What makes an Artist or a Scientist ?

Arts and Sciences, there’s a clear difference, most of us had to choose one route or the other during our teens. The artistic temperament and the scientific approach are seen to be so different that it really ought to show up in a birthchart even on a basic Sun sign level. The Capricorn Astrology Research Project decided to test this theory using the birthcharts of 783 Artists and 737 Scientists taken from the Astrodatabank.



ARIES                  81

TAURUS              74

GEMINI               60

CANCER              57

LEO                     64

VIRGO                 41

LIBRA                  59

SCORPIO             51


CAPRICORN         69

AQUARIUS           60

PISCES                102

TOTAL                783

783 Artists Sun Sign Graph

Standard deviation for this distribution     15.5

Chi Square         2.91 E-05

The chances of this occurring by chance        0.0000291  %

This is an exceptional distribution and exactly what would be expected by astrologers. The Sun in Pisces scores extremely high, over 50 % above average.  Pisces is a Water sign, a sensitive, feeling character.  A Piscean will always pick up far more impressions of a situation than any other sign. The Sun in Pisces describes the artistic temperament better than any other placing.

Pisces scores 2.5 times as often as Virgo, the lowest amongst artists. This is entirely natural as Virgo is a cool, analytical, unemotional sign. Virgoans have their feet firmly on the ground and are quite sceptical by nature. It’s practical and hardworking but not a naturally artistic sign.



ARIES                  65

TAURUS              59

GEMINI               85

CANCER              52

LEO                     51

VIRGO                 50

LIBRA                  61

SCORPIO             51


CAPRICORN        85

AQUARIUS          64

PISCES                79

TOTAL               737

737 Scientists Sun Sign Graph

Standard deviation       15.32

Chi Square            1.61 E -05

Chance of this occurring by chance            0.0000161 %

Two signs score very highly, Gemini and Capricorn with nearly 40 % above the expected score. These signs would be expected to score highly amongst scientists.  Gemini is an Air sign, a sign that is centred in thinking rather than feeling. Gemini exists to measure and compare experience. Geminis have a natural intellectual curiosity and are keen to process and communicate lots of information about life. Capricorn is a pragmatic and practical Earth sign. Capricorns like to work with structures. They have a down to earth scepticism and are not inclined to believe anything unless its proved to work for them. Both signs have the scientific approach as their way of looking at the world and astrologers would expect both to be the highest scorers among scientists.

Both Gemini and Capricorn occur almost 2.5 times as frequently as Sagittarius, the lowest scoring sign amongst scientists. Sagittarians are visionaries but are seldom concerned with practicalities. As a rule they would not be interested in the detailed work that the scientific approach requires. It’s no surprise that they are by far the lowest scoring amongst scientists.

Venus is the most creative of the planets and looking at the aspects between the planets for Artists we see that Venus conjunct Jupiter occurs very frequently, 53 times which is more than 50 % above the expected score of 35. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and its conjunction always enhances the energy of the planet concerned.  Amongst the scientists, Venus conjunct Jupiter scores 30, lower than the expected score.

Mercury is the planet of the intellect and for Scientists, Mercury is conjunct Jupiter 44 times, almost 35 % above the expected score, whereas for Artists Mercury conjunct Jupiter scores 35, exactly as expected.

Other interesting scores for Artists are the Sun / Jupiter conjunction which is almost 50 % above expected.

For scientists Mars is conjunct the Ascendant over 60 % above the expected figure,  Mars is opposite Jupiter more than 45 % above the expected score and the Sun is opposite the Moon in over 40 % above the norm.

There are clear differences between Artists and Scientists and this is shown very simply by astrology. The score for Pisces amongst Artists is staggeringly strong for the size of the distribution and more proof of a link between planetary positions and human behaviour.






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7 thoughts on “What makes an Artist or a Scientist ?

      • But clearly there are some variables at play. Michael Jackson was a Virgo, typical workaholic perfectioniatic traits — but according to these statistics, would be least likely to have artistic leanings, and yet he did, to a prodigious extent, as do an enormous amount of other people who don’t have the sun in Pisces. He had the moon and ascendant in Pisces. These seemed to dominate his life. I’m just using MJ as an example.
        What are the criteria you look for when selecting subjects as artists or scientists? Both are fairly broad terms and can include a number of professions.
        Just curious. Thanks for the response.

      • Thanks Jessie, I chose all my subjects from the astrodatabank. In order not to bias the sample I purely picked the people that it classified as artists or scientists. So we are talking about people who were career artists, painters, sculptors, fashion designers etc. I was not about people with artistic qualities, because that would require subjective judgements which can be included in research of this kind.
        It did not include musicians or singers whether rock or classical, who were placed in a separate category. So Michael Jackson was not part of this sample.
        Interestingly Pisces figures very highly amongst Boxers as is shown in this study

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