My Kingdom For A Sagittarius – 1485 And All That

Its a well known fact that English history consists of a relatively short period that began in 1485. We all know this because that’s what we were taught at school.

The reason is probably that history is so boring with Walpoles and Wellingtons and Colin Firth striding through ponds that the only way our teachers could distract adolescent schoolboys from playing with their football stickers was to make it all about a mad, greedy king who spent his life devising more and more elaborate excuses for killing off his wives.

But since it is such an undeniably pivotal point in history, the chart for it is remarkably disappointing.

Granted we don’t have a timed chart but its unlikely that any would come up with anything more exciting than a Venus and Mars in Virgo square to Neptune and Uranus, which sounds about as threatening as someone falling off their chair during a rather academic poetry lecture.

You would think that it would have strong synastry with the 1066 chart, particular since it brought to an end a period of civil war which saw the throne change hands every five minutes.

The Bosworth Sun is exactly conjunct the 1066 Jupiter.

And the William Coronation chart is experiencing its Uranus Return.

For the battle itself placings of Jupiter and Saturn make it pretty clear who the winner and loser were.

The Bosworth Jupiter at 2 Sagittarius is conjunct Henry Tudor’s Ascendant.

The 1485 Saturn was not far off Richard 111’s Ascendant and transiting through his T Square.

It’s also interesting to note that Uranus and Pluto are opposite Henry’s Sun indicating a very big change in his life that would inevitably come into play when Pluto made another aspect to it.

For the Battle of Bosworth, Pluto was at 15 Libra trine Henry’s Sun and conjunct Richard’s.

So a handover of power was inevitable.

As you would imagine for someone with an Aquarius Sun opposite Uranus, there is considerable evidence that Henry used astrology – see Henry V11’s Book of Astrology

We also know that for Tudor monarchs the coronation chart was commonly thought of as being a very important tool to help them establish their dynasty.

It certainly would have been for Henry. This was probably why it was delayed until 3 months after Bosworth.

Henry decided he wanted a 4 planet stellium in forward looking Sagittarius. What he couldn’t have known at the time was that he’d got 6 ( including Uranus and Neptune which hadn’t been discovered ).

He was even happy to have Saturn conjunct his own Ascendant for longevity purposes.

The Sun and Moon were both placed in strong fixed signs, the Moon in the noon chart 7th in Leo no doubt referring to his Queen.

Elizabeth was the daughter of Edward IV, the Yorkist king. She emulated her mother, ( also Elizabeth ) who changed sides in order to get married.

Perhaps this pragmatic, political approach to marriage fits with a 7th house Capricorn Moon.

Certainly an exact opposition between the Sun at the Midheaven and Pluto on the IC would require a massive turn around in terms of her own family allegiances in order to preserve her own career ( and maybe even her neck ).

And Saturn transiting square to both of these at the time of her marriage would nicely delineate the sacrifice required in order for her to do her duty.

The most pressing theme for any would be monarch in those days was the succession.

Henry and Elizabeth had a son, Arthur, born a year after Bosworth.

In keeping with the Sagittarian theme that Henry wished to evoke, he arranged a marriage for Arthur at the age of two.

A strong Capricorn with a 7th house Aries Moon in trine to a Sagittarius stellium – what could possibly go wrong ?

The Moon’s close opposition to Pluto, thats what.

Henry not only arranged the marriage but used astrology to time their wedding ( at the ripe old age of 15 ).

With the Sun on the Midheaven in Sag and a Capricorn Moon, his astrologers were doing their best for him, but as we have found to be the case for a lot of astrologically elected weddings in the 16th century, they were let down by their ignorance of the outer planets. For more on this see – How To Be Queen For More Than A Day

The Sun’s conjunction with Pluto and its square with Uranus together with the Moon’s conjunction with Neptune showed that this marriage would not last long.

Arthur died a mere 4 months later and the question as to whether or not this marriage was even consummated fuelled perhaps the most revolutionary event in the history of England.

But that is not the subject of this article. For more on this see The Six Wives Of Henry V111

But what of the Bosworth loser ?

A few years back Richard 111 was found buried underneath a council car park in Leicester.

This has to be a suitable sentence for a 15th century monarch refusing to use astrology.

And Capricorn Research discovered that he had been reincarnated in the body of football manager Claudio Ranieri, who took Leicester City from relegation candidates to win their first Premier League Championship since the Middle Ages. For more on this see – Leicester City Summon The Spirit Of Richard 111

As revenge for this public outing, Claudio / Richard picked up the Watford job and it took him a mere hundred days to turn them into relegation certainties.

Fifty years after first learning about Richard 111, I would happily dig up the old hunchback again and bury him under the Harlequin centre.

Never mind Sagittarius, feel the wrath of Capricorn.

Posted on May 15th 2022