The Year 2020 – the Sequel to 1984 ?

For today’s teenagers, the term ” Big Brother ” conjures up images C list celebrities desperately trying to reinvent their careers by having middle aged sex on the telly. This is repellant enough, but for Capricorn Research’s generation the idea was far more scary.

For us Big Brother was the tyrannical Party leader from George Orwell’s book 1984, a chilling vision of the future, that was an essential part of our O level English Literature syllabus.

And to top that, as the actual year came closer, it looked more and more like an accurate portrayal of the world.

1984 was set where Britain had been subsumed into a superstate called Oceania and was perpetually at war with an unknown evil empire. We were ruled by a one party state which operated continual surveillance over its citizens and its Ministry of Truth rewrote history, distributed propaganda and persecuted any form of independent thinking.

Orwell was a democratic socialist, and 1984 was mainly inspired by the betrayal of this cause through Stalinism.

The chart for the publication of the book itself is fascinating


The Big Brother theme is clear. The Sun is in Gemini the sign of siblings. The noon chart for the day gives the Moon in the 3rd house of brothers and sisters.

But it is the Moon’s sign and major aspect that really shows the focus.

The Moon is at 15 Scorpio in exact ( 17 minutes ) square to Pluto. If ever there was symbolism of being watched over by some secretive but totalitarian thought police, this has to be it.

The middle of Scorpio has considerable power in this regard as it is fundamental to the history of Soviet Russia


Russian Revolution

The chart for the Bolshevik Revolution has the Sun at 16 Scorpio as the apex of a T square involving the ultra idealistic Uranus in Aquarius, opposite the equally ultra tyrannical Saturn in Leo. This chart shows why Marx’s dictatorship of the proletariat inevitably became one man’s tyranny.

But why did Orwell call his book 1984 ? Many people assumed it was simply an inversion of the year that he was writing it, 1948.

But more interestingly from an astrological perspective, 1984 was the year Pluto moved into Scorpio.

Neptune had just moved into Capricorn and was joined by Jupiter

Throughout 1984, Saturn transitted between 10 and 24 Scorpio, spending large parts of the time stationary on 14 – 15 conjunct the 1984 Moon.

Up until mid August Mars was also in Scorpio.

So when giving his book this title, George Orwell obviously tapped into into an astrological archetype.

Britain in 1984 was effectively a one party state, having hoovered up the allegiance of an unsuspecting electorate by inventing a ludicrous war ( the Falklands ), had pretty much lost all its independence to Reagan’s USA and was seriously threatening to get involved in the war to end all of them against the Soviet Union.

But it wasn’t Big Brother that was controlling all of this, it was Big Sister

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher had her Ascendant at 15 Scorpio utterly dominated by the totalitarian Saturn. She had just won a commanding lead in the 1983 election and the opposition were in complete disarray.

Its hardly surprising that many of us, Capricorn Research included did not envisage the world surviving into the 21st century.

In 2020, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjoin in Capricorn, a sign that could easily beat Scorpio in the Big Brother stakes. In March of that year Mars joins them.

We are on the verge of electing Big Sisters on either side of the Atlantic, one of them has this chart.

Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton has an extremely secretive Scorpio stellium with a 12th house Sun and Ascendant.

Much of this is in hard square aspect to a Mars / Saturn / Pluto conjunction in Leo in the 9th house.

Clinton’s Pluto is exactly to the minute square to the 1984 Moon.

Most of us managed to survive 1984 intact so no doubt we will get through 2020 but perhaps we could make it easier for ourselves.

This might be hard for Democrats to get their heads round, but I suspect President Trump might be the softer option.

But if 2020 is to be the new 1984, how will the televised Big Brother distract us all from it ?

Perhaps they’ll bring back Katy Price and Peter Andre for a bit of Mars / Saturn / Pluto in Scorpio action.



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