Is She Still Alive ?

Capricorn Research has been criticised for discussing charts of murderers and their victims but life is tough, sometimes horrific, tragic things happen. Astrology reflects this fact with simple clarity.

One month ago I was asked about a nine year old girl who had gone missing. The person who asked about her case lived in the vicinity and the suspicion was that she had been abducted, the fears were for something much worse.

The question was ” Is she still alive and where could she be found ? ”

The horary chart immediately confirmed the worst fears.


Is She Alive ?

The Moon is in Scorpio, which is immediately not a good sign if we are concerned whether someone is alive or dead.

The chart ruler Venus, representing the girl, is in an extremely close conjunction with the Sun and Pluto indicating that she was dead.

This conjunction was at the bottom of the chart, so I felt that she was already buried, possibly not far from her home due to the 4th house connection.

I have just found out today that her body was found at the foot of a ravine. It is suspected that she was abducted and murdered. Given that the conjunction was in Capricorn, the bottom of a mountain or ravine would be exactly the right place.

I place this chart on my site because I believe that astrology can be of help in investigations, even in matters as horrible as this,




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