Saturn Cutting The UmBilocord – The Early Years Of Tharnicaa Nadesalingam

Most people would say it’s not our stars that condition our life patterns but our early childhood experiences.

But this would be to miss the point of astrology.

A birthchart depicts energetic themes that the person has to experience throughout their life, their early years would be a particular expression of those themes.

The Sun and Moon, their sign and house placements and their aspects with the other planets will describe our life. When we are young, the Sun and Moon will often be about the parents and what they are experiencing, in the particular way that this impacts onto us.

So it’s not early experiences that are causal, these are as much the expression of the chart as the ones we have when we are older.

If one of our lights aspects Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto we know that we will have a life that faces the challenges indicated by these planets.

These challenges will come into affect strongly when the same planets make new transiting relationships with our Sun or Moon.

While Saturn will reconnect every 7 years, the others will take much longer to do that, but this does not mean that are early years are free of these influences.

If our Sun has a separating aspect with one of them ( ie is at a later degree in the Zodiac ) then we will feel it strongly in the early years as the planet closes in to make that aspect exact.

If the Sun is applying, the transit cannot happen but my experience is that secondary progressions will kick in.

I have often found that progressions are a more effective way of describing a child’s early years precisely because the natal planetary relationships have not had enough time to be renewed by transit.

I feel that I am operating at my peak in my 60s, but its not just because I am a triple Capricorn. My transits and progressions confirm this.

Greta Thunberg, another Sun, Moon, Ascendant Capricorn has had similar transits and her peak at the same time, but for her it’s been in her teens. For more info see – Greta Thunberg – Not Happy Bunny

I am intrigued by people who may reach the top of their game at a young age.

What kind of chart would describe someone who was deported from the country of their birth, imprisoned on an island, fell seriously ill with pneumonia and sepsis, exposed a cruel lack of compassion in a right wing religious government and was instrumental in bringing them down while at the same time giving global recognition to a tiny town in rural Queensland ( population 6,000 ) and eventually returning home as a heroine, all before her 5th birthday ?

This kind.

I don’t have a timed chart for Tharnicaa but as often is the case, the noon chart reveals a lot about the situation.

The two main themes are the Sun / Saturn opposition and the Moon / Pluto conjunction.

Saturn is in the 4th house which is very fitting for this chart because the difficult experiences she has had are directly as a result of the family’s situation.

Tharnicaa’s parents both arrived in Australia as Tamil refugees fleeing the situation in Sri Lanka. They were granted temporary bridging visas and then they married with their two daughters subsequently born in Biloela, a small town in Queensland.

In March 2018 the family were taken into custody by the Australian Border force and an attempt to deport them was made on the grounds that the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka had changed things and that returning them would not constitute a threat to the family.

An appeal made by the family resulted in the plane being turned back and they were taken to Christmas Island in August 2019.

In June 2021, four year old Tharnicaa was flown to Perth because she was suffering from a blood infection and she was found to have pneumonia and septicaemia.

The family’s situation received a lot of press coverage and became part of the election campaign. There was strong community pressure to allow them return home to Biloela.

Despite this the Coalition Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton stated that the family’s case was “completely without merit in terms of their claim to be refugees” and “I would like the family to accept that they are not refugees, they’re not owed protection by our country”. Dutton also called the two children of the Biloela family “​ anchor babies “. Prime Minister Scott Morrison refused calls to intervene, stating “they didn’t come to the country in the appropriate way. They have not been found to have an asylum claim” and “to exercise intervention powers on this would be to send exactly the wrong message to those who are looking to sell tickets to vulnerable people looking to get on boats …”

The Labor leader Anthony Albanese stated “These people should be settled here in Australia. It won’t undermine the government’s migration policies. It will simply say that this is a government that is prepared to listen to what the community are saying and saying so strongly”.

Within a few days of Labor’s election victory, the family were allowed to return to Biloela, just in time for Tharnicaa to celebrate her 5th birthday amongst friends.

Tharnicaa’s Progressed Sun was opposite her Saturn from 2020 to early 2022 covering most of the period of her family’s detention but particularly focusing on the period of her illness.

In terms of transits, we can’t be exactly sure because of the birth time, but Pluto was conjunct her noon chart Moon from her birth to the end of 2018 and Saturn was in the same place throughout 2019.

How will these placements affect her through her life ? Who can say ? This may really be the chart of someone who has a profound effect in her early years and then lives quietly for the rest of them.

Coming from a Buddhist country, the Nadesalingam family would be familiar with the notion of a Bodhisattva, a highly evolved soul, who by their own intentional suffering enables many others to understand the meaning of true compassion.

Whatever else Tharnicaa achieves in this lifetime she has already helped Australia rediscover its soul.

Posted on June 15th 2022