King Charles III – Usher Of The New Age ?

I have said many times that the main barrier to Astrology being considered as a serious subject for study is the fact that so many of its so called adherents are air headed, pea brained or conspiracy nuts who would believe anything anyway.

This is particularly true when the subject for discussion comes round to the Aquarian Age.

Fortunately I am no longer on astrotwitter so 95 % of their pontifications pass me by. But I did manage to see someone suggest that during the next 2000 plus years the world’s sea levels will rise – because Aquarius…..

When on twitter I would never let someone get away with a statement like that, trying to find the most dubious astrological link to a phenomena that everyone knows will inevitably happen anyway. But the response was something like ” who cares what a Capricorn thinks and Nostradamus predicted it 2,000 years BC or whatever so….”

There are a lot of things that Nostradamus is supposed to have predicted that are complete inventions by either the extremely naive or con artists, but one thing we do know for sure is that he would have known that Aquarius is not a Water sign.

Ordinarily I would steer clear of any thoughts about the Aquarian age, but I think that it is reasonable to have a look at some of the broader themes that are around at the start of it.

Because we are dealing with such a long period of time, it is very difficult to say when it starts anyway. Some astrologers have posited that it began with the discovery of Uranus in the late 18th century, some with the Uranus / Pluto conjunction of the mid 1960s, some would say that we haven’t got there yet.

But if there is to be a symbolic starting point we could do worse than look at Pluto’s move from Capricorn to Aquarius.

This is not least because the last time this happened was in 1777, a very important year for the American Revolution when major victories like the Battle of Saratoga signalled the handover from the old monarchist rule from England to the new democratic one.

One thing that is clear is the biggest loser that year was

George 111, King of England at the time has 0 degrees of Leo rising.

His Ascendant is exactly square to Pluto.

Whenever a slow moving planet has a strong aspect connection with a personal placement in someone’s chart it will point to a very powerful and generally unexpected watershed event in that person’s life. Nothing will be the same again.

George ascended the throne in 1760 and ruled for 60 years. In the first few years of his reign his victory in the Seven Years war over France firmly established England as the dominant world power.

In 1777, Pluto had moved by transit to 0 Aquarius, exactly opposite George’s Ascendant right on the cusp of the house of his enemies ( the 7th in Mundane astrology ).

Losing the American War of Independence was a crushing Plutonic blow for the English monarchy.

But the whole period of Pluto in Aquarius wasn’t great for monarchy in general. The French Revolution occurred in 1789.

In fact Pluto’s sojourn through the water bearer has been a problem for the old order. The time before Pluto entered Aquarius was in 1532, the year that Henry VIII dumped his wife Catherine of Aragon and married Anne Boleyn.

The Pope was strongly opposed to this divorce so Henry’s response was to bring about end of the Catholic Church’s religious control over the country and establish the new Church of England.

Pluto’s time in Aquarius saw the Reformation gather strength with more and more radical sects appearing and other states declaring religious independence from the old order in Rome.

In 2023 Pluto enters Aquarius again.

Pluto’s appearance in a new sign has usually brought some powerful event that will set the pattern for the rest of its sojourn in that sign.

It moved into Capricorn in 2008, and immediately we experienced a worldwide banking crisis ( Capricorn being the sign of big business and the banks ).

Sagittarius is commonly thought to be a sign that rules religious authority. Pluto arrived in the sign at the end of 1995, when the Taliban’s victory in the Afghan Civil War was the first major marker in the era of Islamic terrorism which peaked with the September 11th bombings of 2001 when it was at 12 degrees of the sign.

It entered Scorpio in 1983 at the start of the Aids pandemic.

So we can reasonably expect an event right at the start of its entry into Aquarius that would have a seriously negative impact for the old order.

I have been studying the role of Pluto and the House of Windsor for the best part of 50 years.

There have been so many references to it in my previous articles but it is inevitable that it would play a massive part in Prince Charles’ life because he has a Scorpio Sun in the 4th house in square aspect to a 1st house Pluto.

The massive watershed moment in Charles’ life which was destined to occur when the transit Pluto made its conjunction to his Sun was during the ” annus horribilis ” of 1992, when the news of his affair with Camilla broke and his marriage to Princess Diana unravelled.

The second one will be in 2023 – 25 when Pluto makes a square aspect to his 10th house Taurus Moon.

Which can only mean one thing. Particularly when we look at the chart of the one person who most personifies that Moon and has totally dominated his life.

The Queen has her Sun at 0 Taurus, within 15 minutes of Charles’ Moon.

So the transit Pluto will be square to her Sun at exactly the same time.

Given that Liz is almost 96 years old, and Charles’ Moon is in the 10th house, it wouldn’t need Nostradamus to predict what is going to happen.

Pluto was square to Charles’ Sun in 1953 when his mother became Queen. He would not have expected to wait another 70 years until he got her job, but that Moon at the top of his chart is a clear sign of his mother totally dominating his life.

