I Thunderbirds Were Definitely Go 

Just when I thought I’d seen all of the birth charts of important players during my formative years, I realised I’d missed one of the most significant of all. Anyone in their late fifties would tell you  that no matter how bad things get, how close to nuclear or environmental disaster, no matter how evil the terrorists look, just at the 11th hour and 59th minute we will all be saved by International Rescue.

We would also forgive them for taking so long because they had to come all the way from Tracy Island, no mean feat when you’re propelled by half a dozen pieces of string.

Capricorn Research’s favourite was Thunderbird Two which could only take off once the palm trees had bent out of the way. It may have taken Virgil even longer to get there than Scott in Thunderbird One but it was always the enormous green craft with its special container that brought the machinery that saved the day.

Thunderbirds burst onto our screens in the Autumn of 1965, smack in the middle of the technological revolution that was the Uranus / Pluto conjunction in Virgo.



This chart is utterly dominated by the Moon sitting right on the Midheaven. The Moon is  the apex of  a T square making it considerably more powerful anyway.

The Moon is the planet of the mother, it cares for and look after us. Here’s its placed in the extrovert and expansive Sagittarius, a sign that governs long distance travel and always looks to broaden its horizons. So what better placing for International Rescue than an apex Moon in Sagittarius at the top of the chart. Thunderbirds are literally looking after the whole world.

Also if we look at the T Square, it is based on an opposition that neatly depicts the background to the programme. International Rescue is required to deal with all kinds of disasters and catastrophes whether environmental or caused by accident or terrorist action symbolised by Saturn in the 1st house opposite a Uranus / Pluto conjunction in the 7th.

So the apex Moon in Sagittarius at the very top of the chart would come along to save the world.

Astrological symbolism has a tremendous depth and range. No symbol can be limited to one result or expression. If we look carefully we can see the Tracy family in the chart.

Saturn in Pisces has to be Jeff Tracy the widowed father. Saturn is symbolic of age and Pisces conveys the idea of isolation. Jeff was never onboard when Thunderbirds were go, he was always the one staying at home yet doing the Saturn control thing, pulling the organisational strings so that his sons could do all their good work.

On the other side of the chart we have a stellium of 4 planets, Uranus, Pluto, the Sun and Mercury. These represent 4 of Jeff’s sons.

Mercury is Scott the pilot of Thunderbird 1 because he was the fastest and always reached the scene first.

The Sun is Virgil with the much larger Thunderbird 2.

Pluto is Gordon with the subterranean Thunderbird 4 and Uranus is Alan the pilot of space rocket Thunderbird 3.

The Moon at the top of the chart is John in the space station that is Thunderbird 5, looking down on us all and picking up signals of impending disasters.

The extremely close aspect between the Moon and Uranus ( just a few minutes of arc ) shows that Alan and John were interchangeable and both would take turns on Thunderbird 5.

Other characters could be seen in the chart as well. The aristocratic fantasy figure Lady Penelope with her chauffeur driven Pink Rolls Royce has to be Venus conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th house, the sign and house of other people’s money.

Various baddies appeared throughout the series, notably Hood whose hypnotic ability and master of disguise has to be Mars in Scorpio. The fact that Mars is in the 9th house fits the fact that Hood operates from a temple somewhere in the Malaysian jungle.

The astrology of TV programmes is an art in itself and there are many examples where the planets symbolise the major characters in the show.

But as with that elevated apex Moon in Sagittarius at the Midheaven, Thunderbirds was way out there on its own.



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