Pisceans Will Believe A Hundred Impossible Things Before Breakfast – Fact !

Contrary to what pseudo scientists like Richard Dawkins says, we all have our belief systems. Without them we would never be able to get out of bed in the morning, we would have no conception of how to move this thing that we call our body or even that it belonged to us.

These belief systems are based on what has worked for us in the past. There is no objectivity about it. Most of them are unreliable and inefficient, we only hold onto them because they get us through the day.

But for a triple Capricorn, this is the only relevant criteria. If these beliefs work for us then it makes sense to use them, if not let them go.

There’s no point in other people saying we are delusional. Any intelligent study of quantum mechanics will prove that none of us exist as separate entities anyway. The only thing that says we do are our beliefs themselves.

So some people believe in things that others think are ridiculous, ultimately its only a matter of preference.

Belief systems are as much about what is excluded as what is invested in. On this basis Richard Dawkins is more of a believer than most people.

Ultimately we should either believe in everything or nothing, but if it really was either of these we would immediately cease to exist. So we all fit in somewhere along the spectrum of belief. The interesting thing is to use astrology to find out where.

Capricorn Research has a collection of 275 charts that has been called Parapsychology. It is difficult to find a name that fits for this group of people, because it contains new agers, ufo spotters, wizards and witches, tarot readers etc.

As much as possible, astrologers have been removed from this group for no other reason than that Capricorn Research believes that astrology is not a belief system. Pick what you will out of that.

So what would we expect for such a grouping. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of astrology would be champing at the bit to say Sun in Pisces top, Virgo bottom. And for once they would be right.

Out of 275 charts, the Sun was in Pisces 40 times ( 175 % of expected ). This is by far the highest scoring sign, the next one being Aries with a score of 28.

By some distance the lowest score is Virgo with a mere 12 ( 52 % ).

So Pisceans are more than 3 times as likely to believe in the weird and wonderful as Virgos. This distribution has a p figure of 0.0126, so even Richard Dawkins would have trouble dismissing it as delusional.

And just to add to the mix the top scoring aspects are Venus conjunct Uranus which occurs 172 % of the expected number of times and Moon opposite Neptune ( 164 % )

So belief is a spectrum that we all sit on somewhere, where exactly obviously depends on when we were born.

Its understandable that scientists might question these findings on the basis of sample selection, but then again their own subject says that scientists don’t exist anyway, so who cares what they believe.



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2 thoughts on “Pisceans Will Believe A Hundred Impossible Things Before Breakfast – Fact !

  1. This is outrageous. As soon as I remove the pins in my goat soft toy, I am going to put an evil spell on you. With regret I add, but my cards told me I had to.

    Sin in pisces in the 12th house.
    Venus opp Uranus

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