Wagamommas At War – A Tale Of Venus and Pluto

Until this week, Coleen Rooney was chiefly known for being the wife of a famous footballer who preferred having sex with a granny. Rebekah Vardy was only heard of because she is the wife of another famous footballer who looked like that granny.

But now everyone agrees that these two Wagamommas have broken the internet.

For those of my readers who know nothing of either football or social media, I shall attempt to explain.

Coleen has got fed up with all the private stories that have been published in The Sun about her and decided that one of her followers on Instagram must be leaking to the ” newspaper “.

In order to find out who the culprit was, she deliberately published several fake news stories and slowly cut out followers until she was left with one – Rebekah Vardy.

On Wednesday she went public with this exposing Vardy as the villain. Also on Wednesday, Venus moved into Scorpio.

For such detailed investigative work Mrs Rooney has been dubbed Wagatha Christie. Needless to say the great detective writer has her natal Venus in early Scorpio.

So does Coleen also have this placing ? Well near as dammit.



She has Venus at 1 degree Taurus in close opposition to a notorious planet in early Scorpio, its ruler Pluto.

This is also interesting because husband and cause of most of Coleen’s appearance in the murkier parts of the tabloids, Wayne has the Sun at 0 degrees Scorpio, exactly opposite her Venus and conjunct her South Node.

Those of you who are familiar with the Nodes will instantly spot this placing as identifying a cross that Coleen has to bear in this life, no doubt due to a whole series of previous ones dealing with GILFs.

Intriguingly this opposition focuses by T Square onto an apex Moon in Aquarius suggesting that her private family stuff would be aired in the media.

This has no doubt been exacerbated by Uranus moving through the T Square and now Venus has joined in and exposed all these secret goings on to the light.

So what of the accused ?



Rebekah Vardy also has a challenging Venus / Pluto aspect ( the square ) and Venus is also conjunct the South Node.

Vardy is another non event that has been plucked from obscurity by the single fact that she is married to an English striker who also seems to have a penchant for appearing in the tabloids for reasons other than his goal tally.

And just like with the Rooneys, the South Node in Rebekah’s chart is exactly conjunct her husband Jamie’s Sun at 21 Capricorn.

Capricorn Research just loves to find out these special details, as evidence that the Universe is also having a laugh at the expense of these bizarre creatures.

Interestingly, Rebekah has Mercury at 4 Aquarius exactly conjunct Coleen’s apex Moon so although Ms Vardy has refused to accept the blame for this and hired a team of ” computer experts ” to find out who had hacked her IG account, I think its fairly clear who the media messenger is in this case.

Also it is significant to point out that the Fester from Leicester has a Mars / Saturn / Pluto conjunction.

Rebekah has reacted to Coleen’s exposure by saying it was particularly hurtful to be called out for such a crime when she was heavily pregnant.

But this is the kind of thing that can happen when Saturn and Pluto are transiting square to such a natal pile up.

Regular readers of Capricorn Research Astrology And Football articles will know that the international break is a time when the tabloids are struggling to find interesting pieces of gossip to run with so normally will turn on the England players. The current lot are such a boring bunch that we have to put up with stories related to old has beens.

The real worry about all this is that the whole thing was probably concocted by Ms Rooney and Vardy because their errant husbands are no longer able to attract the attention of the tabloid press.

Wayne and Jamie may both be languishing in the East Midlands reserves division but their Wagamommas are doing their level best to keep their families brand on centre stage.

Capricorn Research really hopes this one does not run as long as The Mousetrap.




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