Saturn To Ensure The Scummo Will Sink To The Bottom

Political prediction is a tricky business, or at least it does seem to be for astrologers.

Capricorn Research is not really sure why. After all we are generally talking about a two horse race, its not as if you’re being asked to pick the winner of the Grand National or golf tournament with 150 starters.

In most cases you have a fixed date for an election that is known a long time in advance and probably accurate birthtimes for both contestants. And in case you’re not sure there are plenty of opinion polls and predictions from non astrological sources.

If you don’t have enough confidence in your ability to successfully predict a winner under those circumstances why should you expect anyone to consult you ?

The 2020 US Presidential election was a case in point.

Many astrologers refused to pick a winner. One admitted on twitter that she didn’t want to get it wrong. Fair enough, when you have 150,000 followers you have a lot to lose. But at least she was prepared to admit that was her reason for keeping quiet.

One celebrity astrologer said that she didn’t pick a winner as she didn’t want to prejudice the election because her many followers might vote for her prediction in order to prove her pick right.

She obviously has more followers than me.

This was the same astrologer who got the 2016 election wrong and told me personally that hell would freeze over before Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton.

Maybe the temperature in Hades fell by several degrees that year but this astrologers excuse for getting it wrong was that Trump had given everyone the wrong birthtime ( an excuse that she persists with to this day ).

Capricorn Research wrote many articles on both elections and predicted both results correctly ( only 5 % of astrologers did so ) at least a year beforehand.

Some elections are more difficult to call because the date is not fixed. The incumbent government can call it for a date that suits them. But even so a decent astrologer can still make a reasonable assessment by looking at the general themes over the year.

The Australian election had to be called by May 2022, but TV political pundits had been suggesting that Prime Minister Scott Morrison would cut and run for an early election around October or November 2021.

That would have been a disaster for Australia and given Morrison’s climate stance for the rest of the world too.

There is no birthtime available for Scott Morrison but Capricorn Research has ” rectified ” that.

Morrison has a T Square based on an opposition between a bullish Taurus Sun and a nasty Scorpio Moon with an arrogant apex Jupiter in Leo.

My timing puts the Sun in the 3rd house of communications marketing and the Moon in the 9th house of religious obsession. It also gives him a slippery Pisces Ascendant.

If Scummo had called the election for October he would have had Jupiter square both his Sun and Moon and would have won.

But Jupiter started moving out of orb on the very day that Cop 26 began.

A T Square apex Jupiter will inevitably bring a lot of unearned good fortune, but the downside is that someone with this placement would expect success as their birthright. It’s therefore likely to lead to misplaced confidence and arrogance.

And after Jupiter comes Saturn, its polar opposite. Saturn won’t give you anything unless you’ve earnt it. And if you haven’t, Saturn will give you a good kicking.

Towards the end of March Saturn forms a Grand Cross with Scummo’s T Square, quite possibly one of the most unpleasant transits you can get.

This transit remains in place until the end of the year.

It is then followed by Uranus conjunct his Sun in 2023.

Even though we don’t know the timing of the election, the most likely reading of this is not only will the Coalition lose but Morrison will resign or be defeated as party leader and probably leave politics altogether.

Perhaps he will become Ambassador for Hawaii.

In politics there are always winners and losers. Saturn can make a loser out of a winner and Jupiter can make a winner out of a loser.

Pisces is not a sign that you naturally associate with strong leaders, particularly with a Gemini Moon and Anthony Albanese comes over like a startled dormouse who has just been woken from a deep snooze.

The exact Sun / Pluto opposition means that he is actually quite a bit tougher than he looks, a bit like 1960s – 70s English Prime Minister, Harold Wilson who shared Albanese’ Sun and Moon signs together with a powerful Pluto ( rising ).

When heavyweight planets are transiting their sign, Pisceans suddenly seem to wake up from the dreams and find their feet on the ground.

Wilson did so in the mid 60s with Saturn in Pisces, 2022 sees Jupiter transiting through.

In mid February, Jupiter will be conjunct Albanese’s Sun. He will also be having a Jupiter Return in the first week of April.

Given these transits and Morrison’s approaching Saturn, it’s hard to see anything but a win for the ALP.

The date of the election has not been called yet but it would take some fairly skilled astro research to find one that would keep the Coalition in government.

Capricorn Research is happy to offer his services at a small fee, or at least a fee that would be cheaper than all the rorts that the Liberals usually resort to at this stage in the electoral cycle.

But would it be a reliable date though ?

I could not possibly say apart from the fact that it would definitely align with the best interests of the people of Australia.

Posted on December 18th 2021