Where Next for the Labour Party ?

” Prediction is a difficult business, particularly if its about the future. ”

This is a quote from a much esteemed colleague which I have been longing to steal for a while. But I’ve held off using it until I found a subject that is suitably tricky.

Forty years research into astrology has convinced me that the Universe does not want us to know what the future will bring. What it does want is for us all to live in the present with an open, accepting mind and so it uses astrology to give us as much information as we need to help us understand the conditions of that present.

So an astrologer’s job is to try and explain the symbols of the moment in a way that can help people come to terms with what is being asked of them.

Of course we do like to make predictions of specific events, its good for our egos and our bank balances if and when they come off. Capricorn Research enjoyed a massage of both over the prediction for David Cameron to win an outright majority in the 2015 election. See David Cameron’s Jupiter Return

But what would have been much more impressive is if I’d come up with the reason why he was going to win at the time.

In just over a year since the election it has become clear why.

Pluto’s square to Cameron’s Sun gave him the election but also gave him the confidence to take on the Eurosceptic wing of his party, aiming to consign them to history.

But any Pluto transit has at least three points of impact. The first was the election victory, the second in the first couple of months of 2016 was his negotiations with the EU and his calling a referendum on the UK’s membership.

The 3rd and final Pluto square to his Sun coincided with the Brexit vote at the end of June and his resignation in the light of the defeat.

So Pluto’s job over this transit was to bring about Brexit and kick Cameron out of No 10. The May 2015 victory was just a cunning trick.

One of the problems with forecasting events in Mundane astrology is that you have to take so many charts into account. Because it was not just about Cameron, it was also about the Tory party and the UK and maybe even the EU as well.

The chart for the Tory party ( set up in 1834 ) contains a Moon / Mars conjunction in mid Cancer. This conjunction is square to Pluto in Aries. See The Conservative Party – A Cancer at the Heart of British Politics

The symbolism here is that the party turns to a stick wielding ( Mars ) nanny figure ( Moon in Cancer ) in times of crisis ( square to Pluto ).

This would tend to occur whenever Pluto makes another difficult aspect with that Moon / Mars by transit.

Since 1834, this has occurred only twice when Pluto was in mid Libra with Margaret Thatcher in the late 1970s and again now as Pluto is in mid Capricorn with Theresa May.

The other thing is that the chart for the UK in 1801 also has the Moon in mid Cancer at 19.26 degrees.

Pluto’s transit over this Moon which begins in February 2017 and continues until the end of 2018 will likely oversee the UK’s removal from the EU but also quite possibly some kind of break up of the Union itself with an independent Scotland.

So Cameron had to win an outright majority in May 2015 in order to trigger a series of events that would bring a nanny figure to No 10 this summer and an exit from the EU and maybe even Scottish independence.

Many astrologers have succeeded with predicting one or two of these things, but I have yet to come across anyone who got all three back in the Spring of 2015.

It is indeed a tricky business even when you have the right charts to go on.

When it comes to the Labour party it is even more difficult because its not clear which formation chart is the right one.

The one I have used for previous articles is this one dated 1906 when it was first called the Labour Party.

Labour Party

The symbolism fits quite well as the Sun in Aquarius and Uranus as part of a T square works for a socialist reformist party.

However it has recently been brought to my attention by another esteemed colleague, Victor Olliver, that it may well be the wrong Uranus T Square.

According to Wikipedia the party was a actually founded in 1900 under the name of the Labour Representation Committee

Labour Party

This chart has an Aquarian strength with the Moon and Mars in the sign. It also has Uranus as part of an important T Square.

But instead of this T Square including Neptune and focusing on an apex Mars, it takes in a conjunction with Jupiter, opposition with Pluto and focused on an apex Piscean Sun.

The Sun in Pisces / Moon in Aquarius combination is not so different from the Sun Aquarius / Moon Scorpio of the 1906 chart but it does perhaps describe the character of the Labour party a bit better.

But there is one way to test these charts and that is with actual events.

The history of the Labour Party has 4 particularly auspicious time periods.

The first was between 1921 and 24 when the break up of the Liberal party in 1922 gave Labour the opportunity to become the 2nd biggest party in parliament and the election the following autumn meant that 1924 began with the first Labour government. It only lasted 9 months and lost the next election after the publication of the Zinoviev Red Letter, a suspected forgery that implicated Labour in a communist take over.

The second was 1945 with the surprise post war election result, dumping Churchill and electing Clement Atlee’s government, comfortably the most progressive socialist administration that Britain has ever had.

The third would be Harold Wilson’s election successes of 1964 and 66 after 13 years of Tory hegemony.

And the fourth would be Tony Blair’s 1997 victory after a similar period in the wilderness for Labour.

Looking at the chart with Uranus and Pluto so dominant in a T square with the Sun, we would expect those two to be involved.

During the 20th Century Pluto would make only two transits to the Labour Party T square.

The first was in Virgo between 1961 and 65 corresponding with Wilson and the second was from the beginning of 1998 to 2002 fitting with Blair’s first term.

Uranus moving faster than Pluto actually made four transits to the T square in the last  century.

The first was from April 1921 to February 1924 accounting for the party’s emergence and first Labour government.

The second was July 1943 to May 1946 covering Attlee’s election

The third was September 1963 to June 1966 connecting with Pluto’s transit and corresponding with the Wilson government.

Interestingly the fourth one connected with Labour’s nadir when Uranus returned to its natal position in Sagittarius in 1983 – 4 although this will be explained by the transit of Neptune later on.

