Right Place, Wrong Time ? – The Murder of Gianni Versace

The act of murder is unquestionably the lowest that a human being can sink to. It is a singular act that horrifies everyone but also draws the attention of humanity like no other.

Capricorn Research has always found it disturbing that every news bulletin on TV or radio has to contain details of someone’s murder. Each day its a different one, but why include them at all ? Surely it gives a completely wrong impression of life. It makes everyone think the world is a scary place full of potential killers. They never mention the fact that the other 60 million inhabitants of this country managed to get through the day unscathed.

The chances of being topped by someone are infinitesimally small, but you wouldn’t think so if you listened to the news. The global coverage of the Oscar Pistorius affair is a case in point. There have surely been more column inches devoted to this story this last week than any other issue in the world.

But its not just the media forcing us to absorb these horrific stories. Surely the most watched TV genre is murder and detective shows. It seems that humans are inextricably drawn to these kind of events, particularly to find out what motivates someone to kill another person. These shows always reveal the reasons behind the killing, which usually seem unfathomable at the beginning and the killer is always apprehended in the final minutes of the episode.

The astrology of murder is equally fascinating in a dark morbid sort of way. We want to know what kind of chart would compel someone to commit such an act.

Capricorn Research has a collection of charts of 545 murderers and there are certain patterns that come up more frequently than others.

Certainly emotional restraint, suppression and coldness seems to come up more frequently than in the average charts.

The Moon / Saturn conjunction scores very high at 134 % and the strongest sign placing for the Moon is Scorpio at 128 %

Venus is in the cool sign of Aquarius at 142 % more than twice as often as in its opposite warm hearted sign of Leo. On the other hand Mars is in passionate Leo more often than any other sign at 139 %.

The capacity for sudden unpredictable, even violent action is noted through the Mars / Uranus square aspect that occurs 139 % of the expected number of times and the Mars / Venus opposition and square aspect score highly.

Both the Sun and Moon feature very frequently at the base of the chart in the 4th house at 131 and 126 % respectively.

All of these findings could be expected by astrologers but very few would consider the most common aspect by some distance that of the Venus / Jupiter conjunction at 155 %. This is difficult to explain, other than many murderers are able to seduce and draw their victims to them.

These findings are however are not very significant statistically and in a way that is rather disturbing in itself. People who follow astrology would hope to find a particular theme coming up amongst murderers perhaps simply in order to distance ourselves psychologically from such a vile act. Just as long as we didn’t have the same aspect in our own charts.

The fact is however that murder is a very singular act and the reasons for it are many and varied. A serial killer would not necessarily have much in common with someone who through intense depression kills their own children and / or partner before committing suicide. Someone who kills their parents to get their inheritance early would be motivated by very different astrological significators to a paedophile whose sexual abuse of children turns to murder.

So we should expect very different chart formations. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately Capricorn Research does not have large enough samples of particular types of murder to draw any clear statistically proven conclusions.

But with murder victims its even more difficult.

Capricorn Research has the charts of 533 Murder Victims with very few significant results. The most common Sun sign is Libra and Moon is Pisces both with 126 %.

Venus scores high in Virgo with 137 % and Mars in Scorpio at 132 % occurs almost twice as frequently as in Capricorn.

The Mars / Saturn conjunction scores highly at 135 % but by some way the strongest aspects are Jupiterean ones including the Mars / Jupiter sextile at 190 %.

This is hard to explain in terms of their death. The only way that it can be understood is that its relatively pointless looking for common themes amongst victims.

Their lives are not defined by their murder in the same way that killers are defined by the deed. The victims were leading their own lives in their own ways up to that point and following their astrological patterns and then they were killed.

Some may have had a relationship with their murderer, in which case you might expect it to be shown in their chart. Others, particularly in the case of victims of serial killers might have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But this very notion raises a lot of astrological questions. Is it possible to be in the wrong place at the wrong time ? Even a murder that seems utterly random would surely have some kind of astrological trigger.

Astrology is essentially an individual subject and although Capricorn Research exists mainly to try and identify common patterns in groups of people, it has to be recognised as such.

So the best way to examine this subject would be to look for any astrological links between a murderer and their victim.

One very interesting case in point would be the killing of fashion king Gianni Versace.


Gianni Versace

There are a number of things in Versace’s chart that show that he will be very successful in business. Capricorn Research has seen many examples of the Sun in Sagittarius with Scorpio rising occurring in high powered business people. Its seems to show a combination of entrepreneurial vision and optimism with an ability to take the tough, perhaps even ruthless decisions.

This combination would always have the Sun in either the 1st house for extra assertiveness or the 2nd for financial acuity.

Mars placing in Versace’s 1st conjunct his Sun would surely add testimony to his powers.

Venus, the planet of the artist, is also in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter, so what better indication of someone who is extremely able to exploit his artistic vision in a way that makes vast sums of money and builds a fashion empire.

Mars is part of a T Square which focuses on an apex Moon in Pisces at the base of his chart in the 4th house, an indication of someone who is able to instinctively tap into the public mood and shape a family business accordingly.

Versace was also openly gay, a fact that can be clearly indicated by his Mars in Sagittarius opposite the unconventional Uranus in the 7th house of relationships.

But is there an indication of him being murdered ?

It is possible to see it through the Venus in Scorpio square to a difficult Saturn / Pluto conjunction. As we have seen in the charts of murder victims generally, aspects to Jupiter do not save them from their fate, so Versace’s Venus / Jupiter conjunction is not relevant here.

So if Gianni Versace was going to be murdered, when is that likely to happen ?

Pluto is the key so the most likely time would be when Pluto conjuncts his Sun which was in 1999.

Gianni Versace was actually murdered in July 1997. So is this a case of Pluto’s transit impacting ahead of schedule, or was Versace just in the wrong place at the wrong time ?

