Film, Theatre and TV

Game of Thrones – Mars Conjunct Jupiter in Aries in the 5th House

I Want To Believe – The Uranus / Neptune Conjunction

Going Down with the Kardashians

The New Doctor Who – Astrology of a Time Lord

Monty Python’s Mercury / Uranus Circus

Gone With The Wind – Apex Sun in Sagittarius

Is a House a Holmes ?

Bewitched by an Apex Neptune

Will Top Gear be Going into Reverse ?

Will the New Top Gear be a Success ?

The Ultimate Question – Why Do Only Fools and Horses Work ?

The Sopranos – Born Under Two Bad Signs

Ant and Dec and the Natural Order of Things

Susan Anton and Dudley Moore – Goldengirl and Cuddly Dud

Roscoe ‘ Fatty ‘ Arbuckle and the Mother of all Hangovers

Anne Bancroft – Graduation Day

Ronnie Barker – Good Day From Him

Roseanne Barr and the American TV family revolution

The Arness family double tragedy

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor – Pure Synastry

Moon in Gemini – Madame Butterfly ?

Sonny and Cher – I Got You Babe  ?

Stephen Boyd – Fall of a Historical Actor

Robert Beltran – To Boldly Try to get Back Home

Beverly Aadland – Propelled by Venus

Annaud and Beineix – French film twins

Melissa Sue Anderson – Child Star

James Dean and Pier Angeli – Live Fast, Die Young

Lauren Bacall – To Have and Have Not

Mireille Balin – Love and Warfare

Willam Belli – Boy is a Bottom

Marie Bell – 5th house Stellium

Adeline Blondieau – Astrology for 5 year olds

David Coleman  – 26th April 1926  – 21st Dec 2013

Eddie Izzard – Aquarian comedy

Gyles Brandreth and the Unity of Opposites

Candace Bushnell – Sex Sells

Marti Caine – A New Face of an Old Soul

David Carradine – Stay Calm Grasshopper

Charlie Chaplin – The Great Dictator

Lon Chaney – Phantom of the Opera

Cheryl and Ashley Cole – A Strictly Plutonic Relationship

Andy Warhol – The Longest 15 Minutes in History ?

Sherlock Holmes and the Strange Case of the Pluto Transits

Jackie Coogan – From the Kid to Uncle Fester

Joseph Conrad – Apocalypse When ?

Arthur Daley’s Child Minder

Stephen Fry – Everyone’s Favourite Virgoan

Katie Price – Three Into Two Won’t Go

Noel Coward – Dad’s Renaissance

Richard Briers – As Good as it Gets 

Dads Army – Mars conjunct Saturn in Cancer

Richard Wilson – One Foot in the Grave / Saturn rising in Pisces

Freddie Krueger – Everyone’s Worst Nightmare

Steve McQueen – How to Choose a Stunt Double

Rolf Harris – Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport

Caroline Cossey – Bond Girl ?

The 8th – Keeping an Eye on Crime

Billy Connolly – Sagittarius’ Big Yin

Harry Potter and the Mutable Grand Cross

The Exorcist – Better Out than In

Thunderbirds Were Definitely Go

Mia Farrow and the Dark Side of the Moon

Michael Fish – A Storm in an English Tea Cup ?

A Virgo Fantasy – P L Travers and the Magic of Mary Poppins

Mary Portas – Cancer’s Queen of Shops



The Turning Point in Your Life ?

Astrology and Celebrity – all in the timing




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