Current Events – What on Earth is going on ?

US Presidential Elections – World’s Most Powerful Democracy Decided by Ten People

The Conservative Party – A Cancer at the Heart of British Politics

Theresa May and the Politics of Motherhood

Where Next for the Labour Party ?

Jeremy Corbyn – A Shot in the Foot for Labour ?

How to Choose A Running Mate – Check the Sun and Moon

Why Greece has been the Biggest Challenge to the Euro ?

David Cameron’s Jupiter Return

The Labour Party in the 21st Century – Is There Any Hope ?

The Recession – When will it end ?

It’s Not Gemini’s Turn, Turn Again for Lord Mayor of London

Australian Politics – Pluto Down Under

Pluto and the World Cup

The Euromaidan – Born in the Ukraine

Nigel Farage – Ukip coming on the TV

Electional Astrology – How They Try To Control Us

Vladimir Putin – Libran Impaler ?

In, Out, In, Out, Shake It All About – The Astrology of Brexit

Does Your Sign Say Whether You’re In Or Out ?

Peering Out On A Post Brexit Landscape


The Turning Point in Your Life ?

Astrology and Celebrity – all in the timing




12 thoughts on “Current Events – What on Earth is going on ?

  1. Thanks very much for your cogent and thought-provoking article on the Astrology of Brexit. I know you don’t consider charts for exit polls (and fully appreciate your reasons why) but can’t help
    thinking that Pluto rising in the exit poll chart for June 23rd could be read as supporting your overall judgement: the people voting for ‘the Devil they know.’ Well, that’s one possible interpretation. I should say, this has generally been my feeling, though I do think much will depend on the next manifestation of the Saturn/Neptune square. I’d even go so far as to say this could well be the deciding factor. I also agree with your judgement that it is likely to be a bloody fight. Once again, thank you for giving the benefit of your careful research.

    • Thanks. Its interesting that Pluto was rising in the chart for joining the EEC in the first place. But Im not sure what it means in the Brexit closing poll chart. Usually you would expect the unexpected.

  2. I’ve only just caught up with this article but once again you shed a useful light in what is going on. I personally am more than a little astounded that any dyed-in-the-wool Conservative – and especially IDS – can purport to be a defender of the poor and champion of the vulnerable! I am hopeful his turning point will be an ignoble exit from politics. I wonder though if the chart of the bumbling ever so jovial back stabbing Boris is more relevant? Does this show he has shot his bolt, or is he still waiting in the wings as the UK’s version of Trump?

    • Thanks Gerry. Boris has quite mixed transits, some good Jupiter stuff in September but Saturn opposite his Sun for some of next year. Could be he gets a job in Cameron’s new Remain cabinet but loses chance to become next PM. As for IDS, I completely agree with you.

  3. Hello, I’d be really interested to hear your astrological reasons for the ‘Brangelina’ split. Can you do an article on this?

    • Thanks. I probably will once I have a clear angle on it. I feel that a lot of the dithering is based around Uranus dropping back into Aries. Its started to move forward again now and will reach Taurus in March, so we shall see what that brings

  4. Hi Capricorn, I am still hoping that you might write something. March came and went, Boris made it to No 10! What is going on? Mercury retrograde? Will he leave soon again? Thanks for writing these articles.

  5. Hello Capricorn!
    It would be lovely to write what you think about all the current events regarding coronovirus and what do you think will happen.
    Best regards,

    • Thanks Vicky. Its a difficult one because the virus does not have a birth chart that I’m aware of. It’s interesting that it is coming to a peak on this Full Moon in Pisces / Virgo with the Sun conjunct Neptune though.

      • I didn’t think of this! Let’s see how things will go… Thank you for your reply!

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