Frank Collin and the Destruction of Atlantis

No man is an island and no one person can be understood as an isolated unit, we would need to take into account the way they relate to others and how they fit as a part of the greater whole of humanity. Exactly the same applies to a Zodiac sign.

Trying to understand a sign on its own would be very limiting, its important to see it as part of the whole circle of 12 signs. Each sign in itself is both a reaction to and a development from the previous sign. Every sign has an essential role as part of the life cycle and even the negative aspects of the character of that sign have to be considered as important experience in the understanding of mankind.

This broader view of things helps us understand every astrological manifestation of behaviour but its particularly useful when dealing with the sign Scorpio. Most people’s view of Scorpios is quite one dimensional which is odd for an such extraordinarily deep and complex sign. They would generally think them to be powerful, magnetic, intense but also manipulative and controlling.  There is also a view that this sign is capable of acting from the lowest of all motives and the words ” sting in the tail ” are often used.

Why does the sign have this kind of image ? It is really because of the time of year that it falls in mid Autumn a time of death in nature. The leaves have to die and fall from the trees in order to end the cycle for that year to fertilise the earth to make way for new growth in the following Spring.

In order to truly understand Scorpio we have to recognise that a primary motivation has to be to lose one’s sense of a separate self by merging and becoming part of something greater.

Death and regeneration are the most important themes for the Scorpio. They will inevitably go through many deep and profound changes in their life as they seek to reinvent themselves. Scorpios experience everything deeply, whatever they do they throw their whole selves into it and the reason for this is that they can then feel they have gained all there is to be had from an experience and can move on. The urge for personal transformation is the driving force behind all of their experience. Because of this desire to explore things deeply they have a deep and intense emotional orientation.

This powerful desire for intensity can take them to some very dark places, however. The Scorpio justification for experiencing the darker side of nature is that no one can really move on and be free unless they have fully experienced these things. Anyone trying to skip that stage would be simply repressing a desire rather than conquering it.

Its common knowledge amongst astrologers that Scorpio is the most difficult sign for someone to be, particularly if the Moon or Ascendant is in the sign. It’s a very big ask for an individual to be plunged deeply into so many intense situations in life and expect them to be strong enough to rise Phoenix like from the ashes as a purified soul. Most of the rest of us would be happy enough not to have to go there.

Many Scorpio natives get seduced by the experiences that they have down in the depths and are not able to transcend them to reach that higher plane. Some do manage to reinvent themselves but the overall view of their life still mainly reflects the darker phases. One person who probably falls into this category is Frank Collin.

Frank Collin

Collin had a very close conjunction of the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Ascendant in Scorpio and at one time or other in his life has demonstrated most of the characteristics associated with the sign. The only thing missing might be the self control that Scorpios are noted for.

Most people with the sign strong are full of very deep and powerful emotions but others would not suspect what goes on inside them as they are acutely aware that expression can create vulnerability so they keep the lid on their feelings and only let them out when it serves their purpose.

This self restraint does not apply to Collin for two reasons. His Moon is in Gemini, a sign that in most respects is the complete opposite to Scorpio and needs above all else to communicate what it feels. The Moon in Gemini creates a personality that is incapable of holding back its feelings.

The other factor is the powerful collection of planets around his Ascendant. The Ascendant is the way the person expresses themselves in the world and any planets close to it demand to be expressed as well. The closer they are the stronger these demands are. Frank Collin has a powerful Mars exactly on the Ascendant so there is a compulsion to express the deep seated anger and aggression that the red planet in Scorpio creates.

In terms of other aspects in his chart the most significant is the opposition between a Moon / Uranus conjunction and Venus. As oppositions go, this is not the toughest one available but it does suggest some difficulties in relationships ( Venus ) with a parent ( Moon ).

The thing with the Sun, Mars and Mercury being so close to his Ascendant means that the tension from any challenging aspects would have to be expressed forcibly and even violently.

Collin’s father was Max Simon Collin (formerly Cohn or Cohen), of Jewish persuasion, who had a major impact on his son’s life. Frank Collin became the leader of the US Nazi party and when interviewed on television by a psychiatrist, Collin appeared opinionated, arrogant and confrontational and seemed ” consumed by a hatred for his father “. It was argued that Collin rejected his father by becoming a neo-Nazi and by adopting and publicly espousing antisemitic beliefs.

