Catching The Crypto Whale – A Year In The Life Of Mobie Dick

Capricorns are always slow to jump on the latest bandwagon. Their first response to something new is one of suspicion – lets wait and see if it performs as promised. Only once its been proved to them to be something that works will they join in.

This approach naturally has its pros and cons. On the one hand it shields them from getting fleeced by con artists. On the other hand they might come too late to the party when all the big gains have already been made.

With the year that cryptocurrency has just had, it looks pretty clear that the Sagittarius approach of jump in with both feet on a wing and a prayer would have paid more dividends, but a true Capricorn is not bothered by that.

Its more important to them to have principles that are thoroughly tested for the future. 

There is also some part of the goat that eschews the quick fix of easy money. Saturn insists that everything gained has to be worked for. 

So while all and sundry on Astrotwitter were telling their mates to get on board, Capricorn Research’s policy was “ let’s wait and see “.

One problem in really identifying how things would go is the short term that we are looking at. 

Many of the coins were only started in the last year or so which means that there was not time for any significant movements of the slower moving planets to the foundation charts.

So you are left with the movements of the Sun, Venus and Mars to cover their fortunes.

Earlier in the year, one of my clients asked me to lookout the fortunes of Mobiepay. 

The chart for the coin did not seem to be particularly financially auspicious.

Like a lot of cryptocurrencies Mobiepay had a good year in general with two particular peaks in late March and late October but with significant drops from those peaks.

Looking at the transits to those peaks the only identifiable ones were Saturn being square to the Moon.

This is not very helpful. Noone in their right mind would devise an investment strategy based on that.

However I quickly realised that this was not the right chart to use. I then looked at the foundation chart of Mobiepay the company.

I was immediately struck by the close natal trine of the Moon to Jupiter, particularly as the transit Jupiter was about to form a conjunction with that Moon.

So I thought, let’s see if this chart responds to significant movements in the price of the coin.

From a start of $ 0.00, the coin price on March 18th 2021 was $0.0159.

Jupiter’s position at the start of that day was 20.22 Aquarius. 

12 days later on the 30th March the price had rocketed to $0.04623.

Jupiter’s position at the start of 30th March was 22.50 Aquarius.

From here it dropped quite quickly and by the 9th April it was back down to $ 0.02371

On the 9th April Jupiter was at 24.45 Aquarius.

Its interesting that the gains were to be made as Jupiter applied from 2 degrees to the conjunction with the Moon but the dip was equally fast once the aspect had completed. 

I knew that Jupiter would progress on into Pisces over the summer but would come back for another go and station conjunct the Mobiepay Moon in October.

On the strength of this observation, I advised my client to buy Mobiepay on the 1st of October when Jupiter had come back to 22.50 Aquarius again. 

The price at that point was $ 0.01043.

Recognising that there could be the same drop after the transit had peaked I suggested to sell at the peak which would occur on 28th October when Jupiter would reach 22.30 Aquarius for the last time.

The Mobiepay price peaked at $ 0.03083 on 28th October and fell away fairly quickly after that. 

Within a fortnight it had dropped back to $ 0.0159.

So it seems pretty clear that Jupiter’s applying conjunction with the Mobiepay Moon paid off big time.

Interestingly there was one other significant jump during the year. 

From the 10th Feb with the price at $ 0.00993 to the 14th Feb at $ 0.02739.

Sharp eyed readers might recognise that as the time of year when the Sun in Aquarius formed a conjunction with the Mobiepay Moon. 

At the time of writing ( December 15th ) the Mobiepay price is $ 0.008673, pretty much exactly where it was before that Sun transit in February. 

Following the fortunes of this particular Mobie Dick this year I have felt a bit like Captain Ahab in the novel. 

But we Caps do the job properly and get there in the end.

I fully understand how many are tempted by an astroqueen in red lingerie screeching at them about the lord of the 2nd house.

But if you are really going to catch a crypto whale you need the kind of stubbornness and persistence of a Captain Capricorn.

So any would be investors looking for some tried and tested astro advice just message me at 

Posted on December 15th 2021