Is This the Birthchart Of The Lord Buddha ?

Is this the Birthchart of Jesus Christ ?

Dalai Lama – Been here before

The True Date of the First Easter

The World Was Created on October 22nd 4004 BC – Nice Day For It !

Hail Mary Mother of God – Virgo or Scorpio ?

Sri Chaitanya – The Definitive Mystic

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff – Capricorn Spirituality

Audrey Santo – The Miracles of a Victim Soul

The Booth Family and the Salvation Army

Malcolm Boyd – Rebel, Gay Priest

John Calvin – A Predestined Soul

Edgar Cayce – Pisces Sleeping Prophet

Mack Wolford – Praise the Lord and Pass the Rattlesnake

Charles V – The Empire that Couldn’t Strike Back

Eldridge Cleaver – The Panther Who Changed His Spots

Richard Carr Gomm – Charity begins at Home 

Antoine Court De Gebelin – Throw me a Tarot

Elia Dalla Costa – On the Path to Sainthood

Dante Alighieri and his own Personal Inferno

Is This the Birthchart of Santa Claus ?

Assassination of Martin Luther King




The Turning Point in Your Life ?

Astrology and Celebrity – all in the timing




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