Bonnie And Clyde – Cast Iron Soulmates

I recently read an opinion piece suggesting that astrologers should not include references to past or future lives in their readings. This was argued along the lines that many people hold other religious beliefs and that you would not seek to read their chart to predict whether they were going to heaven or hell.

This raises a lot of interesting questions, not least into the nature of belief itself.

The Universe is infinite and incomprehensible for the human brain. Any religious belief is simply an attempt to insulate the self from reality.

Humans have a powerful need to believe that they are in the right and that others who are perceived to be acting in a different way are wrong. 

Heaven and hell are simply an invention to act as a carrot and stick to make others conform to this fearful, absurdly reductive and binary view of life.

Buddhism is not a belief system. It is a science of observation of the human mind.

It is not possible to have Buddhist beliefs. There is no such thing.

Karma is not a belief, it is a law of life.

This law states that we all carry with us an idea of who we are and this idea will constantly condition our experience. 

If we change this idea, either by reinforcing it or by letting go of it, that will alter our experience.

This is also the very essence of astrology. That we all carry with us an imprint of who we think we are and everything we experience comes to us naturally because of that imprint.

Astrology says that this imprint, what we might refer to as our personality can be understood symbolically by referring to the position and relationship of the planets at the time of our birth. 

Astrology also holds that there are an infinite number of different imprints because no two combinations of planets are the same.

The assumption must also be that from the perspective of the Universe, there is no such thing as right or wrong.

Any combination of planets placements must be equal to any other one.

But we as humans are unable to comprehend this. We have a need to sort people into us and them, right and wrong.

Even astrologers are not immune. Many astrological techniques have a strong emphasis on right and wrong, day and night, dignity and detriment, strength and weakness.

This is simply human frailty. We owe it to try to get beyond these notions or at least to weaken their holds over us. We call this growth.

Religion teaches us that we should be compassionate and understanding, yet its palette for actually understanding the differences between human beings is still extremely small.

To my mind astrology is the most useful vehicle for comprehension of these differences.

And it actually reveals how karma works.

Astrology and karma are one.

The notion that some people are going to heaven and some to hell based on their actions or beliefs in this life is ( or should be ) absurd to an astrologer.

Simply because astrology shows that people are born with vastly different symbolic themes that they are tied to.

Someone with a Fixed Grand Cross including their Sun, Mars, Saturn and Pluto cannot have their life and behaviour judged by the same criterion as someone with a Water Grand Trine.

The only question around this subject is whether either or both of them extend beyond this lifetime.

Everything about astrology is circular and cyclical.

There is also a natural assumption that if people all come with very different symbolic combinations that condition their lives and experience, this life cannot be a one off.

There must have been something before their birth that contributed to the creation of those differences. 

What is that something ? 

This is still in the realms of incomprehensibility for humans, although individuals can and do have insights that help them towards a glimmer of understanding of it.

What is clear is that our astrological “ karma “ is also intrinsically linked with that of other people in our lives.

Other people are drawn into our themes through our shared synastry. 

It’s also clear that these people come into our lives at the right time to trigger those natal themes.

We could call these other people “ soulmates “ because that is the role. They are present in the person’s life in order to help them experience the themes that are indicated in their own birthchart.

We can’t know exactly what a soulmate means. We can’t know for sure if they have connections with that person from previous lifetimes, although that does sound a most feasible explanation.

What is clear from astrology is that people have to pursue certain themes in their lives. 

Some lives are more tied to these themes than others and they have less choice in terms of how they live their lives.

This becomes clear by looking at their charts.

Basically the closer the aspects ( particularly the oppositions and squares ) the more people are tied to their themes and the less freedom for manoeuvre they have.

Another factor is that certain types of charts will mean that other people’s themes have a stronger input and can even dominate the person’s life.

Research has shown this to be the case when people have a strong focus on then 7th house.

Even if they are strong, independent characters themselves, a 7th house focus will mean that their own life will be powerfully shaped and even dominated by the themes of their life partner or partners.

One person whose chart very strongly follows both of these themes is the notorious criminal Bonnie Parker.

There is something very simple about a chart with early Aries rising. 

These people tend to see things in a straightforward black and white manner but also it means that the sign and house placings are a very easy fit. 

Bonnie Parker has the Sun closely conjunct Mars in Libra in the 7th house.

With Aries rising and the Sun conjunct Mars, she would be a strong personality and a natural fighter, but with that Libra / 7th house focus her life would be dominated by her relationships.

Bonnie also has an extremely tight T Square involving a Uranus / Neptune opposition and an apex Jupiter also in Libra in the 7th all contained within a few minutes of arc.

So at some point in her life, Bonnie Parker would find a partner who would lift her status to one of notoriety.

Most of my articles are about the power of transits of the slower moving planets, in particular events that prove to be life turning points of Pluto transits.

Progressions are a different method of understanding how a life pans out. These seem to be about an inner unfolding of the soul’s path through this life. 

It’s true that major events will fall during significant progressions but these seem to be a reflection of what is happening internally.

I have also noticed that major progressions seem to often point to the person meeting someone who has an important role to play in their life.

The progression of the Sun to conjunct Venus or Venus to conjunct the Sun will often coincide with meeting one’s soulmate.

So for Bonnie Parker any progressions to her 7th house Jupiter are likely to indicate this. 

She married Roy Thornton before she was 16 and it was likely that she met him at school when her Progressed Sun was moving through her T Square and conjunct Jupiter. 

Thornton spent much of their marriage in jail. 

But the real fireworks happened later.

The synastry between Bonnie and Clyde is exceptionally strong.

Clyde’s Sun is conjunct Bonnie’s Ascendant and opposite her Sun / Mars.

His Venus is exactly opposite her Moon / Venus.

Clyde also has a T Square involving the Uranus / Neptune conjunction. This includes his own Mars and focuses onto an apex Saturn.

Clyde’s Mars / Uranus conjunction fits very tightly into Bonnie’s T Square and it is this piece of synastry that is important.

I have observed that if two people are meant to be together in this life, this will happen when a major progression of one of them contacts an important natal placing in the other one’s chart.

Given the nature of Bonnie and Clyde’s relationship, we would have to be looking at Mars, and maybe from Bonnie’s perspective, Venus.

It’s important to remember that as Progressions are so slow, there would only be one major aspect between any pair of planets in a lifetime.

Bonnie and Clyde met in January 1930 when Bonnie’s progressed Venus and Mars were at 19 Libra in square aspect to Clyde’s Mars.

From February 1932 the couple embarked on a crime spree of armed robbery and murder. 

This continued until they were ambushed and killed in May 1934.

Between 1932 and 1934, Bonnie’s progressed Venus and Mars was operating in her T Square.

To reinforce all this the transit Pluto was operating through both of their T Squares in 1932 – 34.

When soulmates meet, they not only reinforce their own natal themes but they also draw into each other the astrological karma of the other.

So Clyde’s appearance in Bonnie’s life focused her apex Jupiter in Libra in the 7th house.

At the same time Bonnie became tied to Clyde’s own T Square which included Mars / Uranus in Capricorn in the 8th house and culminated in an apex Saturn in Aries in the 10th.

So coming together with Clyde meant that her death was inevitable.

Bonnie and Clyde were cast iron soulmates. Their coming together was explosive, violent and tragic.

I wonder what happened the next time they met up.

Posted 11 June 2021