A Crack In The Lens Of Time

These days we are all told it’s very important to follow the science. If you don’t you are either a self serving politician or a conspiracy theorist braindead moron.

But despite the fact that ” science ” has allied itself to some worthy causes as in trying to stop us all from dying in a viral plague or an inferno nightmare, its still worth questioning what it really is.

Because science means many different things to different people including even scientists themselves and despite their protestations to the country, most of them pick and choose a particular approach or corner of the subject because it suits them to do so.

As a researcher I have come across many objections to astrology from sceptics, but these can all be boiled down to the assertion that ” it can’t be true, therefore it isn’t “.

But this idea that it can’t be true could equally be applied to pretty much any discovery in the last century of astrophysics.

Quantum physics says that something only exists in a certain place because it has been observed to be there. Without the observer it doesn’t exist.

So if someone believes something to be true, then according to quantum physics, it is true.

This is no doubt the kind of science espoused by Donald Trump. He is actually not an imbecile after all, he is truly a quantum stable genius.

When Trump says something is fake news, according to science it is.

Fortunately the same applies to Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci and everyone else that has a view whether they claim to be scientific or not.

So if all things are both possible and equally valid, how to find some kind of path through all this haze in the quantum world ?

Simply by using astrology as your guide. Because astrology is a quantum science.

An important facet of this type of physics is the quantum jump. This says that an electron may well be circling round an atom in Donald Trump’s own body, but it can equally make a jump and appear simultaneously in some other thing in a galaxy far far away.

This states that said electron while presumably screwing some 14 year old girl in Alpha Centauri, will also have an impact on its partner in that tiny atom back in the White House.

And vice versa, so you can be sure that said alien female is copping it right now because of Trump’s desire to get his own back on someone who annoyed him on Twitter.

This is called Entanglement. Which is also a very good way of explaining the Mango Mussolini’s thought processes.

Astrology is simply Entanglement in Time.

The premise of astrology is that anything born or begun in a moment of time carries with it the seed of that moment, no matter how far it travels from its place of origin in time and space.

So I may be 65.7 years and 10,000 plus miles away from the moment and place of my own birth, but I am entangled with the characteristics of that moment and they are still influencing me.

The great thing about astrology is it offers us some kind of code to help negotiate something that would otherwise remain unknown and even unknowable.

The key to unlocking this knowledge is coming to understand the significance of a moment.

And this is not always necessarily the most obvious moment.

A piece of research that I did a few months back unearthed a method for predicting the results of football matches. For more information on this see Just Like A Conjunction That’s Gonna Win The FA Cup

This is basically about applying the rules of horary to a contest chart set up for the start of the match. But it’s also about only looking at the Moon’s conjunctions both applying and separating.

I decided to test this idea at the bookies for the whole of the 2020 – 21 football season.

The premise is to take every match in the top leagues in Europe and also Scotland ( for some reason ) and bet on the outcome of anyone that meets the criterion, regardless of any other considerations of form, favour or indeed logic ( whether Trumpian or Faucian )

I devised a system that would place bets depending on the closeness of the aspect and the bookmakers odds offered.

I started with a stake of AU$ 10. The first match that met the conditions was the regular English football season opener Community Shield, Arsenal the FA Cup holders v Liverpool, the runaway League Champions.

Needless to say Liverpool were big favourites and Arsenal were 5 / 1 against.

This is a simple example. Sagittarius is rising, so its ruler Jupiter signifies Liverpool. The Descendant is Gemini so its ruler would represent Arsenal.

Jupiter is at 17 Capricorn, week in the sign of its fall and retrograde.

Mercury is strong in its own sign of Virgo.

The simple key is the Moon. It is separating away from a conjunction with Jupiter so the match goes away from Liverpool. This is the only fact required to make the bet so from a $ 10 start, the fund went straight to a profit of $ 50.

For anyone interested in the finer details of this match, it was won by Arsenal on penalties.

This can be shown by the fact that the Moon is also separating from an aspect to Mercury ( a trine ) so neither team wins in normal time.

This fact being reinforced by a late degree 27.39 rising, indicating that it would be won late in the game.

We may be a few weeks into the season but the conditions for the Moon to be in an applying or separating conjunction with one of the teams significators are not often met.

In fact there have only been 6 of them so far, and the odds have been considerably lower than that first one.

So far so reasonably successful as the chart predicted the winners 4 times out of 6 and the fund has now made a profit of just over $ 80.

But if I had adopted a quantum approach this kitty would have been a lot bigger.

Regular football / astrology followers will know that the French league is simply a procession for the Qatar government sponsored Paris Saint Germain. They win it by a street every time.

In fact they are so used to winning that Neymar and his other billionaire mates get used to the idea of just swanning around performing flicks and tricks so when it comes to playing against any of the Euro superpowers they immediately lose.

The bookies tend to adopt the same approach to any PSG matches so their first of the season away at Lens gave the home side odds of 12 / 1 against.

This might be tempting anyway given that the one time the perennial champions might be vulnerable in their own country would be at the start of the season before they had got going, particularly after they only had a few weeks since playing in last seasons Champions League final.

So when I saw this chart and those odds I thought this would be a great time to give the bank balance a bit of a boost.

Kicking off just a few hours after the Arsenal win, this chart had many of the same features.

The only difference was that instead of Sagittarius rising, it was now Pisces.

And as anyone with a cursory knowledge of astrological rulerships would immediately spot, this meant that the clear favourites PSG are also signified by Jupiter and their supposedly hapless opponents Lens would be Mercury.

Since the Moon is still separating from a conjunction with Jupiter, the underdogs would win. The only difference being that without a late ascendant they would do it in normal time.

The only problem was that the match was postponed because of coronavirus issues that had hit members of the PSG squad.

Which as you can clearly see is evidenced by the fact that Neptune ( ruler of viruses ) is closely conjunct the Ascendant at the time.

On hearing of the games postponement I immediately cashed out because the chart for the rearranged match did not fit the terms of the research.

The Moon made no aspects by conjunction to anything. In fact if we were applying contest chart rules to this one it would suggest a win for PSG because the Moon would make a sextile to their ruler, Mars.

But what actually happened was that Lens beat PSG 1 – 0.

So in effect it was the original chart for the postponed match that indicated the result.

And if I had left the original bet as it was, the fund would have been about twice as much by now.

So this proves the quantum idea. A match conceived to be performed at a particular time will still carry with it the characteristics of that moment, even if it actually happened almost a fortnight later.

Maybe in this Covid age, this is a theme that we astrology / footie fans will have to get used to.

As in a quantum Universe, everything however tenuous is intrinsically connected, what if anything does this mean for Donald Trump ?

Neptune got its tentacles into him withers opening square aspect to his Moon hitting between April and August this year.

Neptune will definitely get him in the end but its moving backwards away from that aspect now and doesn’t turn round until the end of November.

This could mean that he will dispute the findings of the election and board himself up in the White House.

We might even have to wait to get rid of him until February when Neptune reaches square to his Moon again.

As for PSG, the next match they played they also lost with Neymar getting sent off for belting an opposing player over the head.

Maybe they should have gone full quantum and arranged to play their opening games against a whole team of teenage girls in Alpha Centauri.

They would have probably lost there too because Neymar was too busy signing autographs.

Posted on Sep 21 2020


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