Rocket Ronnie O’Sullivan – Sun conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius

Few sports stars are touched by genius and worshipped like gods, but most fans are in agreement who they are. In football the numero uno would be Diego Maradona, in snooker most definitely Ronnie O’Sullivan.

As well as possessing skills that seem divinely inspired, they both share internal mental issues that from time to time have threatened to undermine their careers. Maradona, a Scorpio with his drug taking and occasional mafia connections, O’Sullivan a Sagittarius with regular statements that he gets easily bored and could just as easily quit to go off and do something else.

But the one thing they have in common which explains all of this is a close Sun / Neptune conjunction.

Diego has been extensively covered in another article  Diego Maradona – The Hand of Pluto , but O’ Sullivan given the speed at which he plays and how he has taken the game of snooker into the stratosphere is fully deserving of the Sagittarian moniker, Rocket Ronnie.

You would think that snooker is not really the game for this Sun sign. The archetypal green baize giant would be someone like Stephen Hendry with the Sun in Capricorn in trine to Pluto and Moon in Scorpio, or Steve Davis with a 5 planet stellium in Virgo and a Sun / Pluto conjunction.

But despite all the threats to leave us in the lurch, he’s still going at 42, and is a serious threat to Hendry’s records, he has drawn level on 18 majors and is only 2 behind in World Championships with 5.

Its Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Moon that keeps him coming back for more.



This may only be a noon chart as no birth time is available but any time on that day gives O’Sullivan a T square with Jupiter and Pluto and the Moon in Capricorn at its apex. This is the safety game to go with the intense will to win which keeps him at the table.

It’s interesting that the Sun / Neptune is also part of a major aspect pattern with Jupiter and Pluto, as its closely trine the former and sextile the latter. Its this one that holds the 147 maximum record and will probably get him to 1,000 competitive century breaks, both of which will never be broken.

Inevitably O’Sullivan’s Turning Point came in 2001 when he won his first World Championship with Pluto conjunct his Sun.

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