In a Silent Way – The Tragic Story of June and Jennifer Gibbons

Capricorn Research is always on the lookout for interesting subjects of new articles, and a colleague suggested the strange story of June and Jennifer Gibbons.

June and Jennifer were identical and became known as “The Silent Twins” since they only communicated with each other. In their late teens they turned to crime including arson and were committed to Broadmoor Hospital where they were held for 14 years.

June and Jennifer had a longstanding agreement that if one died, the other must begin to speak and live a normal life. During their stay in the hospital, they began to believe that it was necessary for one twin to die, and after much discussion, Jennifer agreed to be the sacrifice.

In March 1993, the twins were transferred from Broadmoor to the more open Caswell Clinic in Bridgend, Wales; on arrival Jennifer could not be roused. She was taken to the hospital where she died soon after of acute myocarditis, a sudden inflammation of the heart. There was no evidence of drugs or poison in her system, and her death remains a mystery.

A few days later, June was reported to have said, “I’m free at last, liberated, and at last Jennifer has given up her life for me”.

This is an extraordinary story and it would be interesting to have a look at the twins’ charts. Unfortunately no birth times are available, so we will use the same noon chart.


June + Jen Gibbons.jpg

Some astrologers might point to the lack of Air signs to help explain June and Jennifer’s refusal to communicate with anyone else. Its true that the only planet in Air is the restrictive Saturn but this kind of spread happens often enough and if everyone who had it refused to speak the world would be a weird place.

This kind of voluntary isolation seems to point to the two most secretive and evasive signs, Scorpio and Pisces and their rulers Neptune and Pluto.

The twins have the Moon in Scorpio conjunct Neptune. The Moon has a much greater say in emotional identity than the Sun and it also has a powerful connection with childhood. So this Moon / Neptune conjunction could have the flavour of making a secret pact when young not to talk to anyone else.

This is particularly so when we see the Moon and Neptune are square to Saturn. Saturn is in Aquarius ( if you like, the sign that rules wider society ). So their pact excludes ( Saturn ) everyone else ( Aquarius ).

The Moon / Neptune in Scorpio square Saturn also symbolises the secret death pact that the twins made.

There is another Scorpio / Pisces pointer in their chart. Venus is in Pisces opposite to Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio.

The same theme is coming up here, but it is still does not adequately describe the sheer uniqueness of June and Jennifer’s tragic lives.

Like many astrologers, I like to do rectifications when there are no birth times available but as a rule I don’t publish them or include them in articles because it is not a scientific thing.

But this case has intrigued me to the point where I’d like to make a guess at a time of 3.00 pm.


June and Jen Rectified.jpg

This rectified chart does a number of things.

The Sun moves into the 8th house of death and its exact sextile to Saturn in Aquarius can also point to how Jennifer’s sacrifice ( Saturn ) gave June her freedom ( Aquarius ).

The Moon and Neptune now move into the 3rd house of communication, so this focuses their secret arrangement specifically onto refusing to talk to anyone.

Another fact about their lives was that they were very gifted writers of fiction. As young girls, they wrote their own novels. So this would be another reason for the 3rd house to be prominent.

The other factor is that it gives Virgo rising, which is often linked with a certain reserve and shyness in expression. But more than that, it brings the Uranus / Pluto conjunction right onto the Ascendant, which instantly makes their own lives, particularly their mode of expression so eccentric and unusual.

This rectification also moves their Leo Mars into the 12th house.

Venus being in the 7th house opposite Pluto does work well, because their lives changed completely around the 18th birthdays.

 They met up with two American boys, who introduced them to drugs and alcohol.

‘We tried to be like normal teenagers,’ June says afterwards. ‘We were in love with them. We felt special with them.’

But the boys abandoned them. Soon they progressed to petty crime, taunting the police until they were caught and charged with 16 counts of burglary, theft and arson.

This episode fits very nicely with Venus in Pisces in the 7th opposite Pluto in the 1st.

Its even more appropriate because these relationships occurred in 1981 when Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter were all transitting opposite their Sun.

They were sent to Broadmoor in May 1982, with Saturn still opposite their Sun.

In March 1993, when Jennifer died it was their Saturn Return, but more particularly both Uranus and Neptune were exactly square their Sun.

The fact that it was Uranus and Neptune points to the freedom ( Uranus ) that Jennifer’s sacrifice ( Neptune ) brought to June.

Astrology can help us all understand some of the most incomprehensible things in life. Capricorn Research exists to try and help in this way. If any readers have any other subjects that might suit an article, please feel free to ask. If I can find an interesting angle, I’m always happy to explore it.


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