Gladys Berejiklian – Service From Beneath The Baseline

I always want to throw up when I hear politicians banging on about “ serving “ their country.

These people serve no-one but themselves and their own scramble up the greasy pole has very little to do with serving others, merely climbing over them.

But every time they are on TV they have to use the s word because no-one would vote for them if they knew their real intentions.

Having reflected on the use of this word I now realise what they actually mean. 

“ Serving the country “ actually means “ giving the country a serve “. 

A hard fast one aimed either way out of your reach or right at your midriff designed to do maximum damage unless you jump out of the way.

But its all for your own good, apparently.

If there’s one sign that can convince everyone that they’re working hard on everyone’s behalf its Virgo.

I’ve already written about Gladys Berejiklian’s chart and predicted her downfall in Will Gladys Get The Pips ?

But a look at her inauguration chart is very interesting.

My experience has shown me that an inauguration chart will show something of the quality of the period in office but it will also point to the flavour of its ending.

The T-square between Jupiter and Uranus apex Pluto on the Midheaven would indicate her unexpected rise to fame but an equally sudden downfall.

The other sign besides Virgo that suggests selfless service is Pisces.

But Pisces can also indicate secret arrangements, particularly when the 12th house is involved.

This chart has both Venus and Mars conjunct in the sign in the noon chart 12th house, suggesting that a secret love affair could be the factor that undermines her Premiership. 

Since both these planets are square to Saturn such a dalliance will come to no good.

Corruption in politics invariably involves secret handshakes and arrangements that are kept hidden from view. This would be the province of Neptune.

Neptune is also in Pisces square to the Moon and in wide conjunction with Venus.

Neptune perfected this conjunction in 2020 when the ICAC investigation brought to light Berejiklian’s relationship with Daryl Maguire and the questions about her knowledge of his corrupt activities which forced her to resign last week.

Depending on your own political affiliation, Gladys Berejiklian either served her country nobly during a time of crisis or gave her country a serve over the Ruby Princess and by placing a ring of steel round Sydney and making Australia’s experience of Covid much worse than it would otherwise have been.

But it seems that the real problem for Glad Its All Over was her participation in the Mixed Doubles.

Posted on Oct 4th 2021