Tiger Woods – An Open and Shut Case

A much used quote attributed like many of the best ones, to Mark Twain is that ” golf is a good walk spoiled “. Capricorn Research dismisses this contemptuously. It has been calculated that in a tournament of 4 days length, the total amount of competitive action by each player is around 5 minutes, the rest as they say is a good walk in some of the most beautiful scenery around.

If only it were so simple, however. The game exists entirely in one’s head, its not the swing that spoils it but the mental replaying of every hook and slice, every missed putt and the constant pressures to fiddle with your swing and try one of the thousand little tips that you read online in the last week.

In the way that he does most things, Capricorn Research refuses to play with anyone else, and tries to treat the whole frustrating experience as a kind of meditation, a Zen and the Art of Treachery if you like.

Anyone can sit and meditate in a quiet room with nice floaty New Age music, try doing it against the stimulus of trying to hit a golf ball a couple of hundred yards in a straight line. Give the Dalai Lama a 4 iron and a tricky downhill lie and then we’ll find out what meditation really is.

Mind you this approach to the sport would not impress most of its devotees, as a handicap of 25 and a short backswing would testify. But it is a game to play, for whatever reason, watching other people do it is just weird.

It’s also extremely bad for your own karma, to watch these superheroes inching their way to sporting nirvana by nonchalantly flicking a ball out of high sided bunker ( they even have walls for god’s sake ) to within millimetres of the flag. They say 80% of golfers will never shoot less than 18, yet they spend a large part of their adult lives desperately trying to. Saturn must be devising an appropriate reward for this kind of futile endeavour.

One golf tip, if you do find yourself watching one of these tournaments, never ever listen to the pros interviews. If you think post match football speak is banal, the golf version is much worse. Even if they’ve suffered abject humiliation and come away 10 over par, they are ceaselessly positive, they will never ever give the faintest glimmer of technical weakness, its just down to luck on the day. They have to you see, because the tiniest, minute insecurity in the most obscure part of the brain will finish them off for good.

Golf must be a game that’s ruled by a Saturn / Pluto opposition. Obsessive and utterly frustrating in equal measure, where the faintest glimmer of uncertainty is punished in the most dramatic and severe way imaginable. It is all in the head, its not golf that spoils the walk, its doubt.

So the pros can’t possibly entertain even the slightest whiff of it. These people are major celebrities earning millions for their 5 minutes of action, but its almost impossible to find any one of them with a known birth time. This must be deliberate, its as if the knowledge of an Ascendant and house positions might just reveal a tiny weakness and then they’re finished. They would no doubt keep their birthdays from us as well, if they could.

The one man who couldn’t was the most surly and non committal of post tournament interviewees, and despite the fact that he’s not had a sniff of a major for 6 years, he’s still the big draw.

Tiger Woods

They say that Capricorns are very driven people that will not be put off their chosen course by anything. This is of course true, but it could equally be applied to people with T Square patterns. The T Square is built on an opposition between two planets pulling in very different directions, which creates a challenge and a tension that must be projected onto a third planet that is in square to each of them.

The T Square is the most compelling pattern.Whereas the Sun, Moon and Ascendant give us our basic personality, the apex planet of a T Square shows us where we have to go on life.

To utterly dominate for such a long time in a sport which is played so much in the mind requires not only exceptional skill and co-ordination, but a level of mind control that even Yoda of Star Wars fame would baulk at.

Three T Squares, including the main one to an apex Capricorn Sun should just about do it.

Whilst perusing many thousands of charts over 40 years, there have only been a tiny number with 3 of them. With 10 planets and an Ascendant, any more is astronomically impossible.

Woods’ main T square even includes the Sun / Pluto square, an aspect of tremendous intensity on its own. The fact that Jupiter is involved as well, means that the rewards for these attributes will come thick and fast.

When Woods first burst onto the scene, the sheer length and power of his drives were phenomenal, he left his competitors stranded in his wake to such an extent that the golfing authorities had to alter all the courses, to ” Tiger proof ” them and give the rest a glimmer of a chance.

What could possibly be the astrological significator of such immensely long golf drives. How about the Moon in Sagittarius in the 3rd house at the bottom of the chart opposite Mars in the Gemini in the 9th at the top. If you look at this aspect long enough, you can literally see  that ball powering along the fairway turning a par 5 into a certain birdie and decent chance of an eagle.

The fact that this opposition focuses by T square onto Woods’ Ascendant simply gives him the physical power and coordination to unleash them.

The other fact that the opposition also includes a wide conjunction with Neptune, shows that Woods is tapping into some kind of divine inspiration. Many punters have felt that Tiger has God standing next to him on that first tee. A look at his chart suggests that they’re probably right.

For a game that’s entirely played in the mind, Mercury would have to be powerful and concentrated. So it is, in Capricorn as part of a 3rd T Square in opposition to the utterly disciplined and ruthless Saturn in square to the inspired apex Uranus.