There are two significant transits in Collin’s life, the conjunctions of Uranus and inevitably Pluto to his Scorpio collection of planets.

Uranus was conjunct this group from 1977 – 79.

Frank Collin was the main force behind the most famous incident in the Nazi party’s history when in 1977 they planned to stage a uniformed march through a largely Jewish neighborhood in Skokie, Illinois, an area inhabited by many Holocaust survivors. This plan drew public outrage and the media attention that Collin sought along with an attempt but the citizens of Stokie to stop them. The case went to the Supreme Court who issued a decision that allowed the NSPA to march wearing uniforms with swastikas under the Constitutional protections of freedom of speech and assembly. Instead of marching through Skokie, Collin and a handful of NSPA members decided instead to march through Chicago, where they were outnumbered and jeered by thousands of counter-protestors.

Also in 1977, a rival right wing group, the NSWPP began a campaign in their paper White Power about Collin’s father being Jewish, including publications of what they stated were Max’s naturalization papers. Collin and the NSPA leadership continued to deny the claim and stated the images were fakes.

In 1979, pictures in Collin’s desk that linked him to paedophilia  and he was arrested “for taking indecent liberties with boys between ages 10 and 14,” and was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Upon his release Collin reinvented himself, stating he was “a changed man.” He became a published author, writing under the pseudonym “Frank Joseph,” and a witch and pagan worshipper.

The big transformation for this particular Scorpio came when Pluto was conjunct his Sun in 1987, when he had a book published, ” The Destruction of Atlantis: Compelling Evidence of the Sudden Fall of the Legendary Civilization.”

It is easy to be cynical about personal transformations like Collin’s. Many people claim to experience religious awakenings in prison after committing the most horrendous crimes, but then being incarcerated for long periods of time does offer an opportunity for reflection and consciousness that would not have been available earlier in their lives and most of these characters would have genuinely felt a profound personal change.

When Pluto transits to conjunct the Sun of a Scorpio, the power for redemption and reinvention should not be underestimated. It is literally the strongest astrological symbol of resurrection that is available.

If we note that Collin has an exact Sun / Pluto square in his natal chart we can see that a tremendous powerful transformation will happen in his life. The closer the aspects, the stronger they are so the natal aspect points to a complete turnaround in his character. So from Nazi paedophile to New Age writer would be a bout par for this particular transit.

When dealing with difficult charts, the why question keeps coming up. Why is it that some people have charts that compel them to exhibit all kinds of negative behaviour and they have to face the consequences whereas others get away with nothing like the same level of challenge in their lives ?

The why question is impossible to answer and it can only really be tackled through belief systems an area that Capricorn Research tries to avoid entering wherever possible.

The one thing that we can say is that astrology is cyclical, one Zodiac year ends as another begins. It is possible that there is some kind of carry over from one life to another although what that is and how it could possibly work is unfathomable. There is also the question of what is it that continues from one life to another.

The notion of reincarnation, whether we believe it or not, does give us a handy tool to help come to terms with the astrological differences between people. It’s particularly useful when trying to understand Scorpios. The sign itself exists only in its relativity to the whole cycle of death and rebirth. It is a sign that has a deep seated need to lose itself in a merger with something greater, and this can only be achieved by going deeply into the experience of life, leaving no stone unturned. The Scorpio view would be that you cannot transcend any emotion unless you have completely experienced it, anything else would simply be a repression which would continue to hold sway over the person on an unconscious level. So to be free of anything you first have to experience it totally.

One way of putting it could be that as we go through our lives we accumulate karma both positive and negative as the result of our actions, thoughts and feelings. If we have an incarnation with a powerful Scorpio influence it provides the opportunity to deal with any accumulated negativity by going deep into it as an experience in order to transcend it and be released from its influence.

This would mean that Frank Collin had to go through his Nazi paedophile phase and suffer incarceration in order to come out the other side as a New Age born again writer.

Whether or not Atlantis existed as an actual place, it does exist as an idea for a civilisation that is intelligent and refined, where man lives in a consciously guided way that expresses the most of noble ideas.

It could be that Atlantis is relevant really in terms of an idea about how we could live in todays world.

That being the case it’s interesting that Frank Collin writes extensively about the destruction of Atlantis when in a previous part of this incarnation he seemed to be hellbent on causing it.





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