Beyonce, Jay Z and Rachel – Saturn’s Bitter Lemonade

There is an old astrological joke which goes ” Q. What happens when the Moon’s in conjunction with Uranus ? A. You can’t sit down “.

But what happens when all three people in a love triangle have it ?

Despite giving the impression of being simply obsessed with football, murderers and anything that occurred 50 years ago, Capricorn Research can still get down with the kids occasionally, particularly if astrology demands it.

So when Beyonce’s release of her new album Lemonade with the fairly clear theme of cheating husbands was met with Rachel Roy’s tacit admission that she was ” Becky with the good hair ” the whole of social media was so convulsed that this seemed to be one of those times to get the ephemeris out.

I have to admit that I have never really looked at Ms Knowles chart before but it is, like its owner, simply stunning.


A five planet stellium in Libra would be enough in itself, but having Venus there within three minutes of the Ascendant is just gobsmacking.

A powerfully intense sexuality is shown by the rising Pluto’s close conjunction with Venus and by the Moon’s position in Scorpio.

People often say that Virgo is not the most sexy Sun sign but when aligned with such Libra / Scorpio power this is profoundly not the case. Capricorn Research’s study of 706 Playboy Centrefolds shows by far the most common Sun sign to be Virgo – for more information see Angel is a Centrefold.

Not wishing to come over all Mrs Merton, but what attracted Beyonce to near billionaire rapper and entrepreneur Jay Z ?


Jay Z.jpg

Well take your pick of a number of big synastry contacts, but the crucial one has got to be the Moon / Uranus conjunction that they both share.

Jay Z’s Moon / Uranus is right in Beyonce’s Libra stellium and her Moon / Uranus is conjunct his Venus / Neptune.

Tempting as it is to be envious of these absurdly rich, multi talented superstars it is helpful to remember that even they have a Saturn and that the old devil has picked a crucial place in their charts.

Beyonce’s Saturn is conjunct Jay Z’s Moon and his is square her Mars.

Its very interesting how often married couples have their Suns in close square aspect, it is a sign of very different characters coming together with a kind of shared fate, because when any planet is transitting the Sun of one of them it will also be hitting the other one.

And 2016 brings said Saturn to 12 degrees Sagittarius, conjunct Jay Z’s Sun and square Beyonce’s. With the special added feature of Neptune afflicting both of them at the same time.

So the tensions that lay between them over Jay Z’s supposed infidelity have come under the spotlight as the main theme of Lemonade.


Rachel Roy.jpg

Needless to say Rachel Roy also has a Moon / Uranus conjunction. And hers is exactly square to Beyonce’s Mars and opposite Jay Z’s Saturn, so it gets straight to the heart of any difficulties that there might be in their marriage.

Rachel’s Moon / Uranus is also part of a T square opposite Mars and square to an apex Venus in Aquarius which will no doubt result in her becoming extremely famous for her affair with Jay Z.

So what will happen to Beyonce’s marriage ? Who can say but with Uranus moving into her 7th opposite her Venus / Ascendant / Pluto and Pluto itself soon to square the same conjunction, this story has much more to come.

The one thing we can be sure of is everyone concerned will make a lot of money out of it.

Beyonce is well known for shaking her booty. This is almost certainly astrological. What we can say for sure is that people with a Moon / Uranus conjunction do seem to have itchy bottoms.



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