Bill Bradley – Through the Political Hoops

As we are reminded by US President, Barack Obama, on the opening credits of TV’s Have I Got News For You there are plenty of American politicians who fancy themselves at basketball. There are very few, however who achieve success in both careers. One such was Bill Bradley, a US Senator who earned an Olympic Gold medal and had once been the highest-paid basketball player in the world. 

Bill Bradley

For someone who reached the very top in his career you would expect a strong 10th house and Bradley has a very powerful Sun / Jupiter / Pluto conjunction in Leo there. Jupiter is the principle of expansion and always brings great reward but it seems to have a particular resonance with basketball players.

Capricorn Research’s Jupiter / Saturn index has basketball players in 5th place with the 2nd highest Jupiter score of 202% of the expected figure. The question as to why Jupiter should be so prominent could be answered by the sheer size of most players, the planet’s energy operating through an expanded physicality. The other extraordinary score is that of the Sun / Pluto conjunction at 171% which could account for the explosive turn of pace that basketball players have.

Bradley has both with the Sun and the square aspect between them and a Taurean Mars emphasises the sporting connection. He was also 6 ft 5in tall.

The Moon in Gemini certainly helps with speed of movement and dexterity but its conjunction with Saturn gave him great focus and the ability to keep going aided by the tremendous stamina of a Sun / Pluto in Leo.

Pluto was conjunct his Venus when he earned a gold medal as a member of the 1964 Olympic basketball team and was the NCAA Player of the Year in 1965.

It was during his professional basketball career that Bradley became interested in tax reform stemming from his own experience. When he had reached the six-figure income mark as a sports star, he found that he was a depreciable asset, and in his own typical fashion, began to study heavy economic tomes to explain his position.

Bradley married Ernestine Schlant, a German-born professor of comparative literature, in 1974 when Pluto was appropriately conjunct his Libra Ascendant.

Bill Bradley retired from basketball in 1977 but this wasn’t the end of his career. With typical Sun / Pluto reinvention he went straight into politics and was elected to the Senate at the end of 1978 with Jupiter returning to its prominent natal place conjunct his Sun in the 10th house of career.

As a politician, he put tax reform on the national agenda and his greatest achievement was the 1986 overhaul of the federal tax code, which reduced the tax rate schedule to just two brackets, 15 percent and 28 percent, and eliminated many kinds of deductions. This peak of his political career was reached when Pluto transited square to his Sun.

Bill Bradley’s Sun / Jupiter / Pluto conjunction showed that he was as adept at closing tax loops as he was at filling basketball hoops.


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