The Astrology of the Greatest Football Upsets

The one fundamental question that has so far foxed us all is how to predict the results of football matches. Some Malaysian businessmen believe they have found a way but it’s notoriously risky and unreliable. Astrology has a method by way of the Contest chart. This involves casting a chart for kick off time, identifying […]

2013-14 End of Season Awards

So the 2013-14 season is finally over and its time to hand out the annual awards.  Capricorn Research’s take on this is that the plaudits should really go to the planets for doing their job, rather than the human beings that are simply channelling their energy, but footballers are such delicate things that if we […]

Wayne Rooney to PSG ?

As the football season turns towards the final strait, the transfer rumour machine goes into overdrive. Fans of all shapes and sizes are diverted from their few unanswered questions like can Steve Bruce’s Pluto transit actually be strong enough for Hull City to beat Arsenal at Wembley and can Gareth Bale get to score the winner […]