He might assume that having waited so long, the Pluto square Moon transit would finally give him the freedom to reign in a way that suits his own nature.

This assumption would be wrong, because if one Sun / Moon synastry in his family kept him in check for three quarters of a century, another will seriously impact on the rest of his life.

While Charles’ mother’s Sun dominates his Moon, his Sun is impacted by another’s Moon.

Andrew’s Moon at 25 Scorpio is conjunct Charles’ Sun.

It is the apex planet of a nasty T Square including a Sun / Pluto opposition.

Andrew has a Venus / Mars conjunction in late Capricorn. This is a placement that points to a very entitled sexual expression with controlling and power issues woven through it.

Pluto will form the conjunction with these two over the next two years and a karmic retribution for his previous behaviour would be the expectation for such a transit.

But Andrew’s karma will impact severely not only on him, but also on Charles and on the whole question of monarchy in England.

In this way Pluto’s transit through those latter degrees of Capricorn will help to set the tone for its time in Aquarius.

Many readers have remarked that I present my astrological findings with simplicity, clarity and authority particularly when compared with other writers.

This is because for 40 years I never made any public statements about astrology at all. I spent all that time in research, exhaustively checking astrological theory against actual events in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

Only when I was absolutely sure that these links worked in a statistically significant manner, did I begin to make pronouncements.

And I still just stick with the things that have been proven in this way, refusing to get sidetracked into other tempting but nebulous areas of study.

This method of approach is very Capricorn 12th house and probably wouldn’t suit other astrologers but I do like to contrast it with the current one which considers ” research ” to be more 40 seconds than 40 years and to consist of merely repeating the opinions of someone else on social media.

One such opinion that seems to have taken hold recently is ” there’s no such thing as cusps “. Like a lot of these opinions, it seems the louder people shout it, the more it becomes accepted practice.

But why on earth should this be the case ?

Astrology is cyclical, it works through changing relationships between planets over time.

Astrological signs are divisions of space on the ecliptic.

Consecutive signs are very different to each other, in fact almost opposites in terms of behaviour.

So are we really suggesting that there is no such thing as cusp phenomena. That when a planet moves over from 29.59 to 0.00 degrees, human experience takes a quantum jump into another realm altogether.

This makes no sense at all and clearly does not fit with life experience which is a continuum.

My feeling is that ” no such thing as cusps ” is a reflection of the fact that very few people use ephemerides any more. They feed their birthdata into a website which calculates the chart for them and spits it out.

So they just see that they have x planet in y sign and z house etc.

In the old days, to calculate a birth chart required a very well thumbed ephemeris. In fact I can remember the days when you had to have individual ones for each year.

Working in this way, you could not avoid the obvious fact that all the planets were constantly moving in relationship to each other and to the signs.

Pluto will spend the next 20 odd years in Aquarius and in order to get there it will have to negotiate the last 3 degrees of Capricorn.

Does it not seem likely that to help move towards a period where monarchy in general ( and particularly in England ) becomes an outmoded and therefore downscaled institution, those final degrees in Capricorn would see such a disgust with aspects of that old order that people would be ready for a change ?

So Prince Andrew and his Moon in Scorpio antics would help to create this situation as Pluto hits his Mars and Venus at 27 and 28 Capricorn.

With a Leo Moon and being crowned whilst Pluto was in that sign, Elizabeth 11 embodied all of the positive notions of monarchy, responsibility, stability and duty.

Its interesting that Pluto moved into Leo in 1939 at a time when the House of Windsor was at a very low ebb after Edward V111’s abdication at the end of 1936.

The future for the English monarchy did not look great at that point with Edward’s brother George V1 appearing unsuited to the role. However the family’s role in the war, particularly that of Princess Elizabeth who was seen getting her hands dirty and working as a mechanic, did wonders for the image of the Windsors.

Edward V111’s personality was similar to Andrew’s. He had the Moon in Pisces conjunct Andrew’s Sun. If he had stayed on as King it’s very unlikely the royal family would have experienced such strong, positive support for the two decades that Pluto was in Leo.

So in the last couple of degrees of Cancer, Pluto managed to get rid of him, to make way for George who had Jupiter in Leo at the Midheaven with the Queen Mother, Sun in Leo and Elizabeth 11 Moon in Leo.

For very different reasons Pluto is now bringing forth the Prince Andrew public humiliation and retribution for previous bad behaviour in order to help create a mood for an Aquarian downscaling and democratising of the monarchy once Elizabeth has shuffled off this mortal coil.

So Charles will be the Pluto in Aquarius monarch that oversees this process.

Because he has Leo rising, King Charles would be a reluctant usher of the New Age, but then again perhaps not because he does talk to trees and we all know his most fervent wish is to be reincarnated as a tampon.

And who knows, in 2037 when Pluto ( still in Aquarius ) comes into his 8th house and square to his Scorpio Sun, maybe he will get that wish.

Posted on January 23rd 2022