Golf has been good to Tiger Woods ever since he started to play at the tender age of 18 months. This is reciprocated as the sport would never have the following it does without him. Tournament organisers will be thrown into a state of panic if there’s ever a question of the great man withdrawing through injury. All his opponents would have been praying for it, particularly during his real peak between 2000 and 2006 when he won 10 of his 14 major trophies and was double Player of the Year on 6 occasions.

This unprecedented streak coincides with Pluto’s transit through the phenomenal driving T Square. Pluto was conjunct Neptune in 2000, opposite Mars in 2002 – 3, conjunct the Moon in 2005 and square his Ascendant in 2006.

The end of this period in May 2006 coincided with the death of his father Earl. Tiger’s father was the strongest possible influence in his life, having taught him to play whilst still a toddler, and been a constant presence throughout his career to that point. With the Sun in Capricorn in the 4th house, we can see the immense importance of the father, and its not surprising that Earl’s death marked the end of Tiger’s peak and the beginning of the period when things started to go pear shaped.

For any sportsman, the Sun, Moon, Mars and Ascendant are undoubtedly the most important points, probably in that order. For Pluto to transit three of them in any period in a life would undoubtedly mean the peak of their achievement.

Capricorns expect their lives to be tough and demanding but also simple. They want to be left alone to get on with their thing. That Tiger manages to do this despite being followed around constantly by the whole of the world’s media waiting for the tiniest slip one way or another, is a testimony to his immense powers of concentration.

The trouble with all these T Squares is that life will never be that simple.

The main one is testimony to this fact. Anyone with a first house Pluto will tell you that change will be a constant feature but there will also be one point in their life where everything will be turned upside down, with all past experience being jettisoned in order for an entirely new start to occur. Snakes will shed their skins. Butterflys will generally emerge from caterpillars although in Tiger’s case it seems that the reverse has happened.

If we look at Pluto’s opposition here we begin to get the picture. Jupiter in Aries in the 7th house. What does that say ? Even the most elementary book on astrology would be clear on this one. An expansive attitude that will brook no restraint on its freedom ( Jupiter ) functioning in an assertive and self centred manner ( Aries ) in the sphere of marriage and partnerships ( 7th house ). The rest we can leave to our fertile imagination.

This Jupiter will inevitably result in a Pluto type explosion and the destruction of the past. Where will all this be concentrated ? Onto to the apex planet of course, the Sun in Capricorn in the 4th house.

The one thing that Capricorn wants more than anything else is self control, the image maintained is always carefully crafted and acceptable to society at large. With the Sun in this sign in the 4th house, Tiger Woods’ home and family life would have to be conventional, secure and beyond reproach. As we all assumed it was with his two young children, until that day in November 2009, when his Swedish model wife, Elin Nordegren demonstrated her own prowess with a 7 iron, giving a rather different interpretation of Jupiter in Aries in the 7th opposite Pluto.

The old sporting joke about ” playing away from home ” applies but in the case of golf, there are no home tournaments, they are constantly flying around the world to play away, often in the most exotic locations. And Tiger, as a Capricorn, no doubt felt it would have been impolite not to take up the hospitality on offer.

It has been called a sex addiction, and has drawn so many opinions from so many people over the years. Astrology is not about judgements of good or evil, we cannot judge someone unless we have stood in their shoes and dealt with their chart. If we handed 3 T Squares to any of the armchair politically correct opinion makers, it would be interesting to see where they stood on such issues then, particularly if one contained the Moon, Mars and Ascendant.

This one in Tiger’s chart is about drive in general and not just limited to his ability to launch a tiny ball off a tee.

Moon in Sagittarius opposite Mars in Gemini in the 9th T Square the Ascendant – ” playing away from home ” ?

So when would all this come to pass.

The key in the charts of people with more than one T Square is when the apex planet of one, provided it is a slow moving heavyweight, comes into aspect with the apex of another.

So if we look at Woods’ chart we see 3 T Squares, with the apex of the Sun, Ascendant and Uranus. The transit in question obviously has to be Uranus. So where was Uranus on November 27th 2009 ?

23 degrees Pisces, bang on the T square, in square to his Moon and opposite the Ascendant. Which naturally means that it’s creating a Grand Cross, that most stressful of all planetary configurations and that it is also conjunct his 7th house cusp. No wonder Elin took her own clubs with her that day.

So what about the Open ? Will Tiger make his 15th ? After all its at the Royal Liverpool where he won his last Open with Pluto square his Ascendant in 2006.

The long awaited comeback has been announced several times particularly since 2012 – 13, when with Pluto conjunct his Sun he regained his place at the top of the world rankings. But its Majors that count for Tiger, he still has another 4 to reach Jack Nicklaus’ record.

Pluto is exactly square its own natal position this week so you can’t rule it out. One thing’s for sure, if he’s in the lead group on Sunday, Capricorn Research will break the habit of a lifetime and watch the day’s play. Won’t hang around for the interviews though.



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