Get Down With The Trumpettes

There’s an old proverb where a farmer had a horse who ran away and the neighbours said ” what terrible luck ” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. We’ll see.”

A few days later, the horse returned home with a few mares in tow. The neighbours said ” What great luck!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. We’ll see.”

Later that week, the farmer’s son broke his leg riding one of the mares. The neighbours said ” what terrible luck!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. We’ll see.”

A few weeks later soldiers marched through town, recruiting boys for the army. They did not take the farmer’s son, still recovering from his injury. Neighbours said ” what tremendous luck!” To which the farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. We’ll see.”

This view of events can apply very clearly to astrology transits. Something that looks on the face of it very sinister can actually be quite positive in the end once the lessons of the transit have been learned.

Take 2020 for example. Most people would say it has been the toughest year ever. Astrologers predicted that it would be owing to the Jupiter / Saturn / Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

Maybe so, maybe not. We’ll see.

Because if we recognise that events on Earth correlate with the planets positions then we must also see that there is some reason for that, even though it might not be a human centred purpose.

It may be from the perspective of the planet itself that something like coronavirus was required in order to cut down the emissions that are contributing to global warming.

It seems that mass air travel might never be the same again. This feat could not have been achieved by any means other than a deadly global virus. Even a war would have been unlikely to have the same impact.

It also has to be noted that the above conjunction has occurred near the end of Capricorn. Pluto’s sojourn in that conservative sign since the banking crash in 2008 has moved the whole of the world’s politics some distance to the right.

Jupiter and Saturn will be moving into Aquarius at the end of the year. Pluto will follow suit in the coming years.

I am not one of those silly astrologers who harp on about the Age Of Aquarius where we’ll all be wearing woolly hats and hugging trees.

Aquarius is more to do with technology and the advancement of robots and the virtual worlds. It is also not a sign known for its compassion, but as a rule it is more concerned with freedom and equality than Capricorn.

Capricorn is the sign of individual achievement, Aquarius of society.

This extreme right wing hegemony of the last few years has to be broken up somehow to prepare for something more Aquarian, so this conjunction has triggered the one thing that could force that kind of development.

Many astrologers foresaw this, although they didn’t anticipate the method by which it would happen. Most of them predicted some kind of war, because that is more like the nature of the planets involved.

A deadly unseen virus had to be in the province of Neptune, currently working its way through Pisces.

And without Covid 19, we would almost certainly have had to endure 4 more years of Donald Trump. And it’s Neptune that is going to ensure that we don’t.



Much has been written about this horoscope, it is possibly the most commented on in history.

Having the Sun in Gemini in the 10th house of career closely opposite the Moon in Sagittarius points to a number of things in terms of Trump’s personality but it also means that any transits to one will be also hitting the other, thus magnifying the drama of events occurring in his life.

Trump’s Sun and Moon are nataly aspected to Uranus and Jupiter pointing to the extraordinarily unexpected rise to high office and the vast sums of money he inherited.

Uranus and Jupiter are energies that he is familiar with and understands. Indeed it was these two planets transiting angles to his Sun and Moon that brought him to win the 2016 election.

Since the end of April 2020, Neptune has been squaring both his Sun and Moon and has absolutely ravaged his chances of getting reelected in November.

Up to then, the success of the economy would have seen Trump through as was reflected in the large odds available on any of the Democrats contesting the primaries.

Now Joe Biden is the strong favourite and he hasn’t had to do anything or even be seen in public to achieve this status. He has simply kept quiet and allowed the Gemini / Sagittarius motormouth to dig his own grave.

Because if there’s one thing Donald Trump does not understand, it’s Neptune.

It plays little part in his own chart apart from a square aspect to Mercury that allows him to lie with impunity.

Neptune’s warfare is not atomic like Pluto, rebellious like Uranus, oppressive like Saturn. Neptune is guerrilla war, with opponents who you don’t understand and can’t even see.

Neptune moves in a mysterious way,  its principle is to dissolve and to break up things that have been fixed.  It requires people to let go of their material attachments. Its transits can often mark the most spiritual periods in a person’s life, but for someone like Trump it can only be massively undermining, particularly as the aspects are difficult, challenging ones.

Even his attempts to cloak himself with religion are having the opposite affect, merely exposing himself and the evangelicals that he professes to follow to ridicule.

Trump’s Neptune transit continues until early 2023, and I always expected it to bring him down. Exactly how that would happen, through his non response to Covid 19, has only become apparent since the Spring.

