The 7th House Cusp – A Philosophical Position ?

The Seventh House has always been seen as the house of marriage and relationships. The cusp of the 7th or the Descendant is the opposite point in the chart to the Ascendant.  The Ascendant is the expression of the personality, it is  a filter through which the individual sees the world and also how he is seen by the world. The planet that rules the Ascending sign is said to be the person’s ruling planet.  The Descendant is the ‘ other ‘, that one person who is the single main relationship in that person’s life. It is always the opposite sign to the Ascendant and it is tied up with the notion that opposites attract each other. The sign on the 7th house cusp can often indicate the main characteristics of the life partner. The planet that rules this sign is said to be the marriage partner’s ruling planet.

The 7th sign, Libra begins at the Autumn Equinox when the hours of daylight and night are equal. This is also the halfway point in the Zodiac which begins at the Spring Equinox at the start of Aries. From both of these standpoints there is evenness and equality. This is why the sign Libra has its symbol as the Scales and also why it is a sign that seeks equality, harmony and balance in relationships. As a sign it is often connected to the legal profession and also to the study of psychology.

Capricorn Research has a collection of 206 charts of Psychologists and the Sun sign distribution for this sample does not confirm this connection. The Sun occurs in Libra 15 times which is 87% of the expected figure. In fact the most common Sun sign is Leo with 26 or 151%.

There is, however a trend towards the Sun in the 7th house, this placing occurs 24 times or 140% of expected. The most common house position for Psychologists appears to be the 8th with 26 ( 151% ).  Although the Sun appears quite frequently in the 7th house, the number of psychologists who have it conjunct the 7th house cusp is only 113% of the expected figure. This group does however include the two most famous psychologists of all, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

Sigmund Freud

Carl Jung

Both Freud and Jung have the Sun conjunct the 7th house cusp and also interestingly they both have the Sun conjunct Uranus.  This article is not going to get involved in a delineation of these two charts but it is interesting to note that Jung’s Moon is exactly conjunct Freud’s Sun, an excellent contact for a relationship in general, but particularly as Jung was Freud’s student and follower even though they eventually went there separate ways.

There seems to be something about these major pioneering characters in the field of psychoanalysis that sits well on the cusp of the 7th house. The Ascendant / Descendant axis is primarily about consciousness. The Ascendant is concerned with the consciousness of the self as an individual entity and the Descendant is about that person’s consciousness of their relationship with another. 

Another pioneer in the field of mind and body unity, Frederick Matthias Alexander also had the Sun conjunct the 7th house cusp. Alexander coined the phrase psychophysical unity and pioneered his own system for reeducating the use of the self.

Capricorn Research has another collection of 127 Philosophers and the results for this group make very interesting reading.  In the charts of philosophers we would expect Mercury to be the most relevant planet and this is confirmed by the fact that Mercury is conjunct the 7th house cusp at 230% of the expected figure.

The Sun is conjunct the 7th cusp at 156%, but there are strong scores for Mars at 177% and each of the three outer planets. Uranus scores 190%, Neptune 180% and Pluto 172%.

It appears that there is something about the 7th house cusp that concerns itself with consciousness of ourselves in relation to others and to the world. The 1st house cusp or Ascendant is also concerned with consciousness but people with planets there are far more concerned with asserting themselves and energetically getting on with the business of living.  People with planets conjunct the 7th house cusp seem more able to stop and take stock of things and to analyse and think about the way people are. It seems that the 7th house cusp is a philosophical position.


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