The Eclipse Of Donald Trump

An eclipse is a fascinating phenomenon. It is of course dismissed by so called men of science as an irrelevant coincidence. But just think about that for a moment.

The two major objects in our sky appear to us to be exactly the same size despite the fact that the Sun is almost 400 times as far away from the Earth as the Moon.

Also their orbits mean that they will overlap exactly twice a year every year.

What do you think are the odds of such a thing occurring by chance, millions to one against ? Billions to one ?

But as far as the scientists are concerned it might as well be a 50 – 50, presumably on the basis that either an eclipse occurs or it doesn’t.

And any suggestion that such an extraordinary occurrence has any meaning at all for life on Earth is dismissed as superstitious nonsense.

We know all this not least because we were brought up with films like King Solomon’s Mines depicting where some modern adventurer travels to a backwater in Africa or even back in time and saves himself by being eaten alive by the primitive natives by pointing to the sky at the exact moment of an eclipse, where all and sundry shake in horror before getting on their knees and worshipping the visiting hero.

Apart from the explicit racism involved, the arrogance to think that anyone living in  simpler cultures of the past would have no awareness of an eclipse is mind boggling.

After all they had little else to do apart from watching the astonishing cosmic performance that played out above their heads every night.

Observing the movements of the Moon would be their version of watching Eastenders or playing Call of Duty.

Impending eclipses would be as important to any teenage boy as the English Premier League table is today.

This would be why they would haul massive stones for literally hundreds of miles across the country in order to build a temple like Stonehenge that all of them knew served as an eclipse predictor.

But rather than ask why, its so much easier to dismiss them all as superstitious imbeciles.

Speaking of which…



Donald Trump was born on a lunar eclipse. His Sun is at 22 Gemini opposite the Moon at 21 Sagittarius.

There are many things Capricorn Research could say about this simple fact, but for this current article I will try and keep a focus on the transits to these two lights.

One thing that is self evident is that any transit to one of them will also impact on the other at the same time, producing a level of contentious drama that is well beyond the range of experience of most people.

It is worth noting that Trump’s Sun is conjunct Uranus and trine Jupiter. These planets therefore also aspect his Moon by opposition and sextile.

This is why I was so convinced of his victory in the 2016 election when Uranus was sextile his Sun and trine his Moon and Jupiter returned to its natal positions.

In fact I was so sure of this that I backed him 18 months before the election when his odds were 40 / 1.

I have to say that this was not something that many astrologers picked up. Even in the weeks running up to the election, many were solidly backing Hilary Clinton. One celebrity astrologer confirmed to me personally that Trump had not a chance in hell of winning.

We astrologers are human, we can make mistakes like anyone else in any other subject.

What happens when we do is that we go back to look at the charts to see if we can spot where we made our errors so that we can tighten up our methods and learn from the experience.

What we don’t do is claim that Donald Trump had provided a false birth date as an excuse for our own mistake, yet this is what this astrologer did and still holds to that position.

This approach would no doubt be approved of by the orange one himself who takes every opportunity to dismiss simple facts as fake news.

Now we move on with the looming 2020 election. Will there be a 2nd term for Trump ?

What is happening now in relation to his Sun and Moon ?

Neptune is approaching. It is square to his Moon now and will be doing the same to his Sun from 2021 – 23.

For politicians Neptune is an undermining influence. It also often produces delusions particularly with its square aspects.

So my feeling all along was that either Trump would be a one term phenomenon or he would scrape through this year’s election but be impeached in 2021 and quite possibly end up in jail by 2023.

But since he has already been impeached but still somehow remains in office, my feeling is that Neptune would see him off in November.

The birth data denying astrologer is hedging her bets this time. She has even suggested that it is inappropriate to predict the result of an election because such a statement might affect the voters intentions.

She obviously has a lot more followers than I do.

However she has managed to make some vague statement that there will be general political changes by the end of this year. This allows her to claim a Trump defeat if it happens but also to not mention this if he wins.

This is the problem with having a lot of followers – you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of them.

Getting a prediction wrong is not a problem for me. I am a pragmatist, I would simply try and work out why.

I have predicted Trump to lose in 2020 since Autumn last year, when he was strongly odds on for a 2nd term.

My only doubt about this was around who the Democrats chose to run against him.

If astrology was used to select the candidate, the ideal choice would have been either Michelle Obama or Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden is a poor choice. Bernie Sanders would have been much more likely to defeat Trump. We can only hope that Sleepy Joe picks one of the above ladies as his VP.

But I still predict Donald Trump to lose. And this view has been confirmed for me by the upcoming eclipses.

Next week’s lunar eclipse falls at 15.34 Gemini / Sagittarius, 6 – 7 degrees away from Trump’s own eclipse.



The Sun / Moon opposition focuses by T Square onto a Pisces Mars. This is likely to make Donald Trump even more aggressive and hostile than usual.

However the really significant thing is that it also applies to Neptune, the planet that will be the cause of his downfall.

Donald Trump is a bare faced liar. This fits perfectly with someone with the Sun in Gemini eclipsing a Sagittarius Moon.

But I was wondering exactly how this coming eclipse would impact on him.

Neptune rules viruses, pandemics and delusions and as it has been approaching square to Trump’s Moon, it was clear that his response to Covid 19 would hurt him. I even wondered if he would succumb to the virus himself but it seems that it’s his own words that have undermined him.

As I write this Twitter has just placed a fact check link to Trump’s own tweets.




Interestingly the Twitter chart has the Moon conjunct Trump’s Moon and Mars conjunct his Sun so Twitter is his preferred method of communication, so much so that Joe Biden calls him President Tweety. He has 80 million followers.

However this eclipse is hitting both charts so the social media site suddenly becomes the battleground and  something which will hurt the President.

No doubt he will continue to threaten to abolish Twitter but this will just expose him more and make things worse.

So this eclipse is painful for Trump and is another pointer that he will lose in November.

But it isn’t the big one.



The solar eclipse nearest to the election date is in December. This chart could not be any clearer.

The eclipse falls at 23 Sagittarius, right opposite his own 10th house Sun.

It also falls in the 10th house of Washington DC.

It is also square to a 1st house Neptune, which is the planet that is causing him all the pain.

So that’s that then.

So were the people who built Stonehenge fearful and superstitious ?

Well maybe but they also realised that their descendants would be stupid enough to vote for Donald Trump so they went to all that effort to build it simply to reassure us all when we would finally get rid of him.



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