He must be utterly baffled because everything his says to try and distract attention from the crisis merely amplifies it. It’s like drowning in quicksand, the more you fight it, the quicker you go down.

And so far it has only squared his Moon, it hasn’t yet touched the Sun.

The question now is not whether Trump will leave the White House but whether he will end up in the Big House and who he will take down with him.

One who will drop him asap is his Slovenian tart.



Melania has a Taurus stellium with Sun / Saturn conjunction and a Capricorn Moon, so she is prepared to do whatever is necessary in order to get her hands on loads of money.

Although we don’t have a birth time, it’s fascinating how often a noon chart fits the bill. And this one gives her a 10th house stellium with Mercury and Venus in Taurus trine to a 2nd house Pluto, very appropriate for someone who has risen from relative poverty by essentially selling her body to the highest bidder.

Her progressed Sun will square Pluto over the next two years and transit Pluto will be trine her Venus showing that loss of First Lady status will be quickly followed by divorce.

Uranus has been conjunct Melania’s Sun since June 2019, so she has obviously been planning her retreat for a while. The final pass is in January 2021, so you would expect the Trump separation that has surely been covered in the renegotiated prenup will happen then.

Donald’s own Venus / Saturn conjunction in Cancer which evidently describes the unfortunate and revolting experience of any woman paid to lie underneath him has its own problems throughout 2021 with Pluto opposite his Venus pointing clearly to divorce, but also probably referencing a number of other issues.

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, scheduled for July, falls right as Pluto is exactly in position, so you would expect his name to come up somewhere along the line.

It’s likely there will be sex abuse allegations to go with the obvious financial and political ones.



Ivanka has the Sun at 7 Scorpio, which explains both the antagonism with Melania who has it opposite hers and the fact that she will be on the way down with Uranus opposite that Sun over the next year.

This transit has been around for a while so no doubt Ivanka has been busy salting away vast sums of money in preparation for her fall from grace.



Jared Kushner is the kind of tosser that gives Capricorn a bad name. Fortunately he has a Mercury / Pluto square and Pluto will be transiting over it in the next couple of years so we won’t have to hear his voice for much longer.

Donald J Trump has already had his Pluto transits over the last few years with his divorce so he might escape all this stuff without too much trouble.

But his current girlfriend is not so fortunate.



Kimberly Guilfoyle is suffering from the same Neptune transit that Donald Senior has. She also shares the Venus / Saturn conjunction and Pluto will be square to that soon so it’s hard to see her and Junior sticking together.

So the Trumpettes will experience varying degrees of misfortune over the next year or two. But it’s the Godfather himself that will suffer the most.

Astrology is not just cruel fate. The Universe wants us to grow and learn by and from our experience on Earth. Each of the planets comes with its own survival guide, how to deal with its transits.

Neptune in many ways is more difficult than the arch malefic Saturn.

Old Father Time wants us to face our obstacles and setbacks by becoming more disciplined and working hard to overcome them.

Neptune is not like this. The only positive response to its transits is surrender, is letting go of one’s own personal ego and accepting a higher power.

Donald Trump cannot do this. His Mars rising in Leo cannot acknowledge a higher power than himself, so his only response is to fight and assert himself even more.

This just means that he will drown.

But not all astrologers see it this way.

Some have claimed that Mercury’s station on the day of the election means that he will win the election and stay in the White House.

But then some astrologers cannot see the wood for the trees.

The real art of astrology is in giving due weight to the many different influences that are operating at any one time.

This skill is not an intuitive one, it is simply a mathematical one.

Because a transit’s power is dependant on its length of stay and its frequency of occurrence.

Mercury moves quickly. It will have an effect of a few days at most and it will make major transits to the same natal planet 4 times a year.

Neptune moves much more slowly. Its transits can last 2 – 3 years and will only occur once or twice in a lifetime.

If Mercury’s station is given a weighting factor of 1, Neptune’s transit square to Trump’s Sun and Moon would receive about 500.

Also Mercury will be opposite his 11th house Venus / Saturn, hardly something that could be expected to work in his favour.

The only thing that this might point to is a delayed result due to postal votes being counted.

Any astrologer saying otherwise is like one of the villagers in the above proverb who lack real understanding of the underlying forces at play.

Donald Trump will go down, the only question is just how far.

And when we look back on 2020, we will probably see it as a very tough year, but perhaps a pivotal one in the Earth’s history.

Because it might well be the year that Americans learnt some humility.


Posted on August 8th 2020



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