things that have happened in the past with similar indications and try to learn from that.

The problem with a Pluto Return is since none of us live that long we don’t have any reference point.

If we apply it to a nation or an institution it may be that 250 years is long enough for anything to naturally go through a rebellion of some sort. Unfortunately there aren’t that many of either that have kept going that long.


The chart for William the Conqueror’s coronation in 1066 has always been the one associated with England. As it is nearly a thousand years old it has seen 3 Pluto Returns.

My experience is that if Pluto is aspected to other planets, the transit would include those as well. So in the 1066 chart Pluto is at 4 Pisces opposite Jupiter at 8 Virgo, so we should think of a Pluto Return covering the whole period from 3 – 9 Pisces.

The first Pluto Return occurred in 1309 – 14.

This probably begins with the coronation of Edward 11 in 1308 and was characterised by the English invasion of Scotland, who were led by Robert the Bruce.

This culminated in the famous Battle of Bannockburn of 1314 where the Bruce defeated the English thereby securing de facto independence for Scotland.

The second Pluto Return was in 1553 – 59, a period of major upheaval and volatility which coincided with the coronation of Queen Mary in 1553 who took the country back towards Catholicism after the reforms of her father Henry VIII. For much of this time there was considerable unrest, riots and the fear that England was coming too much under the influence of Spain. Mary was succeeded by Elizabeth I in 1558 who was a Protestant.

The final Pluto Return was in 1800 – 1804.

This one focused on Ireland. Up to 1800, Ireland had been ” nominally an autonomous Kingdom with its own Parliament; in actuality it was a client state controlled by the King of Great Britain and supervised by his cabinet in London.” to quote Wikipedia.

The Irish Rebellion of 1798 against this state of affairs was swiftly put down by the British and Ireland was subsumed into the United Kingdom in 1800. This became formal with the Acts of Union of January 1st 1801.

Interestingly the chart for this moment is still used to this day for the UK.


So what has this taught us about a Pluto Return ?

My feeling is that Pluto in the chart for England is not very powerful. It is in Pisces in the 12th house and makes no aspect to any of the major players in the 1066 chart.

Therefore we can conclude from this that England is a relatively stable country that has not had much experience of revolution.

The only time that it did have was during the English Civil War of 1642 – 49 which culminated in the execution of Charles I.

From 1642 – 49 Pluto was moving between 2 and 8 degrees of Gemini creating a T Square between its natal place and that of Jupiter.

Another interesting chart to have a look at might be the one for an institution, the Bank of England.


The Bank of England was a private institution founded in 1694 and owned by its stockholders.

This chart obviously has a much stronger Pluto in that it is in conjunction with the Sun.

The Bank’s Pluto Return occurred between 1938 and 43 during the second world war.

At this time it was seen that the Bank should act much more in the service of the nation and as soon as the war was over the incoming Labour government nationalised it.

So what should we expect from the US Pluto Return.


The first thing to point out is that this has already started. As Pluto is opposite Mercury, and it has already made that transit, we are well into the Pluto Return.

In fact it began at the end of January which is just about the time the first coronavirus case emerged in the USA.

The whole transit will continue until the end of 2023.

The US Sun / Saturn square may have a case to argue, but my feeling is that the Mercury / Pluto opposition is the most difficult aspect in the US chart

This opposition runs across the 2nd / 8th houses, so it’s likely that a financial crisis is a major part of this transit.

One thing to point out when looking at the Astrology of Nations and other institutions that have lasted a long time is that Progressions will often come into play and play as big a part as transits.

For individual people, Progressions are also significant but apart from the Moon none of them are going to make more than one major aspect to a natal place in a lifetime.

The most important progression would be one that repeats a natal pattern. So Mercury’s aspects to Pluto should mark significant turning points in US history.

This has proved to be the case as the Progressed Mercury’s square to Pluto occurred in 1861 at the outbreak of the Civil War.

The Progressed sextile happened in 1929 when the Wall Street crash occurred.

The relationship between the two planets was also evident on the day of the Crash.


Mercury is at 19 Libra in exact square to Pluto at 19 Cancer.

The Crash triggered the Great Depression that followed.

Perhaps to better understand the Pluto Return we should look at when it was at the half way stage.

Pluto’s Half Return actually made the transit to conjunct Mercury and oppose itself between 1932 and 38 and was not so much a part of the crisis as the recovery from it.

One of the first events of this transit was the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in November 1932 and the New Deal.

To quote Wikipedia ”  The New Deal was a series of programs, public work projects, financial reforms, and regulations enacted by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the United States between 1933 and 1939. It responded to needs for relief, reform, and recovery from the Great Depression. ”

Maybe the Pluto Return will have a similar impact.

Looking back through the above examples, its true that Pluto’s transits come at times of crisis but all of them have arguably brought about an improved situation.

Its as if Pluto’s job is to take matters to a critical point, almost as bad as they can get and then bring about a completely new experience to overcome the problems that existed beforehand.

Certainly it would be fair to argue that over the Civil War and the New Deal.

Conditions in the US before both of these events were seriously critical, but Pluto was able to show the way forward.

Maybe the US Pluto Return is not something to fear after all. It is not anarchy, but a purging of the dark elements in that society.

And one thing to point out that Pluto will be exactly opposite Mercury when the next President is inaugurated in January.

Maybe its not Anarchy in the USA after all but another New Deal.


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