So the 1900 chart seems to work pretty well.

Another point about it is that it seems to fit better with many of the party leaders over the years. A list of connections is as follows.

Ramsay MacDonald  Moon 6 Sagittarius

George Lansbury  Sun 3 Pisces

Clement Attlee  Venus 8 Sagittarius

Hugh Gaitskell  Jupiter 5 Gemini

George Brown  Sun 9 Virgo

Harold Wilson  Moon 17 Virgo, also had the Sun in Pisces

Jim Callaghan  Venus 10 Pisces

Michael Foot  Venus / Saturn at 14 / 15 Gemini, also had the Moon in Pisces

Neil Kinnock  Mars / Jupiter at 13 / 15 Gemini

John Smith  Mercury / Mars 2 / 4 Virgo

Tony Blair  Mars / Ascendant 3 / 5 Gemini

Gordon Brown  Sun 1 Pisces

Ed Miliband  Mars 7 Pisces

Jeremy Corbyn  Sun 5 Gemini, Mercury / Venus 15 / 17 Gemini

Neptune in the Labour chart is in close square to a Pisces Mercury, generally a indicator of an idealistic, strongly compassionate and even spiritual view of the world which can also be illusory and irrational, not grounded in day to day reality.

The one time in its history when this placing was repeated by transit with Neptune in Sagittarius was from February 1980 to November 1982.

After its defeat by Margaret Thatcher in 1979, the party went through a period of internal rivalry between the left represented by Tony Benn, and the right by Denis Healey.  Michael Foot was elected leader with policies like unilateral nuclear disarmament, leaving the EEC and Nato, all fervently supported by a younger Capricorn Research.

However the impact on the party’s electoral fortunes was disastrous and in 1981 four former cabinet ministers from the right of the Labour Party, Shirley Williams, Bill Rodgers, Roy Jenkins and David Owen left to form the SDP.

The result was that Labour remained in opposition for 18 years.

This was not the only time a Neptune transit caused a split in the Labour party however.

The Wall Street crash of 1929 and the ensuing Great Depression hit Britain hard with rocketing unemployment and the Labour government collapsed under the strain.

At the end of August 1931 Ramsay MacDonald resigned his Labour administration and formed a National Government coalition with the other parties.

This caused great anger among those within the Labour Party who felt betrayed by MacDonald’s actions: he and his supporters were promptly expelled from the Labour Party and formed a separate National Labour Organisation.

On 27th October 1931 a landslide election victory for the National Government saw Labour losing 225 seats.

On that very day Neptune ( in Virgo ) made its first transit to the Labour Party Sun ( by opposition ).

Neptune remained in the T Square through until the summer of 1936.

The only former Labour cabinet member who had retained his seat, the pacifist George Lansbury became party leader.

The party split in 1932 when the Independent Labour Party left and the decline continued until 1935 when Lansbury resigned as leader and was replaced by Clement Attlee.

So Pluto and Uranus transits correspond to auspicious periods in Labour Party history and Neptune ones cause splits and defeats.

So if we fast forward to the present.

Neptune is currently at 12 degrees Pisces right in the middle of the Labour Party T Square.

It made its first conjunction to the Labour Sun between March and May 2015 resulting in an unexpected election defeat for Ed Miliband.

Its important to remember that Miliband’s Mars is exactly conjunct the Labour Party Sun, so Neptune would have been conjunct his Mars for this defeat. The fact that noone other than Capricorn Research saw it coming, just reinforces the way Neptune works.

Neptune came back to conjunct the Sun between the 19th July and the 8th October coinciding nicely with the party’s leadership election and the polarisation of left and right resulting in Jeremy Corbyn becoming leader.

Neptune was again conjunct the Labour Sun for January and February this year.

But since December 2015, this has been complicated by the appearance of Saturn ( in Sagittarius ) in the T Square as well.

Saturn remains in the Labour T square until November this year but from 22nd October to 18th December Neptune makes its final conjunction with the Sun.

Neptune then remains in the T square until February 2019.

The two candidates in the current leadership election are the incumbent Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith. Both of them have good Mutable qualifications to represent this critical period for Labour

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has the Sun in square to Labour’s at 5 Gemini. He also has Mercury and Venus in the Labour T Square. Neptune is in trine to these two.


Owen Smith


Owen Smith has Mars and Venus in Gemini in square to the Labour Sun. In his chart these two are opposite Neptune.

In such a battle it seems fair that Smith’s Mars should be conjunct Corbyn’s Sun.

There is no real sign of a winner in the transits to either chart.

Looking back to previous Neptune transits as a guide, events occurring between now and Xmas will be likely to cause a split in the party with particular developments surfacing between October and December.

And the two previous Neptunian transits suggest that the party will not begin to recover from this until the Spring of 2019.

If Smith were to win the leadership, most people would expect Labour to get back to business as normal fairly quickly.

Given Neptune’s continued role in the Labour chart, a Smith victory doesn’t make sense, so the most likely outcome of this election should be Corbyn winning again, but in a way that doesn’t quell the opposition to his leadership.

In both previous Neptunian periods Labour was not elected for another decade.

Between 2027 and 2030, Uranus ( in Gemini ) will return to the Labour T Square so its possible that we could wait that long for another Labour government.

But who knows, Neptune moves in mysterious ways.

As I said at the beginning of this article, the Universe does not actually want us to know the future and one of the ways its did this with the current Labour party situation is lead Capricorn Research up the garden path with the wrong chart.

Prediction is something that works so much better for the past.



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