To Everything ( Turn, Turn, Turn ) There Is The Four Seasons ( Total Landscaping )

One thing we can all agree on is that 2020 has been shit.

This is despite the fact that it’s not actually been as shit as most astrologers expected it would be. But then again, it’s not over yet.

And the one good thing that has happened could so easily be taken away from us.

Its a testimony to the archetypal power of the Narcissist in Chief that some are only too ready to succumb to these fears and are right now expecting him to overturn the will of the people by threatening to turn the whole election over to his own appointed stooges at the Supreme Court.

Or failing that to put a word in the ear of the Electoral College, who will almost certainly abandon their pledges and faiths to keep the Mango Revolution in power in perpetuity.

Despite the fact that this highly dubious and undemocratic institution has never actually changed the result of a Presidential election in its 200 year history.

But the last four years of listening to the biggest liar on the planet bombarding us with fake news has conditioned us to feel that somehow things will all go rotten in the end and our hopes will be dashed.

And all this from someone who can barely organise a press conference in a car park, in between a dildo shop and a funeral parlour.

This is something that some of those astrologers are playing on – our own understandable fears that the one good thing that has happened might be taken away from us at the last minute.

Maybe the question to be asked here is which astrologers are saying this and why are the saying it ?

Could it be that they are members of the 57 who got the election wrong and are trying desperately to scrape together some kind of credibility by fanning the flames of uncertainty ?

Maybe they are Trump supporters themselves and their belief in the leader’s infallibility is stronger than their grasp of their subject.

Who can say, but I feel that my role here is to dismiss any of these lingering 2020 doubts by using the same tool that these astrologers have engaged to fan them – the eclipse season.

I’m always fascinated by annual events that happen on a particular date that has an astrological resonance.

There is a reason that most of the world religions have tried to claim a birthdate for their heroes of December 25th.

They want them all to be Capricorns lol.

No they feel that it’s important to tie their religion to the return of the light and they feel their best chance of keeping their organisation going is to employ the careful long term planning aspect of the sign.

Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the Full Moon after the Equinox.

Why ?

In order for the Christian church to ensure that there’s a decent chance they can celebrate the death and resurrection of their own particular hero while the Moon is in Scorpio. For a more detailed explanation of the reasoning behind this assertion see The True Date Of The First Easter

If you want to play a fun game, pick your own favourite national holiday / celebration and notice that it contains many features of the Zodiac sign that it falls in.

Harvest falls in Virgo, Halloween / Guy Fawkes in Scorpio, Thanksgiving in Sagittarius etc.

On a more prosaic level, political parties have successfully adopted this policy for their own ends.

In the UK, the date for the General Election is now fixed in early May so that it falls in the most conservative sign, Taurus.

Whose idea was this ? The Tories obviously, so that they could stay in power forever.

The US Presidential election always falls in Scorpio, presumably because they can scare the shit out of the rest of the world every 4 years.

And for some arcane reason which will no doubt be revealed, the Electoral College meets on the first Monday after the 2nd Wednesday in December.

Which means that it’s going to be in the last decan of Sagittarius.

This year it falls right on an eclipse and eclipses are bad things right ? We natives have been rightly scared of them for millennia.

Well not this one.

This one falls on the 10th house in Washington DC so it must be referring to the country’s leader.

Particularly as the eclipse degree 23 Sagittarius is exactly opposite the Orange Sun at 23 Gemini.

The eclipse is also conjunct the South Node and a Mercury in detriment ( if you like that sort of thing ).

More worryingly for Donny it is square to a rising Neptune that has been the cause of all his troubles since it first aspected his Moon back in the Spring.

The Ascendant of this chart is in the final degrees of a sign, which is always pointing to the end of a particular experience, identified by the chart.

The chart ruler is conjunct the eclipse sign ruler in the final degrees of Capricorn in the 12th house.

How many more indicators do you need to see where this is going ?

Well the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter are in exact sextile aspect so surely some good must be had there ?

Yes that would be the case.

Venus is exactly conjunct and Jupiter is sextile Joe Biden’s Scorpio Sun.

So this was all meant to be and the final astrological act of the year is to see off Donald Trump.

If we wind back a year, the US economy was riding high and the Mango Mussolini was a shoo in for November 2020.

The only person who was predicting him to lose ( and betting large sums of money on it ) was Capricorn Research.

Donald’s favourite book that he hasn’t quite got round to reading yet ( or even holding the right way up in photo opportunities ) is full of examples of God sending plagues and famines to get rid of people that have lived in sin and debauchery.

I like to think there was some dim part of Donald Trump’s consciousness that recognised way back in the early months of this year that Covid would bring his demise.

It seems that everything he has dome or said since has been to deny it, to downgrade it, to inject bleach into it, and to try to make it go away.

Even in the last few weeks he has been saying ” watch it miraculously disappear on November 4th “.

Well yes, it probably will start to disappear now because it has done its job.

We might all be thinking that 2020 was a shit year but it had to be in order for the Universe to get rid of him.

We have all loved Rudy Giuliani’s final curtain call of the Trump regime, the car park, the dildo and coffin jokes but for me the most appropriate part of it all was that it was called the Four Seasons.

This presidency has been totally landscaped over.

The song by the Byrds – Turn, Turn, Turn is taken from Donald Trump’s favourite book.

As he’s not actually got round to opening it yet, I’ll give him a tip. Its the Book of Ecclesiastes, verse 3

” To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven :

A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

A time to kill, a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;……..

A time to love, a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace “

And a time to Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go, do not collect $ 200.

Turn, Turn, Turn.

Posted on November 10th 2020