The Truth Is Outer There – An Astrological Theory Of Everything.

The one thing that distinguishes mankind from the other species which inhabit this planet is the desire to understand life rather than simply live it. We are aware that our very survival as individuals and as a race depend on this developing understanding.

This simple fact has driven all of the advances made in science, arts, religion, politics, in fact every subject under the Sun, including astrology.

And while there is often a temptation to look back and say that things were better / simpler / happier in the past, only a fool would say that we have not progressed in terms of our understanding of nature, life itself and the forces that shape our own destiny.

This simple statement would apply to most of the subjects that humans engage in, but there are many astrologers who feel it does not apply in their own discipline.

Over the last 50 years, there has been a growing trend amongst astrologers to use techniques and methods employed by practitioners of their art hundreds, even thousands of years ago.

But when doing this, we should remember that our forebears were operating at a serious disadvantage, with one arm tied behind their back.

Ptolemy, Valens, Lilly and all the others were unaware of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

It is hard for us to imagine what a massive disadvantage this is.

You might think that they still had 70% of the planets covered and given that the three outers move slowly through signs, their input into an individual’s character is minimal or generational, but this is actually not the point.

With 7 planets we have 21 different combinations, with 10 there are 45 pairings.

So before the discovery of Uranus, astrologers were aware of less than half ( 46.67 % ) of the aspects that were actually impacting on their clients charts.

As a consequence of this simple fact, they would have been unable to see the true impact of planetary aspects on the lives of people and would have understandably downgraded the whole thing, focusing on the houses and rulerships as their main thing.

As I have said, this would have put our forebears at a massive disadvantage.

In simple terms the planets represent the basic energies of life, the signs they appear in are the way that these energies manifest and consequently give us great insight into personality.

The houses that the planets are placed in show us the areas of life where these energies are most likely to focus.

But it’s the aspects between the planets that will show us the major life themes.

The signs and houses will tell us what the individual wants but it’s the aspect patterns that will tell us what they actually get.

It’s aspects that show us how other people and the environment will respond to our wishes.

Anyone in any doubt about this can read the articles in Murder Most Horrid. I would defy you to identify any of these people as murderers just by considering signs and house placings alone.

But it’s not in the simple reading of a natal chart where the ancients were most handicapped. It’s in the area of transits.

When it comes to prediction all that they would have had to work with would have been the transits of Jupiter and Saturn.

If we take the major aspects, these two planets would make 80 different possible connections to the other five ( Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars ).

Once we include the outer three we have 200 possibilities.

Also Jupiter and Saturn would repeat the same patterns at 12 and 29 year periods respectively.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto could not repeat their aspects over the course of a normal human life because their orbits range from 84 to 250 odd years.

It is a simple fact that the shorter time a transit is in operation, the smaller impact it has on our lives as a whole.

The Moon for example could produce a certain mood, but it would only be with us for a few hours because it moves so quickly.

Jupiter and Saturn’s transiting aspects would last anything from a week in duration to up to a year but the three outers would operate from a period of between one and three years. 

Consequently the real once in a lifetime turning points that Uranus, Neptune and particularly Pluto transits bring would be completely missed by any astrologer living before the late 18th Century.

I will attempt to put forward some of the most important developments in recent human history to show the roles that the outer planets have in identifying things that could not have been seen without them.

And for the global impact of single dates it would hard to beat November 9th 1989 and the Fall of The Berlin Wall and the consequent Dissolution of the Soviet Union.

This event has to be placed in the context of the birth of Soviet Russia and this chart for the moment that Lenin’s Bolsheviks took power during the Revolution of 1917.

Now try and put yourself in the position of someone attempting to understand this chart without reference to Uranus or Pluto.

Jupiter’s conjunction with the Midheaven could indicate that this new government would become a significant global power.

The square to the 12th house Virgo Moon could also show the difficulties managing this ambition at the same time as being a true workers state.

The Sun in Scorpio in square to Saturn would indicate the harshness, austerity and ruthlessness of the new government.

But the truly revolutionary nature of this event can only be seen when we recognise Uranus in its own sign of Aquarius.

The opposition between Uranus in Aquarius and Saturn in Leo would very clearly identify the conflict between the Marxist ideology as represented by Trotsky and the dictatorship personified by Stalin.

Also when we bring Uranus into the picture the Sun / Saturn square becomes a T Square which immediately makes the Scorpio Sun / Mercury very much more powerful.

It is this T Square that held the world in its grip of fear for 70 years.

