The Tauries – A Perpetual Chimps Tea Party

First the good news – Boris Johnson will not win the next election. The bad news is that the people who arrange things in the Tory party already know this.

The majority of voters in all countries are naturally conservative, they prefer to stick to the status quo even if it is pretty appalling and has done nothing to significantly improve their lives.

The US Republican Party understands this perfectly. They are so arrogant in this knowledge that they deliberately select a series of baboons to run for high office.

It’s not until these creatures have run amok, eaten all the bananas and shat all over the place, that the public will vote in a Democrat.

The UK Conservative party also knows this, but being Brits they are slightly more subtle about it.

They will put up for high office a collection of ” lovable ” chimps of the sort much loved by the British public as the furniture removers in the PG Tips tea advert.

Then when they’ve smashed up the house they will arrange it so that the only alternative is to vote for a different party led by one of their own, someone with the Sun in the most conservative sign of all.



Labour PM, Tony Blair had a promisingly progressive 10th house Aquarian Sun. However it was square to a hidden 12th house Taurean Sun, marking him out as a closet Tory.

So by any real evaluation of things, the UK has been run by the Tories since that dreadful woman took over in 1979.

And a key part of this run has been knowing how to blame their leader of the time for all the inevitable failures of a party that has never really had the interests of the public at heart.

And also knowing when to replace them so that they can claim that the next toady in line is a fresh new broom with new policies, all ready to win the coming election.

They even got rid of the old witch herself this way.



With a Sun at the apex of a T Square involving her ruling planet Pluto, Margaret Thatcher was always going to be powerfully affected by its transits.

It only made one to her Sun in her lifetime, the conjunction in 1979 when she was elected Prime Minister.

Pluto always comes as a surprise, and Thatcher was the most unlikely candidate to become Tory leader. As the daughter of a grocer, she was not ” one of us ” but she was elected party leader in 1975 with Pluto conjunct her Mars.

She had won 3 elections and pocketed the Tory working class vote with her right wing populism that is still producing for her party today.

But much as her rise was sudden and unexpected, so too was her demise in 1990 when Pluto was conjunct her Ascendant.

The powers that be felt she couldn’t manage a 4th one, so their retribution was swift and brutal. Not a word of thanks for playing the nation’s nanny role for 11 years. She was out.

You could cry for her. If you weren’t p…ing yourself laughing that is.

For more info on this see Margaret Thatcher – The Plutonian Lady

Thatcher was replaced by John Major who appeared to have got the job simply because he was walking past the office at the time.



But Uranus was transiting conjunct his Sun and square his Moon at the time, which was enough to see him through a victory at the 1992 election.

He was beaten by Blair in 1997, and the official Tory party were kept out for 13 years.

They tried a number of pygmy leaders but it was David Cameron who brought the chimps back to power.



Cameron had his own PG Tips moment when Pluto was square to his Sun as he won the 2015 election, decided to move the piano downstairs with the Brexit Referendum and ended up dropping it on the nation’s foot. So he had to resign.

Theresa May was never going to win an election but the Tauries kept her on for a few years to give them someone to blame before giving her the boot and installing Blowjob.



With a stellium in Gemini, Boris Johnson was never likely to be able to do anything other than talk himself up for the job. Actually being the PM ? Taking responsibility for things ? Far too boring.

So what next ?

Neptune will eventually make the same aspect to Johnson’s Sun as it will to fellow Gemini Donald Trump’s.

This should occur 2023 – 24.

The Tories have enough of a lead to be able to coast for the next 4 years. This is why they can surf issues like Dominic Cummings giving everyone coronavirus while Man. Utd’s Marcus Rashford runs the country.

But if they go into it with Johnson still in place they will lose. In 4 years of Prime Minister’s questions, Keir Starmer will have reduced him to a gibbering idiot ( actually not that hard ).

Could Starmer become PM then ?



Virgos are not obvious leadership material particularly when combined with a Libra Moon.

But you can never underestimate the power of an exact Sun / Pluto conjunction and this is in aspect to Jupiter too.

However I would want to see some major transits and Starmer doesn’t have anything around 2024 that looks like elevation to the highest office.

In fact February 2024 sees Saturn oppose his Sun.

Perhaps its true that these Tory chimps have turned us all into chumps who will never vote Labour again on masse.

They have also now mastered the art of getting rid of their leader and bringing in a new broom just in time to win an election by pretending that they weren’t in power for the last 100 years so have no responsibility for all their failures.

So when the next gang of chimpanzees turn up at our door saying that they will look after all our furniture not like the last bunch of cowboys, we somehow believe them.

So who will become chief organ grinder after Boris ?

Michael Gove and Matt Hancock are too obviously tarnished by association with the old regime.

But there is one who by 2024 will have strengthened his own reputation by claiming to have had to deal with the economics of a situation that wasn’t his fault, and so step forward.



As always it would help to have a birth time but a Taurus would seem to be a steady hand on the tiller and much more reliable than Gemini stellium Johnson.

As Sunak has the Sun opposite Uranus, the conjunction by transit would be a peak period of his life.

As it turns out, Uranus will be conjunct his Sun in 2023 – 24, so he will probably be the one to take them through the next election.

Another Taurie for the perpetual chimps tea party then.





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