The answer is probably a bit of both.

Versace was the 5th and final victim of Andrew Cunanan.

Cunanan was also gay but police were unable to find a motivation for his killing of Versace. Some theories proposed that Cunanan had experienced HIV like symptoms which consequently could have provoked him to kill an openly gay icon, but tests after his subsequent suicide showed that he didn’t have the disease. It seems likely that he thought he had HIV as he had gone for tests but not returned to get the diagnoses.

Cunanan’s first victims were two of his own young lovers, Jeff Trail and David Madson at the end of April 1997. These killings were almost certainly motivated by jealousy as they were seeing each other behind his back. From here he went on a bit of a spree.

He quickly murdered two other people, prominent real estate developer Lee Miglin and caretaker William Reese and reached the top ten on the FBI’s most wanted list.

At this point it seemed that Cunanan was not trying particularly hard to avoid capture, perhaps he had already realised his end was at hand. Maybe he wanted to go out with a big gesture so he murdered Versace on July 15th 1997 and killed himself a week later.


Andrew Cunanan

Andrew Cunanan has a very close Moon / Saturn conjunction, not only that but its conjunct the Ascendant. The overall shape of the chart means that all of the other planets are on the opposite side contained within 130 odd degrees. This chart type is called a bucket and the Moon / Saturn conjunction is the handle. The Moon / Saturn is also in very close aspect to the Sun by trine.

All of these factors make the Moon / Saturn of vital importance in Cunanan’s chart.

Mars is in Sagittarius in the 8th house ( which is traditionally associated with death ) and it is square to both the Sun and Pluto. These factors on their own would not produce a serial killer but when combined with the very powerful Moon / Saturn we can see their contribution.

Mars square Pluto is the most violent aspect available.

Mars in the 8th house in square to the Sun in the 5th could well point to the murder of Cunanan’s own lovers ( 5th house ).

Mars in Sagittarius in the 8th also suggests someone shooting in all directions, an unplanned and indiscriminate spree of killings.

But despite this apparently unpremeditated series of attacks, is there a link between Cunanan and Versace ?

Versace’s Sun at 9.25 Sagittarius is very closely square Cunanan’s at 8.34 Virgo but the strongest indication is their Mars placings. They both have Mars at 18 Sagittarius with a mere 6 minutes between them.

The 8th house rules death and the first house rules life and particularly the body. So the symbolism is clear, Cunanan kills ( Mars in the 8th ) Versace ( Mars in the 1st ).

Also Cunanan’s Moon / Saturn conjunction is square to Versace’s Saturn / Pluto so there is a link between Cunanan’s suppressed emotional make up and the thing in Versace’s chart that points to his killing.

Despite the fact that there seemed to be no motivation for Cunanan to kill Versace, these astrological links are what brought the two together.

But the time doesn’t quite fit. On 15th July 1997, Pluto was at 3.03 degrees Sagittarius, a good 5 degrees away from the square to Cunanan’s Sun and the conjunction with Versace’s. Most astrologers would say that this is too far away to signify the murder.

Pluto would not come into the normally accepted orb of their Suns for another 6 months, but Capricorn Research feels that it is acceptable to stretch the orbs in this case for a number of different reasons.

Although Versace was quite clearly the most prominent victim of Cunanan, its important not to assume that it was the main event in his killing spree.

At the beginning of 1997, Pluto had been moving through the early part of Sagittarius reaching as far as 5.36 degrees in mid March and then turning retrograde.

Cunanan’s first murder of Jeffrey Trail occurred on April 25th 1997 with Pluto at exactly 5 degrees Sagittarius. Pluto was conjunct Cunanan’s 8th house cusp. Over the course of the next 3 months and 4 murders Pluto would square his Venus and inconjunct his Ascendant.

Pluto’s impact is always sudden and unexpected, the eruption will come at some point during the transit but noone can say exactly when.

Because Andrew Cunanan’s chart shows a strong link between his Venus, Ascendant, 8th house cusp, Sun, Saturn and Moon we have to say that his murders would occur at some point between 1997 and 99.

It seems that the murders of his ex lovers, Trail and Madson were the ones that showed clear motivation on Cunanan’s part. It would be likely therefore that both of these victims had important points in the chart around 5 degrees of the Mutable signs and so were triggered by Pluto’s transits to their own charts.

Un fortunately there are no birth details at all for these two but we do have a date of birth for his 3rd victim, Lee Miglin so a noon chart is included.

Lee Miglin


Miglin was 72 at the time of his killing, he was unrelated to Cunanan but appropriately for someone with 4 planets in Cancer, including a Sun / Pluto conjunction, was a prominent real estate developer.

The Sun conjunct Pluto will always indicate a life that has a certain power and intensity but will also contain sudden periods of major transformation. This image is reinforced by the Moon being in Scorpio.

Miglin was murdered on May 4th 1997 with Pluto 4.47 Sagittarius, exactly square to his Mars in Pisces.

We also have no birth data for the 4th victim, William Reese.

These 4 murders took place within a fortnight. The first two were probably premeditated, for the 3rd and 4th, Cunanan was just on a roll, the choices of property developer and caretaker were arbitrary.

The feeling from reading Cunanan’s story is that at this point he realised that it was only a matter of time before he was caught. He became careless about his movements almost as if he wanted to be arrested. In July it appeared that both Cunanan and Pluto were just casting around for one final victim. The subject had to be gay and prominent but also had to have an astrological link to the killer and his Sun within reaching distance.

Gianni Versace fulfilled all of the criteria and therefore met his end, perhaps not quite at the right time but close enough to count. After all when you only get at most two Pluto / Sun contacts in a lifetime, what does it matter if its 6 months early ?



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