So what was happening to this chart on 9th November 1989 ?

On that very day the Soviet Union was experiencing a Solar Return.

Mercury was also conjunct the Sun.

There was a sextile between Venus and Mars at 3 Capricorn and Scorpio respectively. These two were trine and sextile the Soviet Mars.

Jupiter and Saturn at 10 Cancer and Capricorn were trine and sextile the Russian Moon. 

Even the Moon on the day was trine the Soviet Sun.

As a combination of transits you could hardly imagine anything more beneficial. 

So why was this day such a catastrophe for the Soviet regime ?

One word – Pluto.

Through 1989 and 1990 Pluto was conjunct the 1917 Scorpio Sun. On November 11th it was within a degree and applying fast. 

It goes without saying that this would be the only time such a transit had happened and that the transit of Pluto over a Scorpio Sun would be an extremely powerful revolution in itself, sweeping away everything that had gone before it, leaving a completely changed landscape.

In fact given the intensity of the Cold War and the Nuclear Arms race that preceded it, this single transit is probably the only reason that humanity is still here.

And a traditional approach to astrology neglecting the transits of Pluto would have completely missed it.

Another November day that is recognised throughout the world as historic was the 22nd of that month in 1963 and the assassination of President John F Kennedy.

It’s true that a traditional astrologer looking at JFK’s chart could envisage him dying in office.

An 8th house stellium with his ruler, Venus being square to his 11th house Virgo Moon with Saturn at the Midheaven would suggest such a scenario was possible despite the fact that he was only 43 when elected.

Uranus square to 8th house Mars / Mercury / Jupiter conjunction makes it more likely however.

It also shows that the transit of Uranus would be the likely trigger.

In fact it’s my contention that traditional astrology would not have even placed Kennedy in the White House in the first place.

It’s easy to forget now that the 1960 election was a very closely fought race between JFK and Richard Nixon. 

Jupiter was at 2 degrees of Capricorn at the time, playing no part in Kennedy’s chart but it was making a Return for Nixon.

So from a traditional perspective it’s likely that astrologers would have predicted a 3rd successive Republican victory in November 1960.

However Pluto was making its only major transit of his life to Kennedy’s Sun – an exact ( to the very minute at 7.51 Virgo ), square to JFK’s Sun.

So one outer planet put Kennedy in the White House and another one put him out of it.

Uranus was square to JFK’s Sun from September 1963 to July 64.

Its true that Saturn being square to the 8th Mars could have indicated this tragedy from a traditional perspective but Kennedy’s presidency and assassination cannot be properly understood without reference to the Uranus / Pluto conjunction in Virgo and their square transits to his Sun.

This becomes particularly true when we consider the role that both played in his successor Lyndon Johnson’s chart.

It’s interesting to look at the synastry between LBJ and JFK.

Johnson’s 1st house Moon at 9 Virgo is closely square Kennedy’s 8th house Sun at 8 Gemini which makes sense given that the assassination had such a massive impact on LBJ’s career.

Even more so when you see that Pluto was conjunct Johnson’s Moon for the 1960 election and Uranus was conjunct it in November 1963.

For more detail on this see The Assassination of JFK – Conspiracy Or Fate

Another tragedy on a similar scale was the death of Princess Diana on August 31st 1997.

Traditional astrologers might claim that an 8th house Mars was enough to indicate her untimely death in a road accident but that would be an unfortunate thing for the 1 / 12th of the world’s population who share that placing and the motor insurance premiums for the rest of us.

But Mars conjunct both Pluto and Uranus narrows the field to about 1 out of every 300 people who happened to be born during the early 1960s. 

If we include the fact that Uranus was part of a T Square incorporating the Moon and Venus this soon becomes a very small sample indeed.

That Mars / Uranus / Pluto conjunction very neatly describes the nature of her death – motor accident ( Mars ) in a tunnel ( Pluto ) while being pursued by the media ( Uranus ).

For more info on this see Princess Diana’s Death – Why ?

But as with any combination of planets with Pluto, the real force of this influence would be unleashed when the transit Pluto made another major aspect to it.

Pluto made the only major transit of Diana’s life to that natal Mars / Pluto in 1997.

There is nothing that a traditional astrologer using the old seven could find to explain the timing of her death. 

The only other transit was that Mars was trine her Sun.

The Sun and Mercury on the day were conjunct Diana’s natal Pluto but that rather confirms my thesis.

Some traditionalists might say that because Uranus, Neptune and Pluto had not been discovered back in the old days, they would not have had an influence.

That is palpable nonsense. Do they really want to argue that astrology only works on people who are aware of it ?

Although no-one knew it at the time, there was a Uranus / Pluto conjunction operating around the turn of the 17th century.

Anyone looking at the birth chart of Charles 1 of England would never have imagined that he would be the first monarch to be brought down by a political revolution and be executed.

But the Saturn / Uranus opposition ( the same aspect that was in the Russian revolution chart ) might have said otherwise.

Charles was born on a Uranus / Pluto conjunction and was executed under the opposition.

This chart containing all of the 4 heavyweights in a powerful opposition is unprecedented in human history. A fitting one for the first successful political revolution ( Uranus conjunct Neptune ) and the execution of the monarch ( opposite Pluto conjunct Saturn )

This incredible pattern fell bang on Charles’ Sun, with Pluto in exact opposition to it within 4 minutes.

Charles’ court astrologers of the day would have had no inkling of all this but the tragic fact is that this ignorance may well have made them complicit in his death.

In those days any sane monarch would have tasked their astrologers to come up with a suitable chart for the coronation to ensure that their reign was prosperous and enduring.

So Leo rising with the chart ruler exalted right on the Midheaven and the Moon in the 5th house would have been a perfect offering.

Even the best elections have to have some tricky aspects, but the Moon’s opposition to Venus would not have worried Charles.

But what he didn’t know was that his trusty court astrologers unwittingly sealed his fate on that day because the Moon was opposite Pluto in a T Square focusing onto an apex Uranus.

These astrologers were not stupid, they were amongst the most learned people in the land. 

Can anyone honestly think that if they had seen the charts with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto they would have ignored them ?

But they didn’t so they completely missed the whole of the English Revolution.

Traditional astrologers would also have missed a vast range of transformative experience in the charts and lives of everyone because the outer three planets had not been discovered.

All they would have known was that the simple transits of Jupiter and Saturn would have a very limited range in terms of predicting all the experience that human beings would have during their life.

If you are only getting a 40 % return on your predictions and actually missing the most dramatic ones, this would naturally make you doubt the power of transits in general and look for other methods of predicting the future.

It would also make you doubt the power of aspects and try to explain things more in terms of houses or rulerships.

Five out of the seven planets that you were using would have transits of such short duration ( a few days tops ) that they would have relatively little impact on a person’s life.

For thousands of years astrologers would have felt these limitations. 

Despite the beauty and truth of the system, the seven planets and their patterns were simply not enough to explain the complexities of human life.

So they would have been forced to look for other methods

They would have to invent other ones that were not based on the planets – simply because in their mind there weren’t enough of them.

So whatever the genre, Vedic, Hellenistic or any of your favourites would be packed full of techniques in a desperate attempt to cover for the  60 % of human experience that they were missing.

Methods like Profections are an attempt to add meaning in this way. This is a method of dividing a person’s life into time frames of one year from their birthdate.

It is a quaint and ordered method that relates the 1st year to the 1st house and its ruler, 2nd year to the 2nd etc and when we’ve reached the ripe old age of 12, we have to start again.

Are we really suggesting that every single person in the world experiences enhanced career themes at the age of 10, 22, 34 etc or marital ones at 7, 19, 31 and so on ?

Traditional astrology is riven with a desire to see order that is practically OCD. Maybe this is because their world view ended with Saturn.

Unfortunately life does not go along with that and the three planets that they were all unaware of do not care one jot for this desperation to stick with the known. 

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all rebels that will force your life in a completely new and tangential direction.

And most of the really powerful events in a person’s life have something of this quality.

Profections and any method based on the traditional seven planets cannot predict these events with any consistency.

As has been shown – Electing The President – Profection Or Perfection ?

All of it, the use of fixed stars, profections, the Arabian lots and all the other obsessions with the creation of time periods that don’t actually exist was simply to make up for the fact that the astrologers of yore were ignorant of the big turning points of life indicated by the transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

They had good reason, these planets hadn’t been discovered so they had to invent stuff to try and explain the vast gaps in their knowledge.

If they had suddenly discovered the three outer planets ahead of time, most of the methods that traditional astrologers obsess over today would have been instantly canned.

We are fortunate to live in a time of progress where we do have a greater understanding of the forces that drive our Universe.

So there is no need to use all these old compensation methods, particularly since they don’t really work anyway.

Posted on June